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TOP FIVE SUMMER DRESSES | How To Style Affordable High Street Dresses | Fashion Mumblr Haul

Here are 5 of my favourite Summer Dresses all under £100!! You could wear these outfits to work, to the park or maybe to lunch… Links in the description box below!
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❤ What I Wore ❤

White Bardot Top – http://bit.ly/2s3g9XD


White Midi Wrap Dress – http://bit.ly/2sk8bxJ
Styled with Contrast Toe Cap Heels – http://bit.ly/2pNL1hj


Sage Green embroidered dress : http://bit.ly/2sy4X8D
Styled with White Block Heel Sandals: http://bit.ly/2tcEhaW


Cream Buttoned down midi dress – http://bit.ly/2sHdpD7
Styled with Tan lace up sandals – http://bit.ly/2rRX6T8


Pink and White Bardot Dress – http://bit.ly/2tBFl9x
Styled with Rose Gold Espadrilles – http://bit.ly/2rmdbx0


Blue floral jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/2spERWl
Styled with white sandal heels http://bit.ly/2tcEhaW


White Lace Dress – http://bit.ly/2l8um2q
Styled with Pearl Gladiator Sandals – http://bit.ly/2r6mBNM

Earrings : http://bit.ly/2ssynTH
Necklace : http://bit.ly/2mx7AVu
Ring : http://bit.ly/2i7GCSC
Bracelet : http://bit.ly/2mx9K7j



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❤ In the Background:

Pink Rug : http://bit.ly/2pW9mP7
Mirror : http://bit.ly/2qsV7ky


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  1. I love the first dress. I went to the website, but couldn't find the dress.

  2. back here in 2018 and this inspired me to get a nice summer dress 🙂

  3. I love how often you upload on here and on your blog, it just shows how much time and effort you out into your posts and videos and that is why you'll always be one of my favourite content creators!!! xxx

  4. what do u do to stay in shape? very nice video…thanks for sharing

  5. Hi! I saw several beautiful items you listed from Topshop (in 2-3 videos) and every time the link doesn't work 🙁 they say "no item matches your search"

  6. you know you have been watching too many Youtube videos when you are from America and when you are speaking to your friends you slip and say "when you are on holiday" lol yep, it happens

  7. This necklace – where can I get it?

  8. the last two are my favorites!

  9. I ordered the embroidered dress from River Island..does look like needle and thread.. so love it..thanks..
    Ordering quite a bit from your hauls ..lol

  10. None of the links are pointing towards any of the items…please assist…thank you!

  11. we have the same style! i love your recommendations

  12. just for size reference for the sage green embroidered dress what size did you order?

  13. the link of the third dress doesn't works! can you change it? Thank you!
    Ps: love your videos!

  14. I'm thumbs up #919! I love your accent and you have exquisite taste! You look adorable in all your dresses … thanks so much for sharing😚

  15. where´s the white dress with buttons from? the link won´t open…

  16. Still loving that first dress. It's just so timeless and classic and could be styled up a million different ways with different accessories. 🙂 xx

  17. Good taste! They are beautiful dresses. Classy and comfy, Our style.

  18. Do you always just do clothing hauls????

  19. Hi Josie! For the rose gold espadrilles, does it run true to size or bigger/smaller? I wear US 6.5 but can't decide if I need to order up or down.

  20. I would like to see top 5 wedding dresses 🙂

  21. love your videos! how about 'Top 5 Summer Shoes ' ? as a Next Summer Video? in combination with handbags ?

  22. I would like to give you a trophy for being able to wear so much white without ruining them! Maybe your top five secrets for keeping whites clean 🙂 but these colors look so lovely on you esp with your beautiful hair color!

  23. In outfit two you are wearing a Metallic/Silver purse on ur instagram. Where is it from? I love it!

  24. Happy I found you! You have very similar style to me, elegant and feminine. On the top of that you are showing beautiful pieces and most of them are affordable for a standard human being. Thank you for all your dupes videos!

  25. A little tip on the River Island grey/green embroidered dress… it's on ASOS for £70!

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