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Tracking the Gabby Petito disappearance l ABC News

The mystery around 22-year-old Gabby Petito’s death has gripped the nation as her boyfriend Brian Laundrie continues to elude law enforcement.

Mourners pack Gabby Petito’s funeral as parents give emotional eulogies:

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Was it self defense? The strongest evidence so far in this case is the
    accused who was attacked and battered, not the other way around. There
    are almost 600,000 missing persons cases just in the United states. Why
    did this one get so much attention and enforcement and not the others?
    Don't they matter too? Why is no one talking about this?

  2. Other Options for Brian Laundrie: He could've dropped Gabby off at her parents house. He could've driven Gabby into town, called her an Uber. Tell his internet audience the trip is being cut short, let Gabby continue the show in a hotel room, (because the audience really wanted to see Gabby). Finish the trip at "Anger Management classes", but don't kill her. I know that's foreign to all the "Gamers" because all they do is kill all day.

  3. Yooooooooo. Dis ish muff’d up! Why white people always doin dis ish

  4. I’d be completely distraught seeing my daughter upset that way and far from home :(( absolutely a nightmare! For both families in truth! Rest In Peace dead one

  5. How do you hit your your girl bro?..I'm no saint but wth

  6. One pink woman missing then killed while multiple Native women missing never broadcast.

    Selective Pink Publishing.

  7. Brian put covid mask sunglasses and hat and is buying food with cash blending in in plain sight in some big city.

  8. Poor girl she did nothing wrong 😭😭

  9. @ 3:54

    From September 11th from the time
    Gabby Petito’s missing person report went out ..

    Law Enforcement knew that someone was already charging up Gabby’s “Capital One” debit card !

    That person would have been in front of a camera.

    They knew it was Brian Laundrie since Sept. 11th !

    What’s in your wallet ?

  10. This is a prime example of why you should never read too much into social media profiles and be envious of another persons life or think to yourself that you wish you had their life based on what they choose to present to the world; it’s merely a series of snapshots of a persons life and you really do have no idea what is going on behind the scenes or how the person in the pictures might really be feeling, regardless of how happy they appear to be in their pictures. This is a tragedy and sad that it played out on social media. Things are not always as they seem. Take care of yourselves and ladies, don’t ever put up with bullying or physical violence of any kind ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Brian had duper's delight. Pep in his step when he got to go to a hotel. Brian didn't cop to slapping or squeezing her face, only that he pushed her away. He lied to the police when he said he didn't have a phone, and they didn't catch it because they were enamored with him.

  12. I can't believe that guy came back in her van omg! what a bad person he is. and as a mother of 2 girls, what a bad people his parents are!! No matter if he is their son, if they were good people they will tell police where this monster is period. This is beyond despicable!! that girl could have been their Daughter. RIP Gabby. 🙁

  13. biden and harris 👉 go to prison🤣👉🚔👮‍♂️

  14. "Tracking the Gabby Petito disappearance" reminds us that acts of domestic violence are the terrible consequence of #TerriblyHungry people misbehaving terribly like #Jan621 Insurrectionist #HangryDJT and motivates us to redouble our efforts to #ConvinceItForward to stop being #Hangry in hopes of stopping the #MourningInAmerica

  15. Brian's shacked up with Casey Anthony! I'm terrible… Can't wait until they find him. Appalachian mountains is a false trail.

  16. If laundrie is smart, he's dressed as a female rn.

  17. Gabby was an abusive person.

  18. Idgaf if anyone thinks I'm extra for calling this out but There is missing girls everyday not being found at all yet y'all only will choose to report a blonde white girl only ? The media is so trash. They already discovered her body what more can we do ? There is currently way too many young girls and boys getting kidnapped and murdered yet never getting coverage. America is really a joke

  19. 12th August: altercation
    13th August: first murders in Moab
    26th August: FBI announce to media they are investigating Moab murder
    27th August: Gabbie murdered

  20. stop showing them to gather him her and take that fucking car HIS

  21. For a second i thought she's Emily Kenny form the walking dead show

  22. His parents should be ashamed of themselves

  23. Wait 10 days after he arrives without her they filed a missing persons report??? I am so confused.

  24. I never met Gabby petito but whenever I hear her voice makes me feel like I truly lost someone from my family. My heart shatters. God Bless the Petito Family. Hope they find more than Justice for her.

  25. So much waste of time, money and nonstop news coverages. What if these two weren't WHITE people?

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  27. I hate all these people. Her, her boyfriend and her family and his. I bet her greasy dad has the book deal and lifetime movie rights sold by the end of the week

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