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TOP 5 OVER KNEE BOOTS (£30 – £700!) // How To Style OTK Boots // Fashion Mumblr

Top Five Over Knee Boots – from £30 to £700! How to style them and also tips on how to care for them too! *LINKS TO SHOP BELOW!*
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Over Knee Boots:
1. Faux Suede Beige – http://bit.ly/2yvV8wR
2. Zara OTK Books – sold out but similar – http://bit.ly/2z6ZJlw
3. Dark Grey Pointed Toe – http://bit.ly/2z5du7P
4. Karen Millen Grey – http://bit.ly/2hda8Z4
5. Black HIGH LINE Boots – http://bit.ly/2zet65S

Also Mentioned:
Boot Brush – http://amzn.to/2y23UhH
Protector Spray – http://amzn.to/2y1G0CQ
Suede Revive Spray – http://amzn.to/2hdnQLy

Boots Styled With:
Cashmere Jumper Dress: http://bit.ly/2hed3Av
Balloon Sleeve Jumper Dress: http://bit.ly/2yYwB3b
Cord Skirt : http://bit.ly/2zxavoG
Gilet : http://bit.ly/2gmaAUv
Russell & Bromley HI Ride Boots : http://bit.ly/2hdwutw
Cape : http://bit.ly/2fi37iL

What I Wore:
Cashmere Jumper : http://bit.ly/2zfr1cm



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  1. Ugh can’t find the Karen Millen boots :,(

  2. A beautiful and informative post Josie. You covered everything I could ever want to know about suede and faux suede. Any tips on how to style leather faux or real boots and their care would be appreciated.

  3. Love it! Thanks for the tips 😊

  4. Where do you buy your jumper dresses from?

  5. May I know your height and weight? – <3 your style!

  6. Great tips on the suede care – bookmarking video!

  7. hi, would you make a video on how to style high top sneakers? I try my best, have one like kennel & schmenger queens but always end up wearing skinny jeans and baggy pullover:-) thank you!

  8. very inspiring, thank you.

  9. is that spray good for leather as well. Probably eh?

  10. Where do you get your boot shapers from?

  11. Hi Josie! I'm a recent college grad in Washington DC who's recently got into fashion, and your videos have been so funny and helpful! I bought a pair of over knee boots because of your amazing style. I'm wondering if you have any tips for what to do when the boots stretch out over time and dont stay on your thigh? I was thinking of buying some sewing elastic and gluing it to the inside of the shoe but you might have better ideas…

  12. Awesome video! I love the boots from BrandAttic! And I am strongly considering buying them, but I don't know which size to buy. I usually wear a 7.5, but they don't carry half sizes. What would you suggest?

  13. Ways to style overknee boots video..answer – with a jumper dress loool

  14. The link to the grey river island boots isn’t working! 🙁

  15. Love your style, I want your wardrobe!! xxxx

  16. Hi Josie, love your videos – entertaining & informative! I just went for a pair of over knee boots and quite excited to wear them. Would you say that over knee boots also look good with less high heels? I am quite tall so I went for rather flat over knee boots 🙂

  17. Voce é muito elegante, até pra falar é elegante, delicada. Parabens

  18. You are so well spoken in your videos and sound elegant Josie! such a joy to listen too 🙂

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