Trial For Oath Keepers’ Leader, Members Charged In Jan. 6 Capitol Riot To Begin

Opening arguments are set to begin in the trial of Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and four other members of the militia group who are facing charges of seditious conspiracy over their roles in the January 6 Capitol riot. NBC News’ Ryan Reilly and Danny Cevallos have the details. 

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  1. White folks an they "CHRISTIAN VALUES"….#Laughable 😆😆

  2. Democrat 🥱scams; (County Sheriff’s Offices do your job) voters in any County that had registered to vote using UPS store P.O. boxes as their addresses, should be investigated, and not allowed to vote until their real address are confirmed. (County Sheriff's Offices do your job) “A similar case from 2019 revealed that more than 2,500 dead registrants remained on voter rolls in Detroit, Michigan, ahead of the 2020 election”. “Last year, Pennsylvania officials were forced to purge at least 21,000 dead registrant’s voters 😺who had been kept on the state’s voter rolls”. “This week, we filed six Help America Vote Act complaints in six Minnesota counties with a total of 515 duplicate registrants on the county voter roll,” (County Sheriff's Offices do your job)

  3. When the public Capitol Police Visitor Day evolves into a permanent federal hospitality, then somehow Trump's invitation must have gone horribly awry.

  4. A few jurors might buy into the garbage presented by the defense for a little while, but when they back off from the passionate points that weighed very lightly in whole scale of crime, they will see that "any lie mixed in with truth translates into a breeding ground for a serious crime if action is committed on such a cause". Whether the defendant was corrupted by their leader or not isn't the issue. Conspiring to interfere with a lawful constitutional process remains a crime. The hightly publicized fact that several judges had already thrown out several frivilous cases around the country, which proved groundless prior to the insurrection, served to amply inform those who participated in the insurrection that continued pursuit of their action would risk becoming unlawful. All defendants charged showed they considered their options and attacked – which translates into criminal intention. Our prisons are filled with violent offenders who committed crimes by losing their self-control after dealing with situations as they planned them to be, instead how the situations actually were.

  5. Following opening arguments, the prosecution presented footage of Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes shortly after Jan. 6, asserting that his “only regret is that they should have brought rifles,” and that having been armed inside the Capitol would have “fixed it right then and there.” – – – – Better idea: The Capitol Police should have machine-gunned their sorry hindquarters. Actually, a burst of .50 cal over their heads would have sent them running like the MAGAt sissies they are.

  6. Oathkeepers/Trumpsheepers

  7. Bubba gonna want to get down and dirty in dat eye socket.

  8. Trump avoided going to jail by not the using the words" I want you to go inside "…during the Jan 6 Capitol building pep talk…His lawyers wrote the speech.

  9. Rhodes will have a very hard time using that defense with video that proves different! His actions speak louder then his verbal defense!

  10. Trump and his band of traitors should spend the rest of their lives in prison

  11. 20 years is all. It should be life in prison..

  12. "You'll shoot your eye out,kid!" 🎅

  13. Come on, it was just locker room talk.

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  15. Jan 6th was staged by feds. This is all a joke. Any American with half a brain knows this.

  16. Donald hasn't said a word about this. He doesn't care about you.

  17. Action is the antidote to despair — Joan Baez NOW is the time for action Help the TRUE BLUE TIDAL WAVE in 22 and 24
    get active in the campaign of your choice, knock on doors, hand out flyers, put up yard signs, make phone calls, donate, engage in conversations

  18. Linder, Rhodes' lawyer, said Rhodes would testify during the trial. He described Rhodes as "extremely patriotic" and claimed the Justice Department's presenting of his recorded statements about opposing the transfer of power were merely an attempt to "alarm and anger" the jury. Well sorry but a true Patriot does NOT pledge his allegiance to a man, he pledges his allegiance to his country and the Constitution his country represents. There's a big difference.

  19. Yep…lock him up with the rest of them…put them on a chain gang! All BIG MOUTHS til caught…then" oh I really didn't mean it"… " I got caught up in the moment"….

  20. Trump and the Republican senators and house members are all in on the coup and many more people lots of criminals to here and convict

  21. When they compare trumps side of the story with every one else’s side of the story I guarantee there stories won’t match .

  22. trump was a shot caller like john gotti everything is on tape there should not even be a trail. life!

  23. Republican party completely support Trump who lies, bullies and threatens our great nation.

    Republican lawmakers are promoting hate, violence, propaganda and spreading fears into people.

    This is NOT the party I had known and respected.

  24. To borrow a line from the Trump supporters: LOCK THEM UP! Hopefully, for the maximum length of time possible.

  25. Oath Keepers betrayed the Constitution n great Republic which they took the oath to protect. They took the oath to Trump n dictatorship.

  26. Democrat Party Circus Sideshow full of opinions, speculations, feelings, hearsay, emotions, propaganda, lies and not one fact or piece of evidence.