Top Story with Tom Llamas – Feb. 6 | NBC News NOW

A pair of earthquakes kill thousands of people in Turkey and Syria, authorities arrest two white supremacists for their alleged plot to wipeout Baltimore’s power grid, the U.S. Northern Command is analyzing Chinese surveillance balloon debris, and an Ohio train derailment prompts the controlled release of the chemicals found on board.

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  1. The guy that does top story seems to be in a hurry all the time I know you have a time limit to stick to but the way he does it comes off rude or disrespectful

  2. I hope China will share the important weather information with the rest of the world.

  3. >>>>>>>> Increase Your Satisfaction By Understanding Your Existence … sea rch EXISTNC

  4. President Biden is doing an excellent job 💪🏻💯

  5. The lazy American way to deal with it much like the balloon issue,total disregard to the environment.

  6. Why only 4 minutes on the earthquake… and where’s the information on how we can help?

  7. Like I said one bullet would have brought it down very slowly and we would have had intact most of the Chinese technology whatever they were trying to do to fly to sing over our country and why you let it why do he needed a missile to shoot it down instead of one bullet is just puncture hole in it and bring it then slowly and retrieve the whole balloon and it's contents whatever it might have been instead of shooting it down after when all the way across the u.s. and picked up Ali intelligent need and now we're taking it out of the ocean saltwater does damage to electronic components this doesn't make sense to me we should have brought it down when it first entered the u.s. space space you know like your internet aerospace and your I can understand this it just doesn't make sense to me you should have been done so much different so much different I'm not I'm a simple man but I think the military is a fan of badly this is stupid now we're thinking it out of the ocean the ocean does bad things to electronic I'm sorry I have nothing else to say right now I'm speechless that's all I have to say

  8. Oh my God they shot down a balloon couldn't even shoot back good job excellent explanation point

  9. So you had to shoot it down with a missile why didn't you put one bullet in it to bring it down slowly without destroying any of the equipment no they shut it down over the ocean making it harder to find in the saltwater deteriorating all the valuable Hardware that we were expecting to retrieve I would have put one bullet in it and brought it down. Days ago which way up for the brats on slowly insecurely without having to search for it in the ocean like a bunch of fools The Retreat all the equipment he was onboard wire missile 1 bullet would have brought the balloon down slowly and safely doesn't make sense to me now we're digging it out of the ocean which salt water damage I'm trying to die and trying to find it down thing in the ocean we could have brought it down on land with one 50 caliber bullet not a missile unacceptable doesn't make sense to me if anybody can explain this to me please do because I can't wrap my head around it

  10. Guess what they been attacked what you going to do now

  11. Dave Depulta’s comments sound ridiculous! Clearly, he attained some stature in the military and as the Dean of the Mitchell Inst for Aero power studies, but come on – why he he suggesting that the current military commanders are failing to safeguard our country. Without any actual analysis he demands to know why the ballon couldn’t be shot down over some western state — but his question is founded on his lack of knowledge of the population in areas where the satellite traveled. He suggests that maybe a few lives lost would have been an okay risk. Crazy! He also fails to state that by shooting it down over water the military may now recover much more intact intelligence than it would have if it crashed into the ground. Not a great position to be in for someone who is supposed to be leading an institute of higher education for the military.

  12. I hope, the world (god), can help them.
    Only thru human beings, knowing what do, engineering and science can truly help.
    Though the luckiest ones will say, the old man with a beard saved them.
    Only together, thru all of us can, god, Do anything at all.
    But if know how to help with machinery operating and knowing mechanical engineering.
    God. Can, really do something, a miracle.
    A real true, god miracle.
    But you would to truly truly care.

  13. Does Tom Llamas talk to his mother as he speaks the NEWS?

  14. China just blatantly threatened us and Biden is just twiddling his thumbs making us look weak ….

  15. Can you not taste the false dramatics of news reporters. PERSPECTIVE. What if their own family, reporting.

  16. Same as China balloon drift….

  17. Why don't you show air flow, just as part of weather report?

  18. 20:50 This lady reminds me of a hawk. Her eyebrows, cheekbones, and nose

  19. Vote is a🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  20. All this of president is all a joke!!!

  21. Anyone who comes to America illegally should be banned from EVER entering America!!

  22. Whoever said that the president Biden has done nothing are the true pure blind and so low during his past two years instead he’s done so much from the infrastructure to the everything people needed especially to the old folks as their mothers and fathers. Those people maybe they came on this planet without moms and dads or they come from the trees ?!?!

  23. Praying for you all 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 China is wicked & GOD will prevail.

  24. Catastrophe was in 1915, the same land, the same borderline… do research…this is what happened when they genocide 1.6 million innocent Armenians.. they wanted that land they got it, now their offspring pay for it with their life's.

  25. We have to admit Hillary Clinton Barack Obama and Israel behind the civil war in Syria.!!!


  27. ***** “rhetorical” ••• who will be a better Democratic Candidate to replace President Biden???? ••• AGEISM is the MAIN REASON why Americans prefer a different Democratic Candidate*****

  28. I don't know small-town Trainwreck that cloud look like something off resident evil if the zombies do start I know where they started.

  29. 4:36 …just a reminder….toxic clouds let loose in the atmosphere don't just dissipate…it returns to earth through rainfall mostly and on a wider scale than the size of a little Ohio town….

  30. Praying for Turkey 🇹🇷 and Syria 🇸🇾

  31. How did Dave Deptula become a Lieutenant General, when he asked such a naive and thoughtless question of why the Chinese "spy" balloon wasn't shot down off the coast of Alaska and Canada or over Montana? Logically thinking, one must consider the probability of this balloon possibly carrying NBC, and if shot down off the coast of Alaska or Canada could potentially cause mass casualties due to the ocean and atmospheric currents along the west coast. Any meteorologist will tell you the same thing. Generals should think before they speak. The same goes for conservative Congressmen.


  33. Life in prison is recommended for trump and his coup party

  34. 4,499. Thus far…………..Far…………… HORRIBLE!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  35. Trump is leading the Neo Nazi Republican senate and house members like they did January 6th

  36. I never see the all Lamas news terrible he think he is these don't never compare with Mr Leste how put down the Presiden5 said he is not accomplished any and look like want his hero back he need to be impartial not damaged Mr,Biden he me sick to l8sten this arrogant anchor