Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Trump 2020 adviser slams Schiff: He 'can't get his facts straight'

Trump 2020 Campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp discusses US-China trade tensions, Hong Kong protests, and the 2020 Democratic presidential field.

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  1. Sure. We will chuck out the best president we have had in a long time because some CIA plant says something. Whistleblower number two is the person whistleblower number one says he got his info from. Basically same charge hyped by the leftist media in support of the America hating democrats. Make sure you vote in 2020. Our president needs us and America needs Trump right now.

  2. President Trump knows all about it !
    Trump 2020

  3. The Dems have drawn a line in the sand and I am proud to stand firmly on Trumps side.

  4. Adam Schiff doesn't WANT to get his facts straight — he's a pathological liar.and he makes Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz) on Saturday Night Live look like a Boy Scout in comparison.

  5. Schiff should be in jail,lying,deceitful and underhanded he's attempting a coup against a duly elected president.

  6. These de.ocrats need to be ki ked out of office or imprisoned period

  7. Larry Kudrow = B Team Degenerate Cocaine Addict. "Only the best people"

  8. Wr must free these Muslims and let hem get back to be-heading Christians which they do best.

  9. This is all very wierd, this guy in his 70's comes along who is so capable, fit and well both physically and mentally, is brash and wins an election, is doing a great job and despite his ego recognises that there is an almighty God who is all over this success but people hate him. It doesn't make sense other than hatred for God himself.

  10. Self serving SOBS! The American people do in fact recognize this. Disgraceful!! Schiff needs to put on a Charlie Brown sweater and have Lucy scold him right off the Peanuts newspaper page!

  11. Don't you mean he cannot get his lies right ?

  12. Actually the new term will be "Schiff for brains"

  13. These two human faced devil Pelosi and Schiff is the cancer of American society they must be remove in anyway

  14. Facts have become fiction and fiction has become fact

  15. Mercedes Schlapp?? She was a virulent Never Trumper and now works in administration. Drain the Swamp, start with matt and mercedes schlapp.

  16. what is it going to take to put shity shifft in jail. the FBI /CIA /barr what the hell more do you need.

  17. No Pelosi s son is involved with Biden and Kerry sons. Corruption at the highest level. Peolisi is only protecting family and friends. Shiff should be ousted for all the lies and leaks for the last 3 years.

  18. Trump is a machine,
    How can anyone deal with such international problems while back home there is party called the Democratic Party that just won't stop the insanity ? Trump really deserves respect, he's not just a bussiness man for sure, he's a great man.
    Any other would've stumbled already.

  19. He spent a whole two years telling the country that he had the PROOF of Russian collusion. And despite that he hates Trump so violently and viciously he has chosen to keep that proof to himself and not share it with Mueller or even the MSM . Strange . Or could he possibly be lying ??.

  20. Schiff is a lying , deceitful , ignorant , bitter and twisted fool. That he still maintains credibility within the Dem party shows the depths of their desperation and obsessivness to get rid of Trump at any cost. And that cost is going to be VERY high. It is now only one year to the next election and they have squandered every opportunity to work with the president and openly tried to deny him any " wins " over the last three years. And they seriously believe that this is what America wants . Their new policies are now so bizarre and extreme that they continue to alienate all but the most gullible , unsophisticated and stupid Americans who just want free everything and to hell with the country and the economy.

  21. Think about it. 🤔How do these Congress people become worth tens of millions of dollars so quickly. Just leverage our tax money to China, Ukraine….

  22. Please Maria, coached??, it was written with footnotes ( lawyers). Americans have wised up. Get our troops home, Turkey man up.

  23. We need to phase out of China altogether until they get their act together.
    It's about time we told both Schiff and Pelosi to go fly a kite, at least until they hold a formal vote for their self righteous impeachment investigation. They can stuff their subpoenas where the sun don't shine. If they don't like it, that's what elections are for. They can make their case in 2020.
    Can you imagine a debate with Trump and Warren? He won't be able to decide whether to call her Pocahontas or Pinocchio.

  24. If the dems coached the whistle blower then they are the whistle blower….period

  25. Schiff has lied several times about the whistleblower, he lied about Russian collusion, so what else has he lied about, pull his security clearance , then there will be no reason for him to be head of intel committee.

  26. If Maria doesn't let her guest, talk and talk over him,or her. I will be surprised.

  27. Shifthead sucks buttermilk


  29. I am srry that President Trump is a Paper Tiger when it comes too WAR! Trump is all talk and no action like his brother obama!

  30. Out with the dimwitted dems….that party has to take a nosedive into obscurity

  31. we need to march on Washington and show our outrage for this sham….

  32. That is a very stupid question of course it's the right decision to bring our soldiers home they've been dying in foreign lands and it has nothing to do with the United States been at war with any country they have been used for those very few to become very wealthy in various Industries please.

  33. schiff only lies when his lips move

  34. Pelosi? Need to ask AOC to remove Schiff…she's the one in charge.

  35. Its not our business what China does with its Muslim population. The reason Hong Kong concerns us is because China gaining more power isnt good for the world as a whole. Also, China has violated the 1 country 2 systems treaty.

  36. Schiff's facts sure aren't straight. They are more crooked than a garden hose caught in a rototiller.

  37. Impeach Nancy Polosi..she us crazy lady

  38. Trump is not preparing his campaign for Joe or Warren but for hillary. I've seem it from his moves

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