Sunday , October 24 2021
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Transgender Patients Facing Roadblocks With Insurance Companies For Gender-Affirming Care

Many insurance plans — and one in five states — have policies that exclude coverage of certain operations and therapies for transgender people. NBC News’ Jo Yurcaba reports.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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#TransRights #Insurance #HealthCare

Transgender Patients Facing Roadblocks With Insurance Companies For Gender-Affirming Care


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  2. WOW…..You have Millions of people that are/have been fighting Insurance Companies a lot longer than 3 years for Surgeries and treatments that they actually need to live a normal life and stop being in pain everyday …… That never get any real help from their Insurance … You know in order to be able to go back to work , do sports whatever … And the Media and Politicians don't give a "you know what "…. But Insurance Companies not wanting to pay for "Cosmetic Surgery" well that makes International News

  3. Why won't the woke media talk about people who de transition?

  4. If they can get away with denying medical care for transgender people anyone else can be next; socialize healthcare now!.

  5. I wonder if they randomly start denying treatment/corrective surgeries randomly to non transgender patients; unacceptable.

  6. its purely aesthetic…….why should insurance companies pay for it?

  7. Oh no. How horrible. 😆😆😆

  8. Alphabet people Facing Roadblocks With Insurance Companies For Gender-Affirming Care

  9. Health insurance shouldn't cover transgender, I don't care if you want to be transgender it's not a health issue.

  10. Politicians 'not' answering questions is the Biden normal. |

  11. 😴 💘 I have no idea how the Marines at the capital providing security can salute this guy? |

  12. Sue NBC News for propaganda

  13. We are not PAYING for plastic surgery. No one can get their insurance to cover plastic surgery UNLESS WE ALL GET PLASTIC SURGERY.

    White females need to stop the madness. And HOW was this person able to quote a stat and then say that the stat is unverified? Fake news!!!!!! And fake experts!!!!!!!

  14. What is important for the American public is transparency of how things really are |

  15. 😟 😇 I keep hearing republicans repeat “hail hydra”. It’s like a ringing in my ear. Lol |

  16. I've lost a bit over 100 pounds, and have an " apron". ( excess tummy skin). To have it removed at least to my insurance, is considered " cosmetic ", and of course…not covered. If I want it, I must pay for it. Just saying…..

  17. My Insurance Plan should not pay for that.

  18. Give Lorena Bobbitt a call, maybe she could help you.

  19. L comments. trans rights are human rights

  20. Good!!! Pay it yourself. People that want plastic surgery pay for their own you want to change your body pay for it

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