Train derails and causes fire in Ohio | WNT

The East Palestinian city is in a state of emergency and evacuation orders are in place after 50 train carriages derailed, sparking a massive fire that burned for hours. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: SEE MORE at LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER : #trainderailment #eastpalestine #ohio #stateofemergency

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Of course it’s ohio 😂

  2. Gee i wonder ((who)) hates palestine to do something like this

  3. Anyone ever seen the movie white noise?😵‍💫

  4. Trump's people or attacking Democrats all over the country Do you think they may have done this to the train? They are looking to start a war a revolution I wouldn't put it past them. they attack Washington DC, so tipping over a train, would be nothing to them. Republicans are coming more and more violent we may have to do something about them. Republicans that I know are all collecting guns, and they're all saying get ready for the revolution. People from their party have already started killing people from the democratic party in Ohio and shooting at them as well, So it's possible they have already started they revolution. I'm glad I'm old so I won't be around to see the destruction of this nation by those self absorbed lying idiots. 😓😢😭

  5. Would not foam be an idea that they use on planes instead of puncturing a hole to release the black smoke

  6. This is exactly how a zombie apocalypse starts..

  7. They said the water was safe until they found all the dead fish. Guaranteed the rivers from there to the next state are heavily contaminated. Cancer, DNA alterations, you name it. NO WAY would be out to breathe the air or be in the rain within 100 miles of that place, minimal, for the next 3 days. And no way would I drink the water or touch the ground/woods there for 10 years .

  8. Safest train in Ohio 💀

  9. Swore I just saw this movie 6 months ago

  10. I hope nobody in Ohio is dead!

  11. Can't even drive a train in ohio

    Jokes aside, i hope everyone involved in the incident survived..

  12. Bidens cronies strike the supply chain again..what's next?????

  13. I knew this would happen its ohio