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Trapped | 20/20 | PART 3

Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry suffer more than a decade in captivity: Part 3

Berry and Knight spoke about being raped countless times by their captor Ariel Castro. They remembered being chained, allowed to bathe infrequently and being starved for food.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. My question is the last contact of girls were Ariel Castro y the police didn't question him.tracing phone or looking at CCTV.y it's like that

  2. Id be embarrassed if I were a policeman being interviewed in this story. They all failed and failed miserably. And they rescued no one.

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  4. This man was the true definition of a demon

  5. What still hurts is that Michelle never got a chance to see her son whom she carried in heart the whole decade and still ..

  6. He is might be human and seem normal but he is worse than a monster😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  7. These girls are warriors. 💪

  8. Looks like Michelle caught up on those lost meals, Gina too oink

  9. i dont wont do something like this. but i can understand why people do this. but really? wow. ive heard of this before and is nothing new. you hear about older men keeping younger women as sex slaves starting when young and using them up. yes starting when they re teens.HMMM.

  10. Michelle kinght as Scarlet Kazama Lunar Chonricales

  11. Trust nobody! Never get "familiar" with any older male, regardless of who they are!!!!

  12. so ariel castro was a seemingly cool guy that most people liked but he was secretly holding women captive. think about how you could know someone just like this

  13. They should've been searching every home in that 30 mile radius

  14. You know Amanda misses him lmao

  15. Christians..where was God? And for the rest still out there where IS God?

  16. Watching this makes me want to jump through the screen and give Amanda's mom a huge hug💔

  17. People how many more school bus drivers is a sick pervert like this??? This is so scary.

  18. How did this guy even get a job close to kids with all those domestics charges that his wife had claimed against him.

  19. 5:52 Amanda writes "i'm a smoke two bowls" lmao

  20. I never heard before that he called her mom. Wow, fucking twisted psycho.

  21. it was on the new international

  22. Amanda’s family didn’t just try to save Amanda they saved three girls

  23. Are you serious they were searching houses wtf how were they not suspecting the house with the windows boarded up

  24. Shame on America for letting that man drive the school bus they never checked him out how stupid are yous

  25. 6:20 if only the family set up a tap on that phone line, Gina's abduction would have probably been prevented. Because if there had been a recording of that call, they could have played back the record call on the news to find out the identity of the caller. Someone like his ex-wife would have probably recognized his voice. You would surprised at what a difference something like that would make

  26. I'm so dumb, if i was kidnapped and if my flyers had a bad pic of me, i would literally be more pissed about that than being kidnapped xD

  27. Seeing Amanda's mom and the agony on her face breaks my heart. This woman loved her daughter so much. May she finally rest in eternal peace🙏💐

  28. It’s not fair how men can take advantage of women like that

  29. Why was he allowed to drive a school bus if he had a history of violence???

  30. I had more sympathy for Amanda's mom & sister than I did for Amanda. I had very little sympathy on Amanda only because of how much she seems to hate Michelle. She is so ungrateful, Michelle is the reason Jocelyn is alive today. She does not have with Michelle but she does owe her an apology & also show some gratitude toward her

  31. To anyone speaking on Michelle’s mental health, remember she spent 11 years locked away… going through literal hell. That obviously had to mess her up one way or the other she’s not gonna come out of there completely ok with perfect mental health . Give her a break .

  32. Wherever did the age progression (@ 2:38) should be fired. I thought that was two different missing persons report

  33. His first wife: He threw her down the stairs, he broke her ribs, he cracked her skull, in a highlighted section of a domestic violence protection order it stated he threatened to kill her! He was a school bus driver!!! WAKE UP stupid people! Why do you let your children attend public schools? I hope these girls can find love and peace in their souls once again!

  34. Why didn't anyone go looking for Michelle when she went missing?

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