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Trump admin announces new requirements for green card applicants

Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli holds a press conference in the briefing room. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Please ban all communists, they do bad things to their people then go to America, Canada, Europe to enjoy their life, leave their country in poorness and painfulness. From Vietnam.

  2. Having experience with green card holders in my past job, we may consider a much fewer number of years before expiration. Also many holders of the old resident alien cards have not switched their cards to the newer Permanent Resident Card. Why can’t the US government force this issue? Furthermore I believe Permanent resident (green cards) should be used only when absolutely necessary not handed out to anyone who wants one.

  3. Congrats for this POTUS, friends in America!

  4. Its not racist for those to want others to follow the laws of the country they move too!

  5. yes, please make a restriction on the green card applicants.  If they are not happy with this… please leave the US.  Veteran and the US Citizen 1st and we can take care the others if we have some spare money.  Do not borrow money and help the others countries when they are not willing to help themselves and put us in debts… What kind an econ101 is this?  Why those stupid previous former presidents didn't take any econ101?  Unless they were living in bribe money.

  6. People refuse to acknowledge the difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants and choose to remain willingly ignorant.

  7. only vehicles should cross the Mexican border canadian too we need a wall on the northern border more than mexican there are millions of muslims sitting waiting just above us!

  8. we need Ellis island fired up again!!! all immigrants should go through Ellis island and quarantine!!!

  9. Poop trade is still legal so I'm good 🙏

  10. Cuccinelli? Italians brought SODOMY and MAFIA to the USA.
    Anti-Italianism or Italophobia was MASSIVE among native born Americans. Italians, often labeled “the Chinese of Europe,” were the largest immigrant group at the beginning of the 20th century so they became one of the primary targets for restrictive immigration laws. The US demanded a uniform passport system, that Italy allow American doctors on Italian soil for 'medical inspections,socioeconomic status, literacy, criminality, political beliefs, diplomatic standing, and mental health
    and sexuality.' And that Italian officials collaborate with US embassies and consulates to issue new types of documents to Italians who wanted US visas.
    1890s newspaper editorial: “The floodgates are open. The bars are down.
    The sally-ports are unguarded. The dam is washed away. The sewer is unchoked. Italy is vomiting! In other words, the scum of immigration is viscerating upon our shores.”

  11. Go take care first all of the homeless US citizens who are living on the street then talk about immigrants . Dummy ! 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Simply an amazing spokesperson in the White House

  13. These rules are the norm in places like Germany. Lib’s always take their marching orders from the EU. So we’re just doing what Europe has done. What’s the big deal THIS time.

  14. After all, why should any other country improve its political and economical circumstances for ITS citizens – if there are alway American TAXPAYERS to assume the burden?

  15. mother immagrted legaly raised four children on her own never ate one meal paid for by food stamps.didnt have a car road bus to work everyday,outcome four law abiding,tax paying citizens ,who all support president trump.

  16. Americans brother and sisters of this great nation!!!! remember this NO-ONE COMES TO OUR NATION TO FIND OR CREATE SOCIALISM. WE CAME TO THIS NATION BECAUSE WE RUN OF SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM. So l Tell Bernie AOC AND WARREN WE DON’t need Socialism and if they like socialism there are plenty nation socialist that they can have it!!!!!!!!!

  17. This is nothing new ,if you marry a foreigner they can't receive any welfare for three years before they can get a green card .

  18. Fix the broken SSD corruption, even when meeting ALL requirements, years of paying in and medical evidence, they deni twice dragging it out for years, because they know over 60% of applicants will give up or die. Including 26 veterans a day that commit suicide.



  21. You must buy one made in China Trump hat

  22. Oooo these defiant reporters know how to twist the LAW….


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