Thursday , August 11 2022

Top Story with Tom Llamas – June 27 | NBC News NOW

Three people were killed after an Amtrak train was derailed in Missouri, the death toll continues to rise following a Russian missile strike on a Ukrainian shopping mall, and President Biden faces pressure to act on abortion rights.

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  1. Shortly after rising to power in 1933, Adolf Hitler created the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (RMVP), headed by Joseph Goebbels. Nearly all aspects of German culture were subject to the Propaganda Ministry's control, including films, theater, music, the press, and radio broadcasts. Given tremendous leeway by Hitler, and utilizing modern techniques and technologies, Goebbels quickly set out an ambitious agenda to indoctrinate the German people in Nazi ideology and to influence the behavior of the entire society. The principles of Nazism, including the antisemitism at the core of much of its dogma, were incorporated into nearly every newspaper, radio broadcast, and film produced in the Third Reich. These carefully-crafted messages were designed to mobilize the German population to support all Nazi military and social efforts, including the deportation of Jews and others to concentration camps.

  2. Just cuz it's a 💯 yr old tradition DONT MAKE IT RIGHT 😓🐂 it's barbaric and cruel. #StopBullFights

  3. Any sane person can see tht the "stadium" was built with twizzel sticks!

  4. That was an inspiring story about the mother surprising her daughter at school.

  5. walks and talks like a man nah keep here there

  6. There's too much mayo on my sandwich! Now you must die🤣

  7. Has The Supreme Court Justice thought Where All these Pregnant Women Are Going to Live Their going to be Out In the Street Even If they get their Small Amount of Child Support And that's Only there After the Baby Is Born. What If they don't
    Have Jobs Where do they Go It's presumed That I'm Moving Into The People House We consider that and personal invitation thank you so much for caring. Were going to be Moving Into the People house or with the Supreme Court Justice Yea,! Yea! Since Were so caring About Life Have they Even comprehend how were going to do that. We have Life Now That's not been taking Care Of Now that's been Ignored Abused Mistreated Most People Are Almost Homeless from being Overly Taxed Then Their going To Taxs the People More form the States to support All the pregnancies programs Therefore you would think that They have A plan No.
    We can't even take care Of the lives we have Now. The people with disabilities senior citizens
    That May Only have One Meal A Day, You don't even take care of those people what makes you think you're going to be able to take care of little babies. This Is outrageous nonsensical. We Know how your Taking Good Care Of Your Least disadvantage People Here In the United States.They Are out Of touch with realities.

  8. This video got flagged as inappropriate? I literally got notified about it as soon as I played it. Why on earth? Anyways love watching this segment.

  9. Brittany needs to “man up”.
    Don’t put your d!ck up now!!

  10. Russians dislike US gov but they should not take it out on regular US citizens.

  11. The train crash wouldn’t have happened if we had built MAGLEV TRAINS because they would have been elevated above the ground!

  12. I'm pretty sure the vehicles they hit where the cause of the derailment no need for an investigation it's people who don't know how to drive and there's a f**** lot of them

  13. God Bless Richard Engel …. Who could do what he has done for so long? …….

  14. His overly forceful voice is uber annoying. I usually last through one story, maybe. He's a good reporter, but that forceful speech on EVERY item makes it all seem sensationalistic. Tone it down, Bro. I'd like to hear some of this news!

  15. The bull fought back in the fight? Oh darn🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. This country has alot to reap and that's why these things are happening it's sad that it is affecting people had nothing to do with damages.

  17. Oh and take care of your planet.

  18. What part of learn how to get along didn't you all understand 🤔

  19. YOU ARE FIRED! That’s Trump owned words. He probably fired 100 even 1000 of people, but when Americans people fired him from presidency. He just didn’t get it. He sold the democracy of The United State and made American less great again.

    This is straight from my heart ❤️

  20. I don't think they should hold her send her back to her country to face whatever…but she if she did have anything on her in t j.g e first place

  21. Prying for the bull is Doing good

  22. So you telling me we are still buying Russian gas but a little more expensive than this time huh.

  23. Bulls 1 Spectators 0

  24. Look at the set up no doubt people are dead idiots

  25. Obviously a cruise missile would have done much more damage to the mall. Ukrainians even accidentally showed rows of intact alcohol bottles inside in their propaganda video. Looks like another botched provocation by Ukrainians.😂😂😂

  26. The subtitles are out of sync. and could you provide subtitles in lower case?

  27. I ride the Amtrak at least 6 times a year,the first thing they tell you don't take off your shoes!!! Aside from losing your toes in the doors…doh. And yes I always think of accidents on the train.poor people

  28. shouldn't the weight of a dump truck on the tracks alert the conductor?

  29. If biden wants to throw our money at trains then make all railroad crossings safe by under/over passes for all crossings

  30. Maybe its my mind playing tricks but i feel like tom yammas actually reads the comments and actually takes them into consideration, just noticed a few things i commented on a while ago were changed in this episode. Not gunna list them but cool to see. Either way good show Tom. Im a Fox guy but I like u sometimes NBC. Tom Lester Gabe and Chuck are all pretty fair journalists.

  31. Well. It is a story ! Not what we want , though

  32. Republicans headed for extinction.

    Wait 18+ years. Republicans
    So you’re purposely creating 300,000 new Democrats in red states every nine months… Wards of the RED state will never vote Republican.

    What an army… At 18 they can buy guns.

  33. "You know when someone drops some money and you pick it up and just keep walking"
    South Carolina Democrat Representative Krystle Matthews on "being a real n___a at heart"

  34. "Gimme that dope boy money. Where them duffle bags?" South Carolina Democrat Representative Krystle Matthews On Needing More Campaign Contributions