Friday , December 4 2020
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Top Rohit Sharma press conference moments

“Abhi kya bataunga”, “We’ll send you photos of Dhoni’s birthday”, “Don’t ask me about anything from before 2013”, and more.

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  1. Jaise patrakar vaise player k jawab

  2. My favourite part was that when he said agr m Pakistan ka coach bna to bataunga abhi toh abhi Kya bataunga hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Sharma ji Ka beta khel gya😉😘😂😂

  4. Even his press conferences and interviews are like his batting. You don't want it to end. Gold.

  5. Ek baat to pakki hai. Zyadatar chutiye hi reporters bante hai😹😹.

  6. Plzzz make him the captain of shorter formats. He is best for the position.

  7. I forgot what you asked😂😂😂🤣epic

  8. Eik he way hai cricket khailne ka corona situation mein, woh yeh video mein deikh lo aap

  9. #_कपिल #_शर्मा की #_फिरंगी (फिरंगी) पूरी मूवी #Free मे tps://

  10. Kisko lagta hai Kohli aur Sharma mein inside professional jealousy hai ?

    Like = Yes
    No = comment

  11. Great player and has a good sense of cricket !

  12. Hlw guyz here my new video came ,so plz visit and watch

  13. Hitman ❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Photo votu bhejenge aapko 😃😃😃.. Maratha manus

  15. Hitman fans hit like here ❤️❤️❤️

  16. It's good if you guys added that before pc talks with mashrafee and sarfaraz in dubai they talking about rubel hossain

  17. Thumbnail:4 minutes of rohit sharma being rohit sharma
    Video length: 3:59
    Me: Triggered

  18. 3.40 par kon hai ye bhai ,kaise rude bhv kr rha h hitman se

  19. Media -Toss jeet ke batting kyun liye
    Rohit – match jeetne ke liye😁😁

  20. Rohit was thinking about the words 😂😂
    ki kis tarah inki qns ki loo main

  21. A very short video make it a 10 or 12 min video Nicely answered by Hitman

  22. Antarctica par agar possible hota hoga ya ..agar africa ke jungle me agar hota hoga to bhi karo but IPL karo

  23. रोहित शर्मा के दीवाने हुए जोस बटलर 👇👇

  24. He's talk like real mambaiya language, aapli mumbai

  25. The first comment about the batting was not even a joke.
    Daud virtually fixed all MI match.

  26. Rohit Sharma k liye 1 like to banta hai 😍 😍 👌

  27. tune maast joke mara hai re raju

  28. Damn lazy Sharma..but still cool.

  29. Absolutely joy to see him like this….So funny & cool…love u hitman

  30. #03:16

    Wow Rohit bhaiya maja aa Gaya
    "I forgot what u asked"😂😂😂

  31. Sharma ji ki baat hi nirali hai…… #allinonepoetry

  32. Kya bola jata hai yr bday me happy birthday …🤣🤣🤣

  33. verithanam verithanam ……tn fans for rohit like podungoo

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