Top Story with Tom Llamas – Nov. 30 | NBC News NOW

Major media companies announce new layoffs, police bodycamera shows the moment officers pulled a trapped woman out of Florida canal, San Francisco authorities are cleared to use robots with lethal force in emergency situations, and Mississippi residents share their tornado survival stories.

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  1. love.I'm in now.sara metzger.. I love and miss you sooo.

  2. ITS NOT CALLED PANAMA BEACH YA IDIOTS!! It’s Panama City Beach 😂😂

  3. I'm here for nevel papperman

  4. Nevel papperman what are you doing here? 🤭

  5. did this tree get torched by a luny toon one year ?

  6. Repeating about the tree at the end,,,how many times like 25 times jajajaja…

  7. Tom llamas is a good journalist 👋👋👋👋

  8. So sad an 80-year-old tree has been cut down that probably provided shelter and food for many species of animals. I noticed how the guy didn't say anything when asked that question

  9. NBC and the Democrats support the fratricide going on between Russia and Ukraine because it reduces the white race.

  10. The movies and tv shows coming out of Hollywood , Netflix, Amazon are all garbage the movies being made today are not entertainment rather media being made in television and movies are being made to send a message make a statement like Gays films Lesbian films these films are so explicit rather send a message that this type of behavior is normal all the movies and tv show are simply garbage and that is why paid scrimptions are down who would be willing to pay for this garbage

  11. Stipulations like the choke hold. We know how well the for-profit policing we have in this country sticks to that or even to hold those who used a choke hold accountable.

  12. No, Lt. Colonel Davis. President Biden promised, "No US troops will be stationed within Ukraine. The US does NOT have 100,000 troops stationed around the border between Russia and Ukraine. That's why it hasn't escalated into WW III.
    Your misinformation is irresponsible, inflammatory, and a threat to US national security.

  13. Wow! So, I MIGHT be able to reduce my chances of getting Alzheimers by 27% IF I increase my chances of having strokes by 20%.
    THAT is a medical break through? Thanks, but no thanks, Doc.

  14. Killer police robots. /smh Hasn't anyone seen Robocop II?
    Flash grenades, pepper spray, tasers, blinding lights, nor sonic disorientation will work, as alternative measures to enforce the law, so just forget about enforcing laws for due process and defendants' rights, eh?
    No arrest, no prosecution, no trial, no judge, no jury, no due process of law. Simply send the robot in to blow up alleged suspects. What could possibly go wrong?
    "Sorry Sweetheart, we honestly thought your father was the perp,"
    "But, he was the one holding the gun, just seconds before the robot blew him up."
    "The AI robot recognized the suspect from old mug shots, so we thought it was the same perp. Who are we to dispute a computer?"
    "We couldn't see the hostages from the robo-cam's POV."

  15. rip christie luve your music / will live on thk u ❤

  16. they shld be able to use these this cld save lives 😂

  17. The lady in the car that drove in the water? I bought an Adventures with Purpose window breaker. I have it hanging on my mirror. It lets me cut my seatbelt then break my window. I bought a bunch more for my family. Apparently you have like a minute or a minute and a half for your car sinks

  18. prayers for all the family’s who list there young adults kids at volledge

  19. We are in a different part of the galaxy than we were fifteen years ago. Do you think that might be part of the current situation concerning our weather shift and the inevitable reversal of the magnetic poles? We are traveling rather swiftly through space and time. We no clue what resides just around the "corner ". The center of our galaxy is invisible to us. Maybe our scientists have a reasonable answer.

  20. That girl in the canal did that on purpose.

  21. Tell Brett favre to help the people because he stood all their money in Mississippi,. 😂😆!!!

  22. Simpson hurricane clips.if u rebuild use those clips t hold the roof on if u are lucky enough

  23. Those poor families prayers that they get the cost reimbursed tp restore their homes

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    Plenty of heavenly trauma recovery & rest & relaxation tx.
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    Houston tx.

  25. That is why people in America must know that God is above man Vision ,God is the only super powe on this Earth

  26. You can rest assured law enforcement will be there looking closely.

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  28. China protests get just a 10 second mention?? Biggest social protest in China in 40 yrs and NBC gives it 10 secs. And Haiti gets a several minute spotlight. It’s blatantly obvious where NBC gets it bread buttered.

  29. There is some problem with the subtitles in every video produced by this channel. Please fix it.

  30. We need an app to warn people of these tornadoes.

  31. 85 yr old tree and you cut the beauty of the top of it 🙄

  32. It was God, it wasn't the Trump skis, it was God the real Creator…. Not the Republican party, that had his hands on those people, 🙋🏾🍸

  33. i love how Tom asked the general why cant the U.S. help Haiti more and basically the answer is because they are black. hands down. the Ukraine military will continue to receive billions and yet African and Caribbean countries will not receive anything substantial because its not 'cool' or 'rewarding enough' to help such a small country

  34. Tom's got jokes 😂😂😂🍷🍷🥂🍾

  35. Um a mass shooting at a VA Walmart and here in CO I'm just now hearing of it? Look- I don't have time to keep tabs- But that's not the point! This is so commonplace that– let me put it in my own words- you know when you're incredibly sick enough from vomiting that you think you can't possibly vomit anymore – yet it still keeps coming out?? This pales in comparison. Why??? There's no notoriety anymore. You're not going to be infamous if you're a killer, let alone a mass killer. What's the f'n pay off? IT DOESN'T MATTER – that's the sickest point of it all!! "Just another one." 🤬🤮