Saturday , July 31 2021
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Trump addresses vaping crisis, says admin will have 'very strong rules'

President Trump indicates new regulations on vaping are set to be released.

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  1. A toy discovered to have lead paint gets on the news immediately. So why hasn't there been any watch list of specific e-cig or e-liquid brands released? Fear of lawsuits? Surely out of 450 people getting sick there would be some sort of targeted product, right?

    I think it's due to people thinking kids consider vape products to be "candy." Yet more and more videogames still sell loot boxes. "Dont vape kids, but go right ahead and waste a fortune on that good 2K or FIFA team every year."

    24/7 MSM LIES
    Nothing has Changed,,,,,,,
    Pissed Off PATRIOT


  4. Please, just ban Chinese vape juice. That's all you need to do, Trump.

  5. Fascinating how the trumpets here are blaming "media" and "the government" and not trump for this

  6. Food industry countlesss flavors cant ban them same product

  7. Tobacco industry got to him.

  8. Trump isnt doing himself any favours, who is the guy that will be advising him?
    A lot of irresponsible doctors are saying a lot of irresponsible things about vaping. It'll be a good mark to see if trump actually looks at the things.

  9. Hahahaha….so much for Trump not believing in big government, what's next? Going after pot smokers?

  10. There is some serious stoking of mass hysteria over vaping by the media. This is insane. They have NO idea what they're talking about!

  11. yay yay…..banning vaping. in other words or in politician words, we did not recieve a fat check from the vaping industry YET.

  12. What the media will NOT tell you, so that "our" government can heavily tax the process of vaping, is that it is the MOST effective smoking cessation product on the market. About 33% effective. The reason why tobacco companies never invested in nicotine patches is because they do not work for the vast majority who are trying to quit smoking. However, vaping products have proven to be quite effective. As well, vaping products do NOT produce the harmful constituents found in tobacco smoke because they are not pyrolizing material at temperatures observed in the burning of tobacco (or Marijuana, for that matter).

    I have no issue with regulating the material sold (retail) that is intended for use in vaping. Clearly, substituting Propylene glyco (PG) or glycerine with Ethylene glycol is quite dangerous. The later is common anti-freeze, sweet in taste and highly toxic to the body. The former (PG, glycerine) common food and consumable ingredients typically used as humectants.

    Naturally, one would not put gasoline in a vaporizer if their baby is congested. The solution there would not be to ban vaporizers, either. So the current policy approach is absurd and purely designed to scare people into more regressive taxation. The media is in on it, the Democrats, the Republicans, the extreme ANTI-tobacco community…basically anyone who benefits from this money grab.

    The truth is that vaping is not as interesting to tobacco companies as conventional cigarettes. Why…because of the barriers to entry of the conventional products. These barriers are quite complex and optimized over decades of political and monied influence. From agronomy, to trade secret formulation/processing, to supply chain security, to tax policy…all of these barriers are neutralized by vaping technology. This is why we are seeing this now as a CRISIS!!!! A crisis for whom? We know who is experiencing a crisis here…it is both the government and the tobacco companies and the PHARMA companies, who all benefit from the profit and synergies presented by conventional tobacco. The media, an accomplice in this ruse.

  13. So I wont vote trump in 2020…ridiculous, he now wants to put kids in jail for vaping

  14. Lol, cant get the tobacco tax anymore? I know let's ban ecigs. So we can get our taxes back.

  15. The dumbass parents buy them for dumbass kids🤔🤔🤔

  16. Vaping crisis? What idiots made this claim? Oh, thats right, lets stop the very thing that is helping life long smokers, to stop smoking through vaping, which is a hundredth the cost and a 1000 times less dangerous. The government is not making enough money out of it, so push people back onto tobacco, which is taxed 70%!

  17. Imho I think trump should leave this alone. Hes on track addressing the California homeless crisis but I know alot of loyal trump supporters who vape. He should leave the vaping issue alone.

  18. It's obvious that vaping is wayyy more dangerous than smoking and alcohol, let me tell you. But everybody is more than happy to not mind smoking because it (only) KILLS nearly half a million people a year.

    Please understand this: "vaping" has never killed a single person. Inhaling things you shouldn't into your lungs has and will continue to. Nicotine and flavors do not cause a "lung disease". Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol have been injested for decades and have not harmed anyone. Please for the love of all things holy, if your reading this, do some research and learn the issue. It's all about the money in the end. If its so harmful then why are they ok with leaving tobacco flavors the market?

  19. Somebody died in a car today.

  20. What about tobacco products???

  21. People seem confused on this issue, let me tell you that the deaths and illnesses are not related to vaping tobacco products. They are vaping Black Market THC products which possibly have thickening agents that cause damage to the lining of the lungs. The media seems to leave this out, and the fact that our president doesn't even research what he puts into law shows his incompetence. I'm not surprised

  22. Do you think a national system of regulation would be beneficial here, in terms of saving lives?

    I've heard federal officials talk about nicotine vaping but no mention of thc vaping. I think that needs to be part of the conversation, if we're having an honest discussion and solve the issue.

  23. Stop telling people what they can and can't do

  24. How long do we have to wait until we over throw the government?

  25. I agree with most of Donald's policy positions, but I think he's 100% wrong on this.

  26. Ha rules🙄tell that to the illegals! Reckon rules and laws only apply to Americans🙄

  27. I think government should stay out of peoples personal choices. Cannabis has not hurt or killed anyone in recorded history. Vaping whatever people are putting in this is up to them. If there vaping anything other than cannabis, then it's probably bad for you.

  28. Does vaping leave resin behind? I would look there first …

  29. That's right you liberal soyboy Prius drivers, we're coming for that vape.

  30. And that’s how you tax eCigs

  31. I have a feeling that there will be lawsuits and an injunction regarding the ban on non- tobacco flavors. Particularly if the tobacco flavor is artificial, which I'm sure it is. Unless there is some other law or regulation being applied which I'm not aware of, the government will have to demonstrate how the other flavors are somehow different from the tobacco flavor. If they are all artificially flavored, I don't think they can.

  32. Vaping crisis? More people choke on broccoli. It's a black market issue is it not? Buy your juice from trusted distributor. There is defiantly media hype on this so we can expect additional taxes in the future.

  33. Something strikes me as fact. When you keep huffing on the same device, doesn't our mouth bacteria stay on said devise? Then moisture from the vaping carry that Bacteria into the lungs.Just wondering.

  34. I'll still stay by the side of Vaping, as it doesn't yellow your teeth, leave tar in your lungs and much more. I just smoke plain flavored vape, no nicotine or cannabis, just plain good old flavored scented vape.

  35. Democrats are taking your freedoms! Now, where's my sharpie, gotta tell Americans what they can and can't put in their bodies.

  36. New rules on vaping seems to be a possible encroachment on 1st amendment rights.
    That said, if you smoke or vape, you're basically an idiot !!
    Venders that sell to minors need to be prosecuted as much as possible and to the full extent of the law.

  37. Vaping nicotine or cannabis?

    People seem to not realize that there's a difference.

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