Saturday , August 15 2020
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Troy Aikman on Jimmy Johnson being voted into HOF: 'He's gonna look real good in gold' | FOX NFL

Former Dallas Cowboys legendary quarterback and FOX Sports analyst Troy Aikman explained why it was so important his former head coach Jimmy Johnson, the leader of two Dallas Super Bowl teams, was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Troy Aikman on Jimmy Johnson being voted into HOF: ‘He’s gonna look real good in gold’ | FOX NFL

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  1. Do you agree with Troy Aikman?

  2. Like Troy said…….HE BUILT THOSE TEAMS. Not Jerry. Haven't come close to winning anything since!

  3. Raiders Nation respects this! Congratulations Coach!! 👍🏽

  4. Jimmy Johnson= High School Bully

    Doesn’t deserve HOF Status

  5. It's a popularity course anymore only players should go in, what a joke anymore

  6. Well said Troy. Congratulations Coach. (From a long suffering Redskin.)

  7. You see that, Cowboys nation. That's what a head coach looks like, and that's what a quarterback looks like. I miss rooting for the boys on Sundays.

  8. I absolutely , Unequivocally, loathe the cowboys..( Die hard philly fan) …..I have nothing but respect for coach Johnson after watching how emotional he was. You felt that emotion with him. You know that man put everthing he had into coaching and making his players great. ….Congrats Coach you deserve it !

  9. If Jimmy Johnson was soooooooooo great then what in Miami with the Dolphins? Most over rated coach of all time.

  10. Just for once can we atleast make it to the superbowl ull have TV ratings off the hook

  11. Jimmy Johnson should have definitely gone into the HOF before Jerry Jones that's for sure…….

  12. Excited to say that I was young enough to see Aikman and JJs 90S DYNASTY. 😀😄😁

  13. Dang! I thought he was in already.

  14. Aikman is my guy that’s why I have his jersey and only his

  15. HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!! Crying 😭 He deserve it sooooooooooo much and I know how he feel when people want to know that you are great and we see see it everyday smhnkord im crying rite now, and hoping I found my wife even doe it don’t got nonthing to do with football 🏈

  16. Arguably ONE OF THE BEST NFL TEAMS EVER ASSEMBLED 💯… that 95 cowboys team🔥

    Congratulations JJ💯

  17. This is actually Ed Werder on my wife's account. Congratulations Jimmy 🎉

  18. Here for jimmy Johnson an Troy Aikman 🙋🏽‍♂️

    I CAN vividly remember missing Days in middle school Because I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT PLAYING MADDEN 95❗️


  19. Been a Steeler fan since '75, but damn…I even got choked up with that presentation. Congrats to both Jimmy and Bill on yer inductions.

  20. It was emotional for me too and I’m just a fan.

  21. Viking fan here, I tip my hat to you gents. Congrats

  22. I can’t stand the Cowgirls, but if you love the game, you understand that this was way over due.

  23. I really like Troy, but I don't think he or Jimmy should be in the Hall.

  24. My Cowboys didn’t go to the playoff but Jimmy Johnson getting inducted into HOF makes up for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats !!!!!

  25. Jimmy Johnson deserves to go in the ring of honor at AT&T Stadium, but JJ probably won't because to do so would admit he was wrong in firing Jimmy. Congratulations Jimmy Johnson and thank you for doing it the right way.

  26. Awwww….just imagine if it was during a Cowboys playoff game….oh…wait

  27. I mean an 80-64 record isn't NFL HOF worthy but his NCAA record is. If this dude is allowed in, so should Sterling Sharpe.

  28. That's why Jerry got rid of Jimmy cuz everyone loved and respected him. Players were ready to go to war for Jimmy. All Jerry did was proved that Jimmy was the brains and heart of the organization. "How Bout Them Cowboys" He should of copyright that that phrase

  29. I agree that Joe Buck should never speak in to a mic again.

  30. Is he getting in as coach of the dolphins or Coach of The Dallas Cowboys ???

  31. You Jerry Is fuming because of what Troy said but everything he said was a fact.

  32. He's gonna do a lot of good for a lot of people.

  33. Troy: Finally he’s in the hall of fame.
    Jerry Jones: Yea but not the Cowboy hall of fame!

  34. As a die-hard Philly fan, I think I speak for all of us when I say..

    "F the Cowgirls"

    Jk. Much deserved. Congrats Jimmy Johnson.

  35. We all know it’s because of Jimmy, why that team was so dominant. We also know that it’s because of Jimmy leaving, why things fell apart within 2-3 years…and it hasn’t been the same, since.

  36. He looked good in survivor.

  37. I love Troy Aikman..AND Jimmy Johnson!!

  38. My cousins married to his daughter

  39. In the Hall but not the Cowboys Ring of Honor, makes no sense 😡😡

  40. Troy Aikman is a Class Act.

    Much Respect!

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