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President Biden meets with Prince William in Boston, Peru’s president faces a third impeachment attempt, police arrest a man for the murder of a Florida woman in 1980, and early voting ends with polls showing Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker neck and neck for Georgia’s Senate seat.

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  2. You guys should be ashamed. NBC and msnbc are the leaders fighting against Elon musk and free speech. You guys are the belly of the lies in this country. You say fact checkers who are appointed by you to further your ideology, are actually telling facts which is absurd. You only appoint your friends as fact checkers. There’s no objectivity in your words or thoughts

    They have no jurisdiction or authority to say what’s truth. No wonder why the American press is LAST in trust among the public in the free world. You use the term online safety experts which is another made up term. You ignore since Musk bought Twitter hate speech has gone DOWN. You and the Washington Post are saying that people will be ki11ed if free speech is allowed on Twitter. Why? Because people you do t like or agree with will have a platform. Journalists are saying free speech is dangerous, like Taylor Lorenz. Because you want tyranny . Journalists fighting against free speech is like cardiologists TELLING YOU TO SMOKE. YOU GUYS the American press is the greatest danger to our Republic. Yes we are NOT a MOB! We are a Republic. I hope you all go broke. So we can get on with Freedom.

    You support Apple who is actively helping the CCP in China lock down freedom protesters . You are NOTHING but a mouthpiece for the democRATic party. You are evil

  3. i hope the ruling class understands there is only so much of this "we can't pay you more money because the economy suffers" before they won't be in a position to negotiate. old gen americans still living here are puppets easily swayed by "reason", but the younger folks are tired of the same old.

  4. Kemp is just after power.

  5. Biden is making to many jobs, he must be impeached? Great job republicans.

  6. Tom sometimes has a negative outcome to events…

  7. likes the sound of his voice a little too much….

  8. Elon Musk buys a crime scene, releases documents to prove what happened at twitter, showing criminality that’s worse than watergate, and this news outlet has nothing to say about it? Should be a top story.

  9. State run media what a joke

  10. Did this clown just say that 6 and a 1/2 percent is historically a low rate? I've been in the mortgage business since 1996 this is not a historically low rate.

  11. Hunter Biden?????? Not news?

  12. "I don't want my kids going to no interracial jungle (school)," and if you don't vote for me then you aint black" ( rasict joe biden)

  13. For sure the suffering of the Ukrainian people and the Russian people is the foulth of NATO and US ….

  14. Low wages ? 200 people let go ? an hired 100 ? lower wages ? Biden is RAT.

  15. They had their chance to elect a smarter govenor, they failed. Support for a moron is ridiculous.

  16. Black voters put trump in the white house; Obama block didn't vote in 2016, cuz they didn't like either candidate.

  17. The railinorkers should strike, Trump right forcing republicans to vote, he is still the Kine of New York, monsters don't give up on him

  18. The term 'across the pond' is outdated. You might as well try talking to Brits in Elizabethan English in iambic pentameter. It's like going to Japan and being given bread and a spoon instead of rice and chopsticks, because of course that's how 'foreigners' eat. It's creepy.

  19. Why We Do Need So Many People in the World

    At the start of the 20th century, the world population was roughly two billion people. Today, it is roughly eight billion. Of those eight billion, most are poor, and over a billion people are hungry to the point of starvation. Providing for so many people at a decent level seems too formidable a task for Earth. Moreover, each day, more bots, robots, and automatic machines are replacing human jobs. Humanity is producing enough to provide for everyone, so the question is why we need so many people. Would Earth, and humanity, not be better off if we were only four billion, for example?

    The truth is that we wouldn’t be better off; we would be much worse off. There is a good reason for the exponential growth in humanity’s population over the past century or so.

    When we look at people, we see faces and bodies, human beings, and nothing more. But the truth is much more complicated and intricate than that. Try to imagine any animal without relating it to its environment, and you will realize that it is a lost cause. The shape, color, behavior, size, longevity, and every other aspect of its existence derives from the environment where it exists. Animals are not isolated from their environment; they rely on it, follow its laws, and at the same time make up the environment that sustains them and of which they are a part.

    Humans, too, make up a system. We think of ourselves as isolated individuals, but we are actually parts of a global human society. We influence it, it influences us, and almost everything that is true for the animal kingdom is true for us.

    There are only two differences between animals and people, though they are fundamental differences. The first is that people are inherently mean and selfish, while animals are not. The second is that our desires grow and intensify, while those of animals remain largely the same. While we want more money and power the more we have of them, animals settle for what they have once they have had their fill.

    Worse yet, from generation to generation, we are becoming more greedy, domineering, and narcissistic. Conversely, animals’ “aspirations” do not change from generation to generation: Give them enough grass, or enough game, and they are happy campers.

    The reason why our desires grow while those of animals remain the same is that an increased desire makes us accelerate our development. Eventually, humans are not intended to perceive only the physical existence, but to penetrate through it and perceive the connectedness and interdependence among all of us not only intellectually, as I am explaining it here, but in the senses, just as we perceive the physical world, if not more so.

    Our constant desire to search, explore, discover, and learn stems from our aspiration to know the deepest levels of reality. That knowledge is the sole prerogative of humans since only people develop such profound desires.

    As our desires grow, we must learn to direct them toward discovering the purpose and structure of life. New desires first appear on the crassest level, and we must cultivate them, raise them to the level where they enhance our perception of reality.

    Because these desires are so intense, we need more people to “share the load.” As just said, although we feel isolated, we are in fact one system. Everything we think is ours is actually part of the system of humanity and all of humanity shares it. Therefore, our desires are also not personal, even though they feel as such.

    Every time we elevate one desire from the corporeal level to the higher levels of perception, we influence all of humanity. And every time a person dies, the burden of elevating our common desire grows heavier on all of us.

    This is why the life of every person is precious. It determines the pace of advancement of all of humanity. If we realized how deeply we are connected, and what harm we cause by mistreating other people, if we felt it as it really is—that we are torturing ourselves—we would not dare mistreat each other or leave one person uncared for.

  20. I never expected an African American criticizing President Biden in not helping Africans. President Obama had spoken about Biden helping him so much during his years in the White House. President Obama claims that he survived those years thanks to Biden. African Americans are every where today in the film industry, in the media, the Internet. They are all over the place working and doing much better.I think Lindsey is not being fair.

  21. I'm sick sick of you guys slamming President Biden what the heck more do you want the Democrats have done so much in comparison to the Republicans who have stood in the way not for good reason bcuz they're following Trump and cinma and manchin standing in the way grow up and learn to be grateful

  22. Competition between dumb undignified sycophancy ……and….straightforward unselfinterested and dignified public service……what is flavour of the month in USA…….???

  23. they could use that rebuilding in Afghanistan and Syria and refugee situations in Turkey and Jordan. they are so lucky they are white. we put our money here to avoid WW III —

  24. We don’t need a a football player in office he not smart enough vote blue


  26. Word of advice, don’t get a mortgage rent, don’t get credit cards, if you don’t have the cash to buy something don’t buy it, get our of the evil worldly system that’s designed to keep you in debt and make you believe you need things you don’t really need, find the difference between wanting something and needing something!

  27. The talking head must not buy gasoline. Over $4 in the pacific northwest. Can't be any cheaper in Mew York.

  28. Sick, sick, sick is the republican party, where honesty and integrity doesn't matter, just their party

  29. Gov. Brian Kemp: "I'm fighting hard for Herschel 'cause I think it's important we have a Republican in that seat". Nothing about him being the best person for the position, he can't seem to find those words…….just Republican, it's purely Tribal.

  30. Lol these guys feed lies… smh ya keep believing these fakes news

  31. Top stories not a thing about Twitter, and they wonder why they are called fake news

  32. If the 1/6 committee has the balls to push the Department of Justice to prosecute congress members who participated in the insurrection the lame duck congress could retain dominance of the House of Representatives

  33. Jesus said Palestine from The River to The Sea ⛵
    no peace and no negotiation✍️

  34. Where’s the twitter story???

  35. Who keeps telling the news about these job reports? I think it’s a bunch of BS. There’s so much poverty going on right now.

  36. Liberal media 😂😂😂

  37. The man who sent the first text what a fire starter but he didn't know it what a humble man. 📡👽🇺🇸 RUN!!!

  38. it's still high in Hawaii, over $5.00

  39. Trying to spin the fact that Americans are suffering. Fake News Network

  40. God bless the Ukrainian people🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  41. Top Story with Tom Llamas – December 2

  42. We wont target majority ethic neighborhoods, just stand proud and look to the sky, as all around you burns in flames.