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Trans women of color terrified of being targets for violence ask 'am I next?': Part 1 | ABC News

Muhlaysia Booker, 22, was found shot to death a few weeks after she had been brutally beaten. At least 18 trans women of color have been killed in 2019, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

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  1. Everyone is this comment section that is being rude are just dumb asses…the world is changing..,it has been ever since it was created…don’t get mad at the word transgender but get all happy when you hear the new iPhone is a boutta drop…like you can’t accept a change in technology but not physically…can’t do that

  2. I almost lost my life back in May from being with a man that I was trying to help get his life back together and the thanks I got was being chocked out and visious verbal abuse by my Ex…this is real and it has to stop we need more Right that protect us, I could get was a restraining order but that's but that's not going to stop him if he wants to hurt me, it only takes a matter of seconds to end a life.

  3. Stop sleeping with closeted homophobic men. Problem solved.

  4. You can’t choose what you are only person that can choose is someone who has two different private parts a Pussy and a dick

  5. So sad my heart goes out to all of you

  6. These Trans women of color are getting beating by men of color. Ur title making it sound racist and homophobic. No reason to put it as "trans women of color"

  7. Meh. They want to put themselves out in peoples faces. Why not just live lowkey and happy. Instead you want to push it in people's faces. Run like a thot get trated as such.

  8. the reason they killed the trans person is bc he/she went to have sex with some guy but didn't disclose he/she had a dick so the guy killed him/her

  9. Ask Jesus for help!! Lol just kidding, He's fake just like your gender identity..

  10. You cant go around fooling people.

  11. Survival sex work??? Why not get a job?? They would rather prostitute than work?? That could have been the case with the other victim. He probably got a guy for sex thinking he wouldn't care he was transgender and that may have been the nail in the coffin! Prostitution is never a good thing when you can work

  12. You gotta forgive AaBbCc, they're obviously new.

  13. Notice these men were killed in the hood. Tells that the black community is just not ready for you.

  14. Women have had this fear all along. Perhaps womanhood wasn’t what they thought it would be

  15. 2:04 lol he forces himself to sound like a women, I never liked these pretentious people. If they can't accept themselves as men, why would anyone else accept them as women? Don't do something stupid and then ask why are people mad at you, if you say it's their problem then go and live in the wild and not within a NORMAL SOCIETY THAT CONSISTS OF MALE AND FEMALE ONLY, UNDERSTOOD? YOU UGLY MEN?

  16. This is so heartbreaking! OMG! Targeting, discriminating against transgender people is disgusting. DISGUSTING! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. I keep hearing that Transgendered people. want something other then what everyone else already has. like special rights . Know this Transgendered people only want the same rights’ that everyone else already have. Transgender rights’ equal human rights’ equal civil rights
    And civil rights are. the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.

  18. We need more transparency. I know when my son was almost suspended because he hit a gay boy in his class. He was in the third grade and me and his dad came to the school and had a meeting with the other boy's dad. And in the meeting. My son was called a bully by the other dad. And my son's father stood up in fury. I calmed everyone down. And suggested the other dad talk to his son about how to fit in. His son was being aggressive with wanting to be friends with my son. And my did not respond well. I later had a talk with my son and I said point blank, you do not have control over anyone, you only have control over yourself. And if you feel like you need to get violent with a gay guy, then we need to get you some help to figure out why. He never had any more issues after that. I don't know if this helps but I was a tom boy growing up and some people just assumed that meant I was a lesbian. I am not, being around the boys made me very much aware of my femininity. I learned at a very young age boys are very different. I think its because transgender people makes heterosexual men uncomfortable and that can mean big problems. I think if you are really honest about it up front. It's safer. Guys dont like being tricked. I am going to honest, I dont quite get it. But I treat people how I want to be treated. And I see people as people. Transgender people have taught me to love my stretch marks and everything ladies are concerned about for no reason. Sagy skin, etc. To be your authentic self is beautiful. Thou shalt not kill is one of the 10 commandments.

  19. Sick be what God made you

  20. The Doctor who playing God, should be held accontable. They creating this situations.

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