Thursday , September 16 2021
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Trey Gowdy: Joe Biden needs to be pressed on law enforcement, law and order

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy reacts to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s speech and the Democratic National Convention. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Whats in joes Basement?is it painted like CANDYLAND with a lot of American missing teens in cute cages?

  2. I just posted two within minutes deleted without notice???? Facebooks dirty

  3. Hey FACEBOOK keep deleting my public comments.
    About Joe Biden

  4. And you ought to be in jail not standing behind a podium you're corrupt wake up people

  5. "I will be an American president." -insert smile. – (Smile, dementia joe, smile!!)

  6. What a bunch of crap coming out of Joe Biden mouth unbelievable .Joe Biden has no vision no message for the American people all he’s doing is Trashing the best president ever , Donald J Trump.These Dems just lost everything.

  7. He slurs his words he can’t think on his feet he’s an embarrassment to the USA.

  8. Melanie was a class act. I was so proud to have her in the White House

  9. Melanie was fantastic, so much class!

  10. At least Old Joe knew what country he is in.

  11. "If you entrust me with the presidency…" Sounds like I have heard this before somewhere. From a corrupt politician in my own country. If you vote for me i will build a bridge, i will rebuild the road. Can't trust a guy with over 45years in administration literally without any progressive work.

  12. Another GOP blowhard with the standard "We Need To" bs.

    Do nothing politicians. They are S bab as the Dems.

  13. Best And not Worst —- what does That mean???? I don’t GET AnyThing . J Biden says. I try But it isn’t working there. The Come On Man With That Grin- gives me the creeps.

  14. Biden for president, let's go, a real american.

  15. I wonder how many takes were needed for Sleepy Joe to get it right? Anyone see those trucks in Wilmington, DE featuring Sleepy Joe? Priceless!

  16. So now he’s not a racist,?

  17. sounds like someones a little pissy cause he is out of the game LMAO…………………. TRUMP and the republican party are toast.

  18. No Trey it’s not forgotten, we are demanding our criminal politicians be prosecuted for their crimes against Us and Our Country. Why isn’t Biden and Son in prison for their crimes? Only in America can these people run for the Presidency! Trump 2020!
    And when are AOC,Omar, Talib and Pressly going to be arrested for treason against our government? They are trying to over throw our government and make it Socialist. When is this going to be stopped?

  19. Obama and Hallery should be in jail by nowv

  20. Trumpslide 2020.. Donald Trump is still trying to take credit for Obama's accomplishments and blame all his problems on Democrats.  After what we have seen during the president’s first term, any true conservative should be appalled by the prospect of a second.  .I am a Republican and Im voting for Biden

  21. I believe Biden knows a lot people know he is part of pizza gate! And he will try to make people believe he is unfit to stand trail but he get prosecuted along with obummer and his wife Michelle oh I mean micheal! and all of the swamp creatures!

  22. Chameleon Harris & Joe will lock us in pur homes.

  23. They will not win because they are not Trump! Anyone who doesn’t vote Trump must be clueless! They don’t have policies! They are swamp creatures that are ok with trafficking woman and children! They hate our American flag, national anthem, our constitutional rights , American values and our police forces! It’s true some are bad police but there are more good officers than bad ones! Haters of America should be stripped of American privileges and sent to China!

  24. I wish he stayed in the House, we needed him. I like Trey, but not happy with him for leaving. The House now is run by insane democrats.

  25. There's nothing traditional about this election Trey Gowdy. I don't think America has ever had a Presidential candidate that has late stage dementia.

  26. Who's holding him up? They say you can't teach an old dog, new tricks. Well I may not agree with that when it comes to dogs.
    But when it comes to an Old Dog like Biden it's difficult to disagree. He seems as if he's about to meet St. Peter at the Pearly
    Gates and is bargaining for a reprieve to 'make everything right'. This old dog wants 4 yrs to do what he did nothing in 40 yrs.
    Well in the 40 years of unkept promises all the left took their time. And some questionable dollars along the way. All that
    Trey Gowdy mentions and more needs indictments and by the way how about answers to a real Quid Pro Quo?

  27. WHERE'S THE DEBATES??? NOT 1, WTF!?!?!?

  28. Joe Biden can be President of the Next Nursing Home he goes to.

  29. I absolutely love you, my brother. And I thank God for you. Thanks for all that you've done and all you continue to do.
    Please run for President.

  30. Someone please hack Biden's teleprompter to prove he's just an empty talking head.

  31. I don't think we need to even press Biden on law enforcement…the fact that he has not spoken against these protests..riots… whatsoever…is all the proof I need on his position.

  32. Trey Gowdy for President…………

  33. A real man and a Democrat child sniffer

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