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Topshop & River Island Haul // Autumn Winter Wardrobe Update // Fashion Mumblr

TOPSHOP & RIVER ISLAND HAUL – See what I’ve bought recently from Topshop and River Island to update my Autumn Winter Wardrobe.




❤ What I Wore ❤

White Jumper –
Earrings –
Ring –

❤ What I Featured ❤

River Island

Grey Suede Leggings –
Grey OTK boots –
Brown faux fur jacket –
Cream jumper dress –
Green cross body bag –
Burgundy Knitted OTK boots –


Burgundy leather leggings –
Black leather coated jeans –
Cream floral dress –
Black and white bag –
Black studded boots –
Grey boots –
Faux Fur stole –



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  1. I’m sure someone, by this time, has asked or told you there are typing sounds throughout this video.

  2. The black and white bag and the green bag was great. I like that the black and white bag has an interesting opening on the bottom of the handbag.

  3. wonderful!! thank you!!💝

  4. Love the items! Do you have dupes available if the above are out of stock or become unavailable? Great video; except for the clicking =)

  5. That clicking was so irritating and so loud, I couldn't keep watching!!

  6. Style queen 🙂 the lipstick…wow ..which lipstick are you wearing?

  7. I suggest keeping the green Chloe dupe bag and returning the white one as you tend to wear a lot of white/cream anyhow and I imagine the green will compliment your wardrobe a lot more and add a pop of colour. Lovely picks in total! xx

  8. I love the topshop bag! The link above leads to the jumper dress though.

  9. I love the black and white bag but the link is nit working for to get to the online order. It is a very original bag 🙂

  10. The link for the black&white bag is wrong and I could not find it on top shop website :/

  11. Love your videos but I can't watch your videos with the auto focus noise going on! It would be great if that could be fixed

  12. Love your videos! 😀 xxx p.s. I wish I could find your topshop white jumper online, but the one you linked looks different to the one you're wearing! (the one online doesn't have any patterns in the ribbing whereas yours do and looks also more chunky!)

  13. Thanks for sharing, beautiful items, specially boots and Top shop bags! Xoxo!

  14. who is typing?? is this a new trend of the background music?

  15. The link for the white and black bag is wrong do you think you could correct please

  16. So exciting everytime i see a haul from you! I absolutely love your style! I think you're the most best dressed youtuber 🙂

  17. The sound of the camera zooming over and over is really disturbing !!…otherwise, really beautiful pieces u got as always 😍❤

  18. love your videos but you've got to do something about your camera, the clicking noise it makes is really annoying and distracts from what your saying.

  19. Great video! There is an audio issue throughout though. A constant clicking.

  20. I don’t know how you’ll take this , I hope as a compliment but you seemed a little less composed and a little more light hearted and I like seeing that side of you!

  21. Josie please try on the clothes during the haul! Btw very beautiful pieces:)

  22. thanks for video , nice as always 🙂 the jumper you wear and jumper you given link are different 🙁

  23. That jumper dress and bag are beautiful and floral dress also and gray boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********

  24. Hi Josie!That bag is a keeper, it is so beautiful and the fact that it can fit your laptop is a bonus.Cheers

  25. Hey Josie! How do you mix beige/tan/burgundy colors with black? I love black but I always feel that it's hard to mix and match with the other color palettes! could you answer that question in one of your videos? 🙂 thanks!

  26. How tall are you? I think it’s quite important when looking at thigh high and knee high boots for reference that your showing us x

  27. Dear Josie, On last Friday I just got my first items that I bought on-line from River Island and I have to say that the price/quality ratio is just great! I am very happy with all the clothes I purchased. No need to return anything. Without you I would not even know that River Island exists. So, thank you so much! It also makes my life much easier when you show the clothes in your videos and how to wear them. I have got so much inspiration from you and finally I  have decided to wear something else than black! Today I also bought my very first jumper dress and I have to admit that it is really cosy. I can wear it also at work. You are very professional and what I really like is how you speak: very naturally and clearly. Your diaries are so relaxing to watch!

  28. I think you might need to invest in a new camera hun. Love your style and videos but that clicking!!!

  29. Wheres the link to the black/white bag? The one youve put is for the jumper dress

  30. Which size did you pick for the River Island jumper dress?

  31. Nice haul enjoyed watching 😊

  32. Also please do try on hauls 🙁

  33. Think you either need to mic up or somehow turn that autofocus off… It's a little distracting

  34. YES! For the Topshop bag!

  35. Awww I love your little dog!!

  36. Love the handbag……I vote to keep! Very stylish.

  37. new fan from Egypt you are fantastic

  38. You always talk about your thermals. Would you be willing to make a video recommending the best ones, also affordable alternatives. I need to wear thermals but struggle to find ones that don't bulk up my outfit, show in the neckline or feel too tight, wash well…etc.

  39. Loved the haul, you have great style! Those river island burgundy sock boots are amazing! Must pick those up 😘🙌🏻

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