Thursday , November 26 2020
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Trump addresses media on the South Lawn

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  1. "Yes, he did it. But's it's not real. He was kidding. Unless you agree with him, which, in that case, of course, he means it." Do you think the INTERVIEWER could CODDLE these veteran Republicans MORE? The President has threatened the whistleblowers and threatened civil war, as well as inviting the Chinese to provide dirt on political rivals, dirt which you can hardly put a price on, not to mention doing Putin's bidding by holding up Ukraine aid, which is the greatest theme running thru DJT directives. BTWN this and the weakness of Meet the Press as well as Stephanopolus (where's his heart gone?) interviews, it's now wonder the GOP feels confident that they can get away with any crime they choose. I mean those are some tough questions, really holding his feet to the fire. Is this the best these media megaliths have to offer. GOP — the PARTY of CORRUPTION, CRIMINALITY, VOTER SUPPRESSION, WALL ST & GOVT CORPORATE WELFARE –THAT NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, GETS ITS JUST DESSERTS. In Return for ACCESS, the Megaliths REPEATEDLY sell the public out. To act as if the two Parties have been equal since Reagan is preposterous. One party is the PEOPLE, the other is their $MONEY$. The only thing the people have left are MARCHES & BOYCOTTS… WE ALL BETTER BEST WAKE UP…

  2. Europe is not doing well Asia is doing poorly. And you Trump are very happy when people in other countries suffering right? What kind of cruel human you are? It's too bad that this guy is the so called president of the USA.

  3. The Corrupt🤮Democrats and Biden are in deep doo doo!💩

  4. Trump gives the media more attention than any other president, and yet the media hates him.

  5. All we need is more skinheads from Poland, thanks idiot moron white man.

  6. he talks lie he 5 years old

  7. who got a billion and a half dollars out of where? someone tell me where he gets this nonsense. He should have announced the unemployment numbers and walked back inside. the longer he went on the more *&ck ing insane he gets. Be afraid, be very afraid. North Korea seeing us weakened by this bozo test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missle with a 1200 mile range and are in the process of building a new huge submaried to put it in. Trump can't do a damn thing about it except wait for another perfect letter from Kim. he hasn't spoken to senators? they aren't calling him. He should not be waiving his little hands around while he talks.


  9. You're the best president I have never seen in my life🎉🎊

  10. 🙌I would love if you one again mr Trump. Trump trump trump trump trump please don't go anywhere🇺🇸

  11. POS POTUS.
    Mexico will pay for the impeachment.

  12. Look at that piece of hair combed over his left ear. It’s disconcerting

  13. There will be NO impeachment. Democrats are putting the cart before the horse. Do not be fooled by voter polls. Nancy Pelosi does not even have 217 votes. Charlie Schumer has no where near 67 votes. When the recession ends, Democrats will be shocked at the rebound in the President's polls.

  14. The corruption in Washington DC needs to be investigated deeply and thoroughly.

  15. Are polish people not immigrants too?

  16. He brings the mouth feces by the bushel basket. Somewhere, small groups of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, undereducated slugs are cheering on the squatter-in-chief in our whitehouse. Oh happy day when the tower trash and their mentally sick leader return to their gilded cages / caves in the wormholes in the 'big apple'.

  17. You can’t be fired from the military fucking orange faced piece of dog shit!🖕🏻

  18. Trump is the best President ever

  19. Beautiful este presidente, elegante , culto , meigo , atencioso 🌸🌸🌸gosto do estilo dele. 😊

  20. That’s what happened when a criminal is in the White House.

  21. They have taken away our rights WOW the 3 braches of government is actually real. The Senate wont pass it but it's good to see the government checks and balances

  22. Free chopper from US military?

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