Monday , January 18 2021


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What I’m Wearing:
Jumper dress –
(US) Jumper dress –


Jumper dresses:
Topshop –
(US) Topshop –
H&M –
(US) H&M (similar)-
Reiss –
(US) Reiss –
Max Mara –
Nanushka jumper dress –
(US) Nanushka jumper dress –

M&S –
Uniqlo –

Knee-high boots:
Chloé boots –
(US) Chloé boots –
Saint Laurent boots –
(US) Saint Laurent boots –

Leather/Faux Leather Leggings:
Karen Millen Cream Faux Leather Leggings –
(US) Karen Millen Cream Faux Leather Leggings –
Karen Millen x Lydia Millen Black Leather Leggings –
(US) Karen Millen x Lydia Millen Black Leather Leggings –
Karen Millen Cream Leather Leggings –
(US) Karen Millen Cream Leather Leggings –

Topshop –
(US) Topshop –

Stand Studio Brown Faux Fur Coat –
(US) Stand Studio Brown Faux Fur Coat –
Stand Studio Borg Coat –
(US) Stand Studio Borg Coat –
Karen Millen x Lydia Coat –
(US) Karen Millen x Lydia Coat –
Topshop –
(US) Topshop –

Oversized feline sunglasses –
Brown cat-eye sunglasses –

Shearling gilet –
(US) Shearling gilet –
Faux fur gilet –
(US) Faux fur gilet –
H&M gilet –

Mentioned & Worn with:
Gucci Horsebit belt –
(US) Gucci Horsebit belt –
White boots (similar) –
(US) White boots (similar) –
Brown sleeveless knit top –
(US) Brown sleeveless knit top –

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  1. That Reiss jumper dress is you! Another grown up woman style.

  2. Does anybody know of a more affordable dupe of the Chloe boots? I’ve been searching for hours! Added complication is I have very skinny calves. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  3. You’ve just said the chloe boots are yet to be worn and a couple of minutes later you said you had worn them to a friends dinner.

  4. I like this background setting so much better. I can see your beautiful face and the accessories you wear much clearer.

  5. Hi Josie, you made me buy the Karen Millen coat and it’s just gorgeous, but I find with a thin jumper underneath it can quickly become a bit tight. What size did you get? I got it in size 8, 36 in EU sizing. Thank you for your advice!

  6. Josie I wish you would share what size you bought and are wearing in every piece. I don’t know why fashion bloggers forgo this step. It would be so helpful to know for example, what size you’re wearing in the Reiss jumper dress.

  7. I'm probably in the minority thinking this but when you are making an essentials video shouldn't the items you are recommending be items that you have actually worn so therefore can properly recommend them? Everything seems to be new with tags on! How can you say something is comfortable to wear all day, will keep you warm or is a worthwhile investment if you've never worn the item outside of your house or for longer than just trying them on? You said you wore the Chloe boots to a friends house but then said you were unsure about them as well as you said you wore the Karen Millen coat out the night before but the label string is still attached.

  8. Oh, I want that Reiss jumper dress. So elegant.
    Question, what do you do whit the leggings when they are long?

  9. Just purchased the Topshop jumper dress as it looked so good on you and have been looking for a nice one for a while, so thank you for sharing!

  10. I wear cat-eye sunglasses whether they are on trend or not they are my preferred style

  11. I love that you actually showed the thermals! I don't recall any other fashion YouTuber doing this.

  12. Can you really wear a pair of boots, outside, go to dinner, wearing the boots, and then send then back to the store🤔? I have noticed that many YTs actually wear both clothes and shoes out and about and then send them back🙄. I wouldt by something so expensive like a pair of Chloé boots Who someone already has worn😐

  13. I have sooo tried to like the "teddy coat", but just cannot appreciate any aspect of it. As a substitute for real fur in either appearance or function, well it just doesn't compare – (I am not a supporter of wearing real fur these days, by the way). These polyester – based coats also fail in the longevity category, as the pile invariably crushes and mats, unlike real fur or shearling. Similar feelings for faux leather coats – if you have ever experienced the real thing, polyurethane just can't compare. That said, the design of the Stand faux shearling/suede coat is completely compelling – so my style! I am much more forgiving about the faux-leather leggings, which may actually be an improvement over real leather in terms of fit, comfort, breathability and longevity of attractive wear. It all comes down to personal choice and ethics, and I may change my tune as the "faux" materials science improves to the point where protein replaces plastic – not a big chemical jump when you think about it. Lovely collection stylewise, as usual.

  14. The Reiss fitted jumper dress is beautiful👌👌👌

  15. This is the first time I'm seeing your dressing room…its beautiful

  16. Uniqlo thermals were my lifesaver during my visit to London during winter ❤ everything they sell are always in good quality! Latest purchase from them is their face mask, very essential now 😄

  17. On t'aime ♡ Tu es resplandissante ♡

  18. Josie, those wire hangers are they OK with the leather pants? If they are they are amazing because I would have thought they would put a line on them? Love your fashion updates. I’m in Australia but it’s still cool here despite it being spring😂

  19. Love your Style and the jumper dress from Topshop 🙂

  20. Excellent video …..just what I was looking for …thanks!

  21. How tall are you,Josie? I’d like to know so I can tell how things will fit.

  22. So that's why my fur coat ripped because it had a fabric tag instead of a chain!

  23. Went into h/m this week the cloths was just like dish rags looked very cheap x

  24. A video about winter layering would be amazing!

  25. I thought you will never buy again from Karen Millen since I think you said they never pay you for the content you created for them last year, anyway love the video 💕💕💕💕💕❤️

  26. Josie that Lydia coat that you linked… what color is yours? Did I miss it? I only saw 3 colors🤔🤔

  27. Great video. Think I need to start looking at Top Shop:)

  28. I personally adore the Chloé boots, I’d definitely be getting them if I could only afford them. I think they’re prettier than the saint laurent boots but that’s just my opinion. 💗

  29. where is the beige hooded knit jumper from? Its paired with the leather leggings.

  30. Hi ladies I would reccomemd to buy Reiss items at Selfridges its much cheaper the Zoe kmitted dress on the Reiss website is 280 Euros on Selfridges 220 Euros also for american customers you save a lot xo

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