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Tornado outbreak across the Midwest l ABCNews

ABC News’ Ginger Zee reports on the severe weather conditions in the Midwest where a hospital and several businesses were destroyed.

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  1. oh no, i hope my friends are ok

  2. this people who risk their life while blogging the tornado,


    It gives me goosebumps

  3. SIRENS did NOT go off in half of Sioux Falls.

  4. Bruh this was so shocking cuz like- shit like this never happens in Sioux Falls but then BAM- Geostorm be hitting South Dakota and Florida like a fucking Colossal Titan from AoT

  5. There were 3 tornadoes in Sioux Falls.

  6. Shit happens all the time just ask Oklahoma and Nebraska tornadoes are a daily thing there no news to me or anyone in those areas shit these tornadoes are nothing compared to Joplin's big bastard they had

  7. It is flooded in Mitchell

  8. Don't hit no body you might have a bad week!

  9. Why is this keep happening???🤬

  10. michigan got one as well

  11. I don’t see why ppl live in the midwest

  12. Crazy how i experienced this last night

  13. Tornado hits South Dakota hospital — https://www.apnews.com/7bd978de38bf4b23b043f8dcd3bcddc0

    On 9/11 (11/9), the 254th day of the year with 111 days remaining. Date numerologies are 59, 39, 32, and 23.

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    tornado in sioux falls on 9/11/2019 = 254 (ALW Kabbalah)
    no death or injuries = 254 (RO)
    haarp follows masonic orders = 254 (KFW Kabbalah)
    sioux falls, sd tornado on 9/11/2019 = 111 (R)
    haarp strikes again = 111 (RR)
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    advanced auto parts = 1110 (Sumerian)

    haarp tornado = 59 (R)
    good job haarp = 59 (RR)
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    pizza ranch = 59 (R)
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    ritual disaster = 59 (R)
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    natasha sundet = 39 (R)
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    masons order sioux falls tornado = 390 (RO)
    kohls = 390 (Sumerian)
    tornado destroys hospital = 309 (RO)
    geoengineering = 309 (Jewish)
    nick gibbs = 167 (RO), the 39th prime no.
    tornado in sioux falls on 9/11 = 1673 (Sumerian)
    storm = 32 (RR)
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    avera heart hospital = 1319 (Jewish)
    sd = 23 (O)
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    haarp-generated weather = 203 (O)
    weather disaster = 230 (RO)
    midwest = 83 (KFW Kabbalah), the 23rd prime no.
    heitkamp = 83 (O), the 23rd prime no.
    sundet = 83 (O), the 23rd prime no.

  14. When a tornado comes me age 10-13: Ahhhh screaming scared Crying. Me age 15- 3: lets go in the basement shall we?

  15. the thing is sep 11 2001, television reported it was ''too calm''. Sep. 11 2019, we just been thru an hurricane, tornados, shootings and wildfires in California. Things really changed folks

  16. That's so scary! ! But I want to see what it's like to be in a tornado. Probably very scary!!!!,😱😨

  17. Theres a tornado warning in my area

  18. And I just got a tornado warning

  19. AYEEEEE SIOUX FALLS. Sorry, I shouldn’t be chanting that my city made it on tv bc of a tornado. But…. we did get a 2 hour late start.

  20. 2 hour delay? That needs to be a cancel…

  21. Never thought we would ever have a tornado…..scary

  22. We have not had a tornado in 20 years here in South Dakota in Sioux fall but last night we get three in five minutes : ) global warming thanks humanity

  23. ironically I had a dream of three… nay not that sacred huh? 😂

  24. Another storm is happening tonight in Sioux Falls…I'm terrified

  25. I think I was asleep when one of them happened in midnight

  26. After Hurricane Dorian then Sioux Falls tornado strike!

  27. Uh oh here comes god for all you godless evangelicals. Buh bye

  28. There were 3 tornadoes that went through Sioux Falls. Not 1.

  29. when is Trump going to start nuking these tornadoes so it can stop terrorizing our beloved country? just joking, peace and one love

  30. today is 9/11, never forget, and in a couple more days it'll be Friday the 13th

  31. Balkan je najaci🇭🇷🇧🇦🇷🇸🇦🇱🇲🇰🇲🇪🇸🇮

  32. Instead of being called a state we are called Green Bay lmao.

  33. Wonder how many of these states getting wrecked voted for Trump….

  34. Oh gosh South Dakota??????

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