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Hurricane Fiona tears through the Caribbean as a powerful category three storm, the migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts file a class action lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the man behind the axe-wielding rampage at a New York City McDonald’s was released without bail.

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  1. Many people release anger by striking objects as a means to not do bodily harm.

  2. It's obvious that the man with the hatchet didn't want to injur anybody that's why he was striking items in the building with the Hatchet!

  3. 🚫 I hope they don't get treated the same way they they did during the last deadly hurricane…
    Like second class citizens . 😡
    They need help now!!🚫

  4. Nice Ron!! Kick someone trying to get back up!

  5. ( The Fed >>> )
    Doesn’t appear like they know what they are Doing, are they just trying to make the Rich – Richer & the Poor poorer ?? Well if so …. Success

  6. The Nation of Islam (NOI), the largest Black nationalist organization in the U.S., has maintained a consistent record of antisemitism and bigotry since its founding in the 1930s.
    During his 40-year tenure as the NOI’s leader, Louis Farrakhan has built a legacy of divisiveness as one of the most prominent antisemites in America. He has also espoused anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-white bigotry, as well as a range of conspiratorial beliefs. CNN MSNBC BBC

  7. Pretty sure transporting people with coercive tactics for the benefit of their work/service/appearance, is the definition of human trafficking.

  8. He was jumped by three dudes. Chip some limbs bro

  9. Nomás se kegen yo selos sdige agan las cosas bie

  10. Yose que ay gente no están de kuerdo pero meban Adar la grasias con estos adónde van a parar digo

  11. Esta gente yo boy a tratar que degen esa vida para recuperen su familias vivan megor

  12. Porque sino loasen primera mente Dios yoloare baser pior

  13. Lesdigo entregen esos niños Asus mamás niños vayan adefar para que sigan protituyendo en les digo porque digo lesdige


  15. An individual can come to the US from thousands of miles away… Illegally and sue like they had citizens rights!!!! Nowhere in the world but the backwards United States.

  16. We need to forget about rebuilding Puerto Rico who doesn't even pay taxes to the United States and worry about Louisiana

  17. That's why I don't like being around alot of ppl out here ppl are very rude. You will end up touching them best to move on after ur business is done shopping.

  18. Looked like he was defending himself but the restaurant itself didn't harm him. I don't get smashing up the restaurant.

  19. I hate to agree with trump, but they need to give Porto Rico back to the island Gods. It’s like flushing money down the drain, year after year after year 😢

  20. Yeah, Sam Brock, go for it.

  21. Racist and he is going to go to greener pastures when he loses this up coming election.

  22. The US processing agencies for the southern border entry of immigrants are situated ON THE BORDER where entering immigrants will have the best and most efficient processing…whatever that may be. Other states away from that border are not equipped with such services, not to the degree of the border care. My heart goes out to all immigrants, especially in view of what most are fleeing, so where is the heart of those sending them helter skelter to various destinations with no plan for their immediate care? God bless the people everywhere, all those of good will I should say.

  23. Former US president Donald Trump's prison detention continues with what is still communicated as without temporary leave for public appearances and media presentations. His diabetes has recently progressed to the point vision is blurred beyond a few metres with the internet access television mounted close to his prison cell being unusable for viewing purposes.

  24. Down with female supremacists, this must stop

  25. So guy is assaulted and then decides to terrorize and vandalize the whole restaurant but he's the victim?

  26. blowing hatchet man out of water .. instead of the provocation that made the hatchet come out..

  27. What would she be doing out at 2 in the morning down by the RR track. Something shady for a student.

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  29. Am forever grateful to maskoffweb they got $10,000 PayPal hack transfer direct to my account without delay guys is legit!!!

  30. 3 on 1? I tell you what, if three guys take me on, I can guarantee blood will spill and it won’t be mine.

  31. Prayers going up…why won't these Billionaires support climate change instead of flying to space ts m.j e care home first the EARTH NOT SPACE … S PO ACE CAN TAKE CARE OF ITSELF

  32. One would be absolutely ignorant to buy a house right now with interest rates over 6%. LOWER THE INTEREST RATES and you will lower inflation and stimulate the economy. It's not rocket science people.

  33. DeSantis is a American hero.

  34. Si no lo mente a al Donal trom Mac oso y familia ya horita digo

  35. Very Sad we all can remember these people in our prayers 🙏😢😞

  36. Donde cren que tienen alos menores para que no den con eyos kieren kelesdige como ben

  37. Republicans aren't allowed to fly out illigal immigrants only Democrats period!! politics 🤣🤣🤣

  38. DeSantis even sounds like trump with his excuses over his mistakes, the perfect clown, I mean clone…, 😆😂 !!!

  39. We love Tom Llamas❤🧡💛❤💚💙💜🧡💯

  40. PRicans gotta get in line, behind Flint Michigan, and Jackson, Tennessee, if they want clean water…
    #CutTheCheck #ReparationsNow

  41. Looks like the guy pulled out the hatchet after over 3 guys were punching his head and he just got fed up with it. I'm wondering if that woman was a part of the initial assault because he was definitely having some words with her. I bet those guys don't start punching anybody else and they're definitely lucky that they're not chopped up or missing limbs. Hopefully they'll all reflect on their behavior and choosing kinder words and actions so as to stop stuff like this before it happens. De-escalate !!!

  42. i dont like this person yes misss you Mr Liamas not the same!!!!!!!!

  43. I don't get it you can't have your cake and eat it too? Why not it's your cake