Treating a career like a ‘vocational consolation prize’ is complete ‘BS’: Mike Rowe

Host of FOX Business’ ‘How America Works’ Mike Rowe discusses the surge of men that are leaving the workforce on ‘The Big Money Show.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. It is because what they call a career is actually slavery

  2. People that go to vocational schools come out with little debt and a career that is useful.


  4. Shop class wasn't just about trying different vocations but also about teaching young people how to be self-sufficient or at least have some understanding of how things are done so they value such work and know when such work is being done well. This is a CRITICAL life skill. I come across so many younger adults who cannot operate a screwdriver with competence; can't hold a hammer correctly.

  5. It's because our jobs are being cut out from underneath us or the pay Has gone down so dramatically it's not worth going to work. A lot of the jobs us older men do are now being banned or shut down Or moved overseas Or over regulated to the point it's not even worth showing up to do the job

  6. Work ethic is the result of 3 things:
    1) parental example i.e. parents who taught their children that you pay your way thru life by earning an income; and
    2) allowing your children to feel the sting of failing.
    3) teaching children what integrity looks like.
    I always told my kids “when you have a choice between the easy way and the hard way, do the hard way…that is ALWAYS the right choice.”
    These are probably the best character builders a parent can gift to their children and to society as a whole.

  7. Your local trade unions have great apprenticeship programs that allow you to learn as you get paid. Live better, work union.

  8. Could it be boomers dying and leaving these guys enough to retire for 5-10yrs?

  9. Where does the 7.2 million number come from how was it derived?

  10. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly." —Proverb

  11. Here’s a clue half of all marriages end in divorce and men are forced to pay spousal support for life. Men have had enough!!

  12. I wonder how mike feels about the Coup attempt, he still supports Trump's Insurrection.

  13. Pay is low and nobody cares

  14. What about the child labor they ha been put on the news just discovered working midnight shifts at dangerous jobs, 13 yes old & up being guarded. It was in Midwest somewhere, and they were being guarded . When done ,they were hered together and taken away. Of course lots of other are not working. When you can get child labor for free , what a deal, and this is somewhere somewhere in Midwest. No one ever asks about about missing illegal children, who have been missing.

  15. Any job is a bonus if you study investing. It is basically free money.

  16. Hmm maybe social media wasn't such a great idea after all was it? It's DESTROYING our country. Morons can make more than I can in a year playing fking video games on YouTube – congratulations America. 🙄

  17. I need to be paid properly for my time, the owners of these big companies need to make sure their workers can support their families and save for retirement at the same time. Too much greed.

  18. Cut the handouts for non-workers.who are fully abled. Even get the unemployment folks and welfare folks in for drug tests. , Control what they can buy with their snap card and offer training for those who want to get off on their own,

  19. Young men watched their fathers and grandfathers good work ethic translate into stagnant wages and loss of benefits. I do not blame younger generations not falling for the working hero myth. Don't pay your workers for decades, do not be surprised when they push back.

  20. Handouts? What handouts? And please don’t say the stimulus checks cause that ain’t Sh**