Trial Begins For Texas Cop Charged With Fatally Shooting Atatiana Jefferson

In a Texas courtroom, the prosecution claimed the killing of Atatiana Jefferson in 2019 at the hands of a then-police officer was “absolutely intentional.” Former officer Aaron Dean plead not guilty to the murder charge as he currently stands trial for shooting Jefferson through a window of her own home. NBC News’ Zinhle Essamuah has the details.

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  1. Death penalty for the hog

  2. Not one black juror in Texas? Unbelievable…I pray the family gets justice.

  3. there's only 2 types of cop: cops who do what they're told and bullies with a gun. it's well proven that a majority of cops abuse their partners because of their naturally controlling personality. very few people become cops to better their community. a majority do it for the pay and power status of having authority over whoever you wish. it's no coincidence cops tend to be psychopathic/sociopathic.

  4. 8 men, 6 women jury and none are black lmao

  5. almost half of American cops are sociopaths

  6. No one even called the house by phone. Too see if they needed assistance. The neighbor that called police never attempted to contact the homeowners by phone. The Police never attempted to contact the homeowners by phone. Everyone assumed there was a break-in because the front door was slightly opened. These trial here is just collecting evidence for the Civil trial. The City of Fort Worth is sued for millions of dollars. The problem here for the city. Is that probable cause laws don't work very well at searching people residences.

  7. Cop definitely murdered the woman

  8. I'm color blind. What color is he?

  9. This is another example of why people of color don't call 911 for help or to report anything.
    These wyt cops use the 911 system and wellness checks like open season on our people…just like the black silouette targets on their shooting range!!!

  10. setting the stage to get a not guilty verdict by having no blacks on the jury i hope they are decent people and convict on the evidence and rather than a no guilty based on race

  11. I'm just now getting into politics to wrap my head around it. This is the first case I'm listening too and I have questions. Why did the cop walk around like the house on a non-emergency call. Why didn't he knock on the door?

  12. Facts of the case: 2am, neighbor calls and says door to home in question has been open for several hours (possible burglary), woman occupant shows up in the window and points a gun at the officer (according to testimony of little fat kid), officer, in fear of his life fires for effect. Sorry folks, REASONABLE DOUBT-Not Guilty

  13. I fear cops more than I fear criminals !!

  14. Not the same , please stop with Floyd!

  15. What happened was a tragedy but not criminal. The cop saw Atatiana with a gun and when she didn't put up her hands he fired. He though he was defending himself.

  16. Justice delayed justice denied.

  17. He took her life reckless nothing gonna change that and he will pay dearly

  18. Not a single Black juror in a Black state like Texas. These judges are complicit in the injustice.

  19. What's controversial is not her having a gun in her home ….. but, not having any Black jurors

  20. They were there to “help” right? Why not knock on the door first, ask the homeowner what’s going on, if they can walk around the house and see if anyone’s hiding. Then this whole thing doesn’t happen. This was a dumb cop.


  22. They said it was non emergency so why the kkk cops coming IN HOT !! ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🐽🐽🐽🎥🎥🎥🐖🐖🐖🐖

  23. Look at that criminal mug. These are called setups. His face is cold and callous and his eyes speak volumes. I saw the same thing in Nevada when two enormous male cops shot a ninety pound mom as they pretended to fear for their lives. They find people and set them up. I bet this cop knew what would happen, who was home and what to expect, just to shoot someone.