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What I’m Wearing:
Chunky chain necklace –
(US) Chunky chain necklace –
Hoop earrings –
(US) Hoop earrings –
Sleeveless knit –
(US) Sleeveless knit –

Sleeveless knit –
(US) Sleeveless knit –
Lace bralette –
(US) Lace bralette –
Lace bralette –
(US) Lace bralette –
Mom jeans –
(US) Mom jeans –
Pink cardigan –
(US) Pink cardigan –
Faux fur bobble hat –
(US) Faux fur bobble hat –
Floral mini dress –
(US) Floral mini dress –
Chloé boots – Shop 20% off here: with code BLACKFRIDAY20
Brown cable knit jumper –
(US) Brown cable knit jumper –
Sequin skirt –
(US) Sequin skirt –
Turtleneck worn with –
(US) Turtleneck worn with –
Borg biker jacket –
(US) Borg biker jacket –
Pink beret –
(US) Pink beret –
Pink rollneck –
(US) Pink rollneck –
Floral face mask –
(US) Floral face mask –

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  1. You r just so darling an helpful!!! Ty for being you!!! I have posted u on Instagram an told so many ppl to watch u an subscribe

  2. You always look stylish & gorgeous Josie 😊

  3. Love Your Melon has GREAT and quality beanies for the price. The funds also go to children battling cancer and cancer research.

  4. Love that dark floral dress on you, really suits you! xx

  5. Gorgeous haul that sequined skirt looked fabulous

  6. are u still a topshop girl?

  7. Everything from this haul is lovely!

  8. Wow that chocolate coloured jumper really compliments your hair colour, stunning 🧡👌🥰

  9. Loved the pink cardigan, I couldn't see the length on you though. Is it possible for you to show us the length please of coats and cardigans when you model. They look gorgeous but can't see the full view. Thanks so much

  10. Girl talk about “eco friendly” and shaming restaurants for using single use plastic, you are the greediest queen of consumerism. Your house and life is LITERALLY filled with tons of crap. Why do you need 3683368379009641578 beauty products? Don’t you think that contributes to the “SINGLE USE PLASTIC”
    Why would people watch your videos to get preached at and shamed about being eco-conscious, when you are a total hypocrite? Your lifestyle contributes to the problem more than us peasants who are watching your videos.

  11. Fabulous as always Josie.☺️

  12. Wriggle those hips Josie darling, the skirt is fab & you look fab in it✨… You made me put on some music & wriggle around for a bit… Great job as always 😘

  13. The color of the cardigan is exactly my taste.

  14. LOVE the sequin skirt! Looks great paired with the top 🙂

  15. Love that you finally featured a beret! They are my favorite headwear for autumn and winter here in Alaska because they can handle the cold and high winds we often get. Have an obscene number in almost every color, and jazz them up by pinning coordinating "blingy" brooches above left eyebrow – classic cheap chic which elicits loads of compliments every season from both men and women – what more could you ask for? Wear however suits your face best, but should be snug to handle windy days. Must say I am not a fan of the "dicky diaper" – the open-sided, rather silly roll-neck with ties. Not a good look for anyone who values elegance and taste.

  16. I like tabard tops but, frankly, when the weather is colder the white turtleneck tabard worn without a long sleeve top underneath looks sort of dorkie. Where’s the common sense in such a top when the temperature gets to 40 degrees Fahrenheit?

  17. Hi Josie! You always look so fabulous! Thank you so much for a wonderful haul!

  18. Hello💕. Please checkout "princesse mana pompom beanie" at my website "". I also own it myself.

  19. Hello! I like your style and the way you present everything and I simply love your house and the dogs! They are wonderful, in fact, like every animal on this planet!!!

  20. Nice haul you have a very nice womanly figure.

  21. That dark floral top shop dress looked AMAZING on you!! Dark colors look great on you.

  22. Oh my, Josie, the pink beret looks so adorable on you!!! I don’t know adorable is the right word, but it looked so cute💕Keep bringing new ideas – so fun to watch😊✨

  23. I'm in desperate need of a new phone, so I'm hoping t get one at a major steal!

  24. I absolutely love how you styled the floral dress together with the brown jumper and boots! And the little shimmy in the sequin skirt made me smile! And the pink beret, GORGEOUS!!

  25. I hope they manage to save Topshop!!! 😢 xx

  26. You are absolutely gorgeous in whatever you wear. The beret and the teddy coat remind me of your winter vlog with Freddy, both of you looked like a live barbie dolls walking in the streets of NY🤩🤗💕

  27. It is on your channel that I discovered what a teddy coat is, and I love them! The sequin skirt and the silver toe heels look so glam together, Christmas festive! I love the floral dress and the chocolate sweater, darker colours like forest green, chocolate and burgundy seem to look so flattering on you Josie, I bet you would also look regal in navy blue

  28. Darling Josie
    Please please take those beautiful roses of that shelf
    And use a bigger vase
    ( mybe put on the floor in a corner ( but there wasted on there and totally squashed 🙄
    Love love your blog beautiful girl 💞🕊

  29. Pulley the beret to one side in a floppy fashion, you need to wear on the side of your head or at the back

  30. Hiya Josie I was just wandering do you actually keep all the clothes you buy or are you sustainable and shop your closet? I was just wandering. Love the pink cardigan, do you wear anythi g under the it as I have a few and just wanted to know. Great video thanx for sharing 😁

  31. That beret suits you perfectly! Wish I could wear one like that!

  32. Hi Josie love that sequin skirt, looks fabulous on you. That pink berret is lovely does look soft. Thanks again for showing all these gorgeous clothes.💜💜🐶🐶

  33. I am trying to reduce single use plastics. Can you recommend your favorite beauty products in glass bottles and jars? It can be hard to tell what is in glass when shopping on line. Thanks so much!!!!💖

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