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Top health official: It’s a ‘critical time. We’re close'

California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly discussed the state’s regional stay-at-home orders and vaccine distribution plans.

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  2. Comments here speak well to the overall problem. Thanks for this reporting on California , very informative. APPRECIATED!

  3. ⚠️ This claim about the COVID vaccine is disputed.

  4. Close to complete obedience and Fear mongering you mean while you fuckers continue too enjoy this Plandemic and do whatever you please behind the scenes? Is that what he meant?

  5. Individuals insisting Covid is no big deal are playing a dangerous game. Covid-19, like AIDS, is here to stay. What the overall long term health impacts, measured over years, will have on those that have been infected is yet to be seen.

  6. probably the most un-informative piece of "news" I've ever been subjected to.

  7. love how there brainwashing every one to want it…????…NOT HERE..

  8. They just want to cover big issue by covid. They can only things to do fake news… This is real news please watching till end

  9. Fake news. If this was so true the governor wouldn’t of went to dinner not wearing a mask

  10. Anyone else thought thumbnail was Jeff Goldbloom for a sec?

  11. It’s always a critical time. The US is full of ignorant sheep

  12. Ngl, I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Jeff Goldbloom XD

  13. do you know if the vaccines will produce antibody-dependent enhancement ? if they do many people will die needlessly ! MERCOLA.COM has the answer !

  14. More Proof of Voter Fraud Ruby Freeman please share this!!

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  16. I think this "Covid crisis" is BS….unless your encased in a Hazmat Suit ,you're going catch every cold,flu,strep….this is beyond ridiculous, can you virus pushers give it a rest…it's getting old and you're not "saving anyone " you're subjugating the most vulnerable population because of your ridiculous, unfounded ,hypothetical nonsense…you're "not saving anyone "…it's both shocking and appalling how gullible Americans are.

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  22. Of course cases will go down when people stay home.. Nobody is being tested…

  23. More cases from more testing.. it's not rocket science

  24. my work place will not let us stay home for work even though we work a desk job. we work in small ass office not even 6 feet apart. having to breathe in mask and cram space is hard….I'm from California btw

  25. In other words "the great reset"agenda towards globalization is in full swing!


  27. This virus spread because all these months that went by people we’re not wearing masks or keeping safe distance. Now they want to wear them thinking it’s going stop the spread. What’s done is done but let’s step up to the plate and make effort to not have this problem get any worse. I can’t believe this, so many people have died here and around the world due to a virus that came out of China overnight. A bat couldn’t make this virus in a million years unless they we’re eating so much of it over hundreds of years slowly building up this bacteria in their bodies until it grew deadly then finally jumped out the body or eating a different rare animal combined with the bat triggered what has been building up slowly from those hundreds of years or unless they began eating the bat raw eventually getting the full bacteria, but the body would just die not jumping to air born infecting millions. I believe the bats and other strange animals have the family of corona virus but it’s not the same as this and they find corona in covid because I believe it’s a virus containing of several different diseases even Ebola but it just doesn’t show up in blood analyses it was tricked to fool ever doctor on the planet. It may not even be corona virus they may have just assumed by the symptoms or it may me corona virus but somehow someone multiplied this virus ten times fold making lethal. No animals created this deadly virus man did. But it spread around the world starting with China why? Because some other country creates this virus letting it off in China to point the blame to them? Or did China’s government create it and it accidentally got out of the lab? They wouldn’t be that stupid, or their corrupted anti government just let it off not caring if they got blamed but their president did not know of it, or some country created it letting it off in China then letting it off in different countries but started it in China so everyone would blame them, organized. Unless China didn’t care how it was let off because they we’re thinking no one would survive it but them. This virus didn’t just spread from the wuhan market then around the world in little time it was let off in different countries starting with China, many we’re involved. Or it was spreading since 2019 but nobody knew but it’s impossible the entire world be infected by now and we would of seen millions of deaths in 2019. This virus was spread out somehow but first China then the rest of the world. Did Chinese law enforcement actually freak out and panicked and covered it up thinking they can control it or is that the way they made it seem ? It wasn’t accidental nor negligence it was deliberately caused but reversed the misunderstanding making the world think they totally messed up by not alerting people but it was caused by the meat market. The Chinese doctor didn’t die he was killed, look how he was talking as if he knew he was going to die by force not disease, he was saying goodbye to the world. As I narrow this down from many theories it points to China’s corrupted government with their corrupted experts in infectious diseases. Hidden labs and at least 10 to 15 years creating this virus. Who in China’s government have not caught this disease? I heard many people died in China but did we hear of any Chinese government catching it? Just our government and other government from different countries. China’s President knew his government did this he was scared out his mind worried about getting bombarded by every nation.

  28. I didn't know Stephen French was a health expert

  29. Close to being ran as a communist country?? Yup we’re seeing it

  30. I think California has already proven it's full of idiots…🤷🏼‍♀️ Better start trusting GOD…not man.

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