Saturday , October 16 2021
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Top Story with Tom Llamas – September 22nd | NBC News NOW

The massive manhunt for the missing fiance of Gabby Petito continues, the FDA has authorized Covid-19 booster shots for people ages 65 and older and high risk Americans, former president Trump sues his niece, and a young boy gets his birthday wish of a Covid-19 vaccine. 

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  1. If someone you know or someone a friend knows, about anyone who has had a stroke that left damage or head trauma, and is either in a coma or conscious but still affected mentally (this sounds crazy) look into what happens when AMBIEN also known as ZOLPADAM is given to people experiencing brain damage or in a coma. It is a miracle fricking drug. I am not kidding, It wakes people up from comas after years and can repair supposedly lost brain function.

  2. only made it 16 min today.. more cringe than usual. i hope you guys know these ppl are bought and payed for apparatus of the corrupt state since the 70's

  3. Why migrants they are human people take a dip cool down I no let them go they not the cartel

  4. Casb Result do 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭

  5. So frustrating to see a likely suspect of a murder seeming to skip away. Hope her family gets the little bit of closer granted to the ones able to obtain justice sought after the nonsensical murder of their loved one. #gabbypetito #breyonataylor

  6. I every say home owner ,you known

  7. Alot people are missing in general.. what make this one news worthy with a full on search.

  8. The aunt complaining about her nephew being shot and killed and NBC cuts her off aunt goes missing because she shot and killed her nephew in the rainforest the whole world 🌎 looking for the killer give me a break

  9. These people trying to get vaccines LOL boosters. 30% of the country does not want your vaccine not even one. The vaccine is not 100% safe just like surviving covid is not a 100% possibility either.

  10. She took the flu shot no reaction your face is swollen and you lying

  11. I’m comprised take my booster shot

  12. People over 65 take the dirt nap booster give me a break I took the first dose I almost died

  13. What are they talking about not every American will be eligible for the extra protection of the booster. Obviously the FDA turned it down for a reason not because they didn't want to allow people a better chance at not getting COVID-19 if it is such a great thing why didn't they just say go ahead boosters for everyone? Because they are experimenting in large part the first one they think is necessary because it's better than nothing but now they don't want to take the heat.

  14. Purple hair lady is so stone she has no clue what she saw

  15. Wow imagine chasing every murderer like this wow searching 25,000 acres of land either with gator poop 💩 that has Brian dna or big waste of time when they can do this on every murder what a spit in the face of other family members that have there children killed just using half of this can solve 50/50 of murders he’s gone people

  16. Do you get the feeling of ABC's World News Tonight?

  17. Trump Really don't want those tax records out!

  18. The government don't care about us, that's why I always advice people to invest.

  19. Top Story is now my new favorite news show and hope that you can keep updating the full program to Youtube all the time.

  20. BS . No one is giving a crap about this psy_op . Hey . How about Arizona? Georgia ? Fake news ! Hahahaha

  21. Yeah. Top Story is now my favorite news show. Tom Llamas 😘

  22. I'm a huge fan of Tom Llmas since he was at ABC network & so happy for him to have his own show and once in a while in the Today Show as well! I'll surely follow him here on YT!
    Congrats Tom! You deserved it! ♥♥♥ Keep up the great work & all the best!

  23. This has nothing to do with more gun sales! Law abiding citizens don’t go an buy a gun and start shootings people randomly! That’s miss leading statement! That come with the agenda of banning guns!

  24. That guys probably somewhere else watching the news laughing at the cops while they are waist deep in the swamp!! Watch a cop dies by an alligator attacks s he will be charged with that too!!!🤣😂🤣😂

  25. Why is the police spending so much money looking that guy if is not being charged with a crime. All that money spent for no reason. Do an investigation and come up with proof he is guilty then look for him.

  26. Illinois has a problem and is not guns. We all know what it is but black people would get offended if we say it out loud. I really hope yall could see it too 🙏

  27. Please, enable the auto-generated subtitles guys. Thanks in advance.

  28. Trump niece is mad with him because Trump never gave her any money lol 😂😂😂😂

  29. Thank you president Biden!!! … for taking us out of a Republican war! |

  30. Had my TV parked on Law & Order: SVU, as I do on most days, and earlier today, there was an episode featuring Mizz Sue Simmons, as a reporter, and I immediately thought of Chauncey Howell. RIP Chauncey.

  31. Why is this gabe case so big, I don’t get it

  32. His memory keeps improving as the day Congress gets his phone records comes closer. |

  33. The "news" media hyping consumer panic again. Always there to pump the markets for their clients.

  34. The way he talks so fast means he's lying |

  35. We found Gabi now can we add more attention others cases that need the media’s help.

  36. Where's that billions dollar wall? Oh it got washed away cause it was crap the rest got pocketed

  37. OMG! The top news story of the day is about Gabby and her Laundry. Now the country resources is focused on case? It's a waste for me to lesson to any news for today.

  38. She’s so annoying along with the rest of Biden’s administration |

  39. "Half full" would have been amazing comparatively. |

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