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Trump admin to roll out restrictive new green card policy

Heritage Foundation senior writer Kelsey Bolar on the Trump administration’s new rules making it easier to reject green cards for people deemed likely to depend on government aid.

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  1. How about he current administration make sure the US citizens living off welfare in red states can fend for themselves first, before worrying about Hispanics and Latinos coming here and doing jobs lazy tRump supporters won’t do.

  2. Markavelkorentrumvilasobordeldatkavelrolen

  3. So looking forward to this. It Should TEACH US ALL something ~ as well as different languages taught at younger age.

  4. About time. Young couple at the grocery store, noon hours full cart of food over $200.00 and their ebt card was denied and they had no problem pulling out a credit card to pay for the food and walked away like no big deal. These people are taking away from the people that really need it and they are the ones that are denied.

  5. That's the way it should be. Why should we have to take care of the whole world? If they can't pull their own weight they shouldn't be here. I don't remember seeing them pay into our welfare system.

  6. The motto of America, if it can be said there is one, is: Don't Tread On Me… not "Give Me Your Filth".. Do you pathetic women and effeminates understand? You are courting a violent social purge… We don't want them.. therefore… we won't have them. Can you understand?.. They'll be killed.. is that truly what you want?

  7. Tear down the offending statue.. bulldoze the UN and send its corrupt members to France, ALREADY an African colony… Let's bring some SANITY back to a country sliding into a homosexual, allegedly "progressive" nightmare..

  8. Americans commit a crime be separated from they familys all day everyday sooo what's the problem. all the media talk about the illegals that's y we American can't get real news

  9. I'm a born citizen . I was told my great, great ,great grand parents came here from England. Just wondering if I ever got in trouble would I be released to go home to care for my children. I'm a single parent. Would the same laws pertain to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great Trump w need to do like Canada noe walfare or help the first 5 yrs and show you have $ to suport yourself I'm tired to pay taxes for this I'm Handicap now and new imigrants get more help faking been sick and have house in asia and $$ and other countrys using defferents names to get USA help and veterents and taxes payers helderys w handicaps get crap it is not a white issues like Steve Choi say veterens are all color helderys hadicaps are all colors Tax payers are all colors !!!!!

  11. Giving immigrants public assistance, food stamps, English lessons, Day care etc. is a new phenomena…….when my immigrant ancestors came they got nothing…….they didn't even expect it…….

  12. My ancestors from France want their Statue of Liberty back.

  13. Free food migration to welfare like ants devouring Statue of Libertys🗽 carcass

  14. Democrats said that all immigrants are all hardworking so they have nothing to worry about.

  15. I'm yet to see a homeless Mexican on the side of the road begging for money ☕🐸

  16. He is totally wrong, I am staying home with two babies we are all citizens of usa only my husband he is green card holder he is the only who support family,which is making two thousand per a month, and my rent is 1,500
    The day cares has ridiculous prices…how I am gonna stay without food stamp…
    This guy he cares only about himself , he doesn’t care about poor people

  17. Why should Americans who are struggling because of democrat policies, give our money to people who come here for free stuff? This is insane!!!

  18. This headline is simply not true. If you are LEGAL you already have a green card. The new rule is not retroactive which was stated clearly at the press conference.

  19. Well China is a wealthy country, perhaps all of these hispanic migrants should go there, or Saudi Arabia or Japan!


  21. Since when is the Statue of Liberty poem by Emma Lazarus the law of the land?
    The US Constitution was written in plain and simple prose…
    and, it was never intended to be a poetic iteration of the law!

  22. Trump continues to work for the benefit of America, while the democrats continue to wander around in a stupor.

  23. Anyone who stands between and denys a hungry child something to eat is no friend of mine . I am no longer a Trump supporter . Jesus fed thousands of people with just a few fish and a few loafs of bread in old weaved baskets . there is plenty of food to go around just not enough leadership . If you can't help us or change the situation then give us the rite to die . you rich fuckers can have it all but when you arrive upstairs things are going to be much different . ~ hard life (MULDEW) ~ gary b *

  24. Many wealthy immigrants bring parents. There is an industry out there teaching the new immigrants how to milk the system. Those who brought their parents will have no responsibility. These new immigrants are depleting the social security and medicare/medicaid funds. I have personal knowledge of elderly immigrants milking the system.

  25. in other words, trump isn't getting the job done and we are getting more of the same failings of the past.


  27. GO TO HELL, FOX! Your reign is almost over too! You stabbed the wrong people in the back! 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  28. Most of the illegal aliens come to America and become a burden to our society !

  29. Very long ago, a book called The Jungle was written by UPton Sinclaire, about the Chicago stockyards, the conditions, and the abuse of the people, working mothers being coerced, children with diseases, and the squalid living conditions; that we could still have any semblance of this in this new century is appalling. The more we change the more we have to be reminded. Put those coyotes behind bars for a very long time. Maybe the meat will even get fresher and healthier for us, albeit more expensive. Perhaps less frivolous consumption is a needed message all around. Food that is meat is life taken away to sustain us. Not a happy meal. Not a party. What a world.

  30. The Immigration Policy of The United States of America is committing The Abomination of desolation when making it impossible for Native Born Americans to Naturalize into their country. I always here "We welcome immigrants to the U.S. but they must come here the right way" but I never hear them Tell the Immigrants "How they can come the right way" Is there a right way to immigrate to the U.S.? If so why aren't they talking about how to legally come to the U.S.? I know why, they don't want smart people coming to the U.S. if you ever notice a majority of Legal U.S. Citizens are mentality or Physically Disabled or they are Police or Politicians or Local Governments, Media, Academic Community, Muti Billionaires anyone else allowed must be a double amputee..

  31. Just say to NO to freeloading illegal aliens and illegal immigrates

  32. Don't you think it is strange company owners where the 'illegal' underpaid and under verry bad conditions are working, not beeing arrested while they actually earn millions and miljons. The sad thing about Trumps "final solution" is, America's economy needs six million illegal immigrants every year just to keep it going. The only thing Trump has done is reintroduced slavery after Abraham Lincoln ordered the freedom of all slaves in 1863.

  33. Trump is such a disgusting human being…..What we have here is a mentally ill person running our country

  34. Reject green card.
    Angela markel in news?
    Saw her and how did you transplanted? By the breath of a beast? The other beast? Was that productive and money making of silicon valley?

    No silicon valley and breathing upon cementing jobs. No green card. No legal status.

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