Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Tornadoes wreak havoc overnight in Dallas l ABC News

Over 160,000 people have been left with no power as tornadoes cause major damage to homes in Texas; an ABC News photojournalist recounts damage done to his home. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/35XrgGP

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  1. Its really sad about this i hope everyone stays safe 🙁

  2. Actually felt a breeze in a closed garage, thought the roof was gonna rip off. Neighborhood is okay, but praying for my fellow Dallasites.

    I hope in GOD and trust in him and you can to !
    NEVER to late!!!

  4. Wow this is terrible and yet so very sad

  5. My prayers are with those affected

  6. So incredibly tragic to see Dallas Texas affected by tornadoes

  7. hearts and prayers to go with everybody down there I'm a CB radio operator I have a couple CB operator people that I talked to down there I hope and pray there okay 1985 shooting

  8. This reporter is fearlessly covering all the storms. Well done.

  9. God is in control. Bye bye Home Depot!

  10. We need to send some of Florida's weather team who take such good care of us during hurricanes to Texas. My goodness, the radars are supposed to give better warnings!

  11. Now, I am anxious to see Juan wife's eyebrows..

  12. So y'all like killing innocent black people down there? Vengeance for the chosen nation!!


  14. Aye I’m near that area and lucky we didn’t get hit but everything is gone outside we had hail and big winds love for all people who go hit

  15. I hope this is real footage, since you like to fake most of your footage.

  16. This is man made climate change at work tornados will become stronger more frequent and more widespread this isn’t weird or crazy weather this is the new norm

  17. My neighborhood got it the worst. It was about 10PM when I got an alert on my phone and I ran downstairs. Houses a few blocks away are absolutely gone, the house they show got almost nothing.

  18. This is real footage right?

  19. Sorry ABC is this Dallas or Turkey Or Kentucky where this is supposed to have happened ? 😄👍

  20. 🙏 We must pray for our ppl our land. 😔

  21. Why don't such catastrophes ever happen in Hollywood?

  22. Jaun may have come out the closet too with those bangs.

  23. Juan ran into a closet with his family amd Marcus ran out of one.

  24. We had a tornado in south Florida as well down the street. Destroyed houses and cars. Weird weather this week.

  25. Those that attended the Trump rally were hit especially hard.

  26. ABC News is complacent and is a sick embarrassment to our country. Fearmongering, propaganda and fake impeachment..you are fake news

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