Tracking: The path to insurrection

Donald Trump is at the center of a lengthy investigation tracking his behavior after the 2020 election leading up to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. 'Yesterday' is a difficult word. –DJT

  2. I am amazed how all those Republicans which was involved to overturn election with the Devil Evil Trump hasn’t been subpoenaed 😡😡😡

  3. There I go it is that easy

  4. The guy with the horn had was gonna take over the country and kill the Vice President. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

  5. *Capitol attack – proud boys terrorist/trump fanatics
    *Buffalo – racist terrorist
    *Chicago – Nazi terrorist/Trump fanatic
    *And Uvalde Texas – trump fanatic republican police officers refusing to go in a school full of Hispanic children being shot

  6. It was one heck of a storm.😵‍💫

  7. Let's have a real investigation instead of this Hollywood production farce… Just ask Pelosi

  8. Can the media actually do their job and talk about things that are actually happening???

  9. The problem is that so many people still believe that the election was a steal.

  10. so much for upholding the constitution of the united states- didn't he place his hand on a bible when he repeated those words……or am I wrong ?

  11. The only thing you prove with this is that you are afraid of America re-electing Trump because Joe Biden has proven to be a complete failure …
    Socialist democrats liberals woke incompetence are the reason of reasons Americans love Trump…paradoxically they hate what they created

  12. Fake news ABC has quite q few brainwashed steeple. Go back to your cry closets. There was no insurrection. Your corrupt government orchestrated this non-event. The only person killed was an unarmed veteran. Wake up!

  13. What about the missing money on 09/10/01 from the Pentagon??.

  14. 60 comments? Pathetic!🤥

  15. We make every citizen of America go to school to learn Reading Writing and arithmetic, they should also be forced to watch opposing points of view of politics

  16. It should be a law that every voting citizen should watch opposing points of view for at least a couple hours a week as a homework assignment to be a citizen of the United States

  17. We already know he’s a crook. The real
    Surprise will come IF he is convicted AND punished with prison time. Until then, there’s no need to watch this. It’s all a show. We already know he’s guilty.

  18. Tucker Carlson is one of the only real journalists left in the media. 90% if the rest are libtard brainwashers that are spewing NOTHING but LIES!

  19. Lock Him Up !!! He had planning the insurrection , since December .

  20. This needs to be playing on TV 24/7.

  21. He invited

    He incited

    They rioted

    Then he denied it

    Even though he'd implied it

    Now he must be indicted!

  22. Record high inflation. Record high gas prices. Record high murders in the country. Record high illegal immigration. Open borders. Record high opiod overdoses. High food costs. Focus on that you bunch of elected official sellouts.

  23. The fact you think it's over lol

  24. Don't forget to show Ray Epps telling people to storm the capitol

  25. Kick all democrap out of congress…….


  27. Trump for PRISODENT!!!!!!!!!!

    Watch at RSBN

  29. So what’s the end goal? Lock him up or just fine him???

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  31. … …. … Tony Ornado and his crew of rogue agents are willing to sacrifice mike pence and his details to the rioters which also includes their fellow secret service agents. Thats why mike pence was hesitant to go with the secret service within that day.
    The recovery of their text messages on that day will nuke the secret service entire reputation.

  32. This was no where near a Insurrection liberal media liars

  33. Fraudumpty should be locked up for $20-bill, $50-bill or $100-bill year in prison.


    NO ON 45 🇺🇲

    let's go BABBITT
    rip sheep

    say her name REPUGNICANS !