Friday , November 27 2020
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Trump Abruptly Withdraws U.S. Troops From Northern Syria | NBC Nightly News

The U.S. has begun pulling troops from northern Syria, clearing the way to allow Turkey to launch an offensive in the region. The move has prompted fierce criticism against President Trump from his within his own party, and sparked accusations of betrayal from Syrian Kurds, who partnered with U.S. forces in the fight against ISIS.
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Trump Abruptly Withdraws U.S. Troops From Northern Syria | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Bring those guys home already rough start building football stadiums in hockey arenas for them to enjoy if they're going to be there that long

  2. America should pull out…Turkey
    is a major american ally & America has no business being there…
    Let the Neo-Cons & the bernie Sanders communist cry…..

  3. It’s weird how many wars could be started in the near future.. terrifying actually

  4. Downvote if you are a coward and a traitor to America.

  5. Without US support the kurds don't have a chance.Shame on America. This is how to treat a comrade. Not a friend.

  6. America does not need to house and feed it's allies traitors being held in Syria. These countries won't take their ISIS fighters back and leave them for a burden on America. It must have been an excellent move as the Illuminatti puppets of Mange Scream Media don't want to lose their masters income from all these endless wars.

  7. undoubtedly, another Kushner masterpiece

  8. Flynn was an agent of turkey and a great deal of money changed hands. One wonders on trumps motives in inviting turkey to take over Kurdish lands – turkey having declared their intention of obliterating the Kurdish people.
    The Kurdish people were the main fighters who led the destruction of isis, and were our allies.
    No one will trust America again.

  9. This is a mistake for President Trump?
    50 soldiers now, or risk thousands to fight Turkey? Was Trump concerned the 50 being in harms way because of Turkey entering war zone and he's protecting them by pulling them out? 💕🇺🇸🎈🎈

  10. Hello he’s a friend to Russia so what do we expect!

  11. Should’ve left Sadam Hussein in power. There’s one thing he hated more than the West; Radical Islam. As much as he was a horrible person, radical Islam was at a lesser degree during his reign.

  12. Maybe let Assad handle Assad's county?

  13. Crazy how people react when the president does something they asked him to do.

  14. I don't really care. At this point, I want to see the Bible and Quran outlawed and all these 'Christians', if that is what they all call themselves, being held accountable. I would like to 'shut down', the 'Jerusalem' Loophole', which people seem to believe is a place of grace, for those who believe……… Martyr them, subject them to the Holocaust, etc.. but I am tired of these Politicians, especially these democracies and even the Protestant Monarchies, trying to play, both sides of the fence….

    I don't believe Christ ever existed, I think that is all fiction… So all these Wars, in the name of 'God' or 'Freedom' don't appeal to me…… I did not support the emancipation and I don't particularly believe in supporting the lower classes of society, or lessor races…. ethnic groups, let's call them……. I believe in ethnic cleansing, not Democracy! There is a huge difference…… I don't care for American Politics or their Gov, they are all drug users and corrupt…. Toss them in with the 'lower classes'…. Who it seems, are the people who vote them into office…..>?

  15. Treasonous Kurds finally reaping what they've sown. Betraying the Syrian people and Government by trying to breakaway from the country. Hope the Turks uproot them. Long Live the Syrian Arab Republic!

  16. Funny how Trump always say or do something " crazy" when he is taking heat from a scandal, in order to deflect the attention.

  17. Wow good job trump.if Bernie and tulsi don’t make it to the polls, I’ll vote trump

  18. Thank God -Following through w/ promise

  19. But it's written in the starlight
    And every line in your palm
    We are fools to make war
    On our brothers in arms
    – Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

  20. Be warned: anti-Trump medias like NBC, will be showing the Turk offensive in as bad light as possible, just to make Trump look bad. They will use edited and tampered battlefied footage to make it look like Trump caused genuine genocide! These spineless propaganda artists will stop at noting, you see, to topple Trump…

  21. Remember in the 80s when we let Afghanistan do whatever after the Russian invasion yeah they formed Taliban guess we’re gonna do the same with the Kurds what a smart country America is it deserves when It gets bombed

  22. Shame on trump for betraying our allies who gave their blood to defeat isis.

  23. We shouldn't be in the Middle East. Not our problem. NBC wants endless wars.

  24. To leave without providing security for those that are under your protection is morally repugnant. Donald Trump I supported you as president because I didn’t Like the idea of a woman in office because I follow the tradition of God and not man. Trump you error in not respecting people and cultures, that are in different to yours. But in my defense I knew that you and Hillary are both crooked.

  25. damnear letting isis win :/ i was almost on his side for once in my life. no need to pull troops

  26. Trump is making a huge mistake

  27. So, Take me back to Constantinople
    No, you can't go back to Constantinople
    Been a long time gone, Oh Constantinople
    Why did Constantinople get the works?
    That's nobody's business but the Turks….

  28. Everyone is expendable. What makes the Kurds think they are special?

  29. The idea of a standing army was abhorrent to the Founders . After the Revolution of 1776 , everyone just wanted to go home .
    Various power struggles have been going on in the Middle East for thousands of years . Peace will never come through perpetual war . The Democrats and Oil friendly Republicans are war mongers . Trump is in real estate , he want's to BUILD not destroy .

  30. Trumps going to start a war taking troops out of a war


  32. Orange Rat f..k putin the butcher 🇷🇺


  34. He's trying to change the narrative. Do not want the American people talking about his situation impeach him.

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