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Trump administration on the defense over immigration crackdown in Mississippi

On the same day the president visited El Paso, Texas, ICE agents raided a food processing plant in Mississippi and detained 680 migrants.

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  1. What he's doing is so f*cked up he is taking away peoples families and its so sad. How would you feel if that happened to you and your family. and Honestly im so mad right now because I see all those f*cked up comments.😔

  2. Trump is a model and an example for us in Europe how to stop shithole countries illegal alien invasion.

  3. Yes he is a crimminal he came here illegally he should have told hi children

  4. I wanted to ask if Trump was one of these kids that come home and their parent was gone. How u would feel Trump ? Nobody came to america for no reason . if there wasnt a reason they would stay in their country. They came here for a better life or education for their kid . they worked hard for that . Paying bills u have to work hard for that . Parrents would do anything for their kid ok . 😰😰😭😭. How would I feel as a parents.

  5. The American people's need a job why companies like these won't hire America peoples I know why they don't want to pay taxes they can pay very cheap money

  6. < THANK YOU! Now, that business and those responsible for hiring them need to be brought up on criminal charges.

  7. and that's how america works lol completely fucked up! trump will bring this world to an end and we are going to pay for it lol with owers life unless someone stops trump now before its too late!

  8. I'm an American taxpayer and I love having my tax dollars go to these immigrants from these S. hole countries, who need their social support and cash benefits.
    My favorite Bible verses is where Jesus said let me feed you fish forever.
    I'm sure if I showed up and their country flat broke needing somebody to feed me, house me and give me medical Care their government would be more than willing to do that forever..

  9. these f ing blow hard liberal idiots , will let 20 million uneducated people in the united states to compete with our lower uneducated american workers who actually need the government services and food stamps american citizens get screwed, it takes food out of their mouths, lessens the quality of healthcare they recieve, lowers education standards too, it makes them struggle harder and their kids too

  10. We need to change the name of this country to the United States of Immigrants. America doesn’t mean anything

  11. The Parents knew the risk when they snuck over the Border! No sympathy and stop using Kids

  12. Here in NYC when ice was around I didn't find one illegal no Chinese or arabics or Mexicans they were hiding

  13. after this "affective" gesture of Trump's administration to immigrants, entrepreneurs (as an advise) should get legal advisory, to avoid arbitrary detentions, also ice can't go in abuse, they have to get a legal order by a judge.

  14. Trump need not apologize for enforcing US immigration laws.It is his duty.
    The US tax payers shelling out $140 bill/yr on illegal immigration is also a joke.

  15. this is a great start to making America great again . everybody that came to this country undocumented is a criminal.. as well as the companies whom employ them . two thumbs up

  16. A lot of poor people in Mississippi that would love to take those jobs. Doing the right thing in removing them from the company and deporting them. Next step is go after the business owners or this won't stop.

  17. So when someone else breaks a law and they go to jail, what happens to their kids? Should we just allow parents to disregard all laws so they can get home to Jr? I don't care that their kids were left alone. They took a risk coming to this country and went further when they didn't do anything to gain citizenship, now their families are paying for their mistakes. It sucks, but that's what happens when you take risks, they can end up hurting you.

  18. Kamala Harris cheapens the argument!!! I pick whatever side she is against with the other 99%of Americans

  19. Be honest with the little girl and tell her that her dad is a criminal

  20. when are you liberal liars going to stop lying. We love what Trump is doing on illegal immigration! We love that despite your constant demonization of Trump he continues to keep his word. NOT LIKE OBAMA! THAT BAD ASS LIAR. Trump is much more trustworthy than the liberal media. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Most liberals are dishonest and have warped values and don't understand the constitution so they want to change it. BIG MISTAKE!

  21. Leftis Loon shoots occupies ICE facility. Will you propagandists blame the Left’s rhetoric?


  22. Well pay $20 an hour, And raise the prices?

  23. If I go to prison I can't take my kids

  24. If they dont have jobs where do they get the thousands to pay the coyotes it's all lies

  25. Just boycott all business that employ illegals. Simple math.

  26. Admit it. We all love seeing videos of illegals arrested. Viva La Migra!!!

  27. Didn’t they know they would get kicked out if they came illegally 😂😂😂this shit is so funny I swear… * yeah I can just chill here with no documentation face ass*

  28. i’m glad that it happened here. you go down to carthage, forrest, or up to tupelo, there’s mexicans everywhere. most are illegal, they know it, everyone knows it, and no one does anything about it. good on ICE for doing that and saving american jobs.

  29. We need to target unlawful people. Let them go to my country Russia and things would be even worse for them.

  30. I am for legal immigration, i am not for mistreating immigrants, breaking up families or turning children into orphans.The only hope these people have is for them to know God fully values them and cares for them, even though other humans dont. Gods word the bible clearly shows it is hypocritical for anyone who was once foreigners themselves, to mistreat, defraud or refuse to help other foreigners. Especially if it is within their means to help.
    (Deuteronomy 10:18,19; Exodus 22:21; Leviticus 19:33; Psalm 146:9; 1 John 3:17,18)
    God has not changed. He still expects us to assist those who are weak.There are many examples in the bible of the provisions God made to help vulnerable, displaced people. As a true christian, i try to live by bible standards. I find comfort knowing Gods way of dealing with immigrants was compassionate, empowering and understanding. Gods way would never involve increasing their hardship or punishing them without mercy as a deterrent. God is love and yes, God even loves those some only see as dirty and worthless. There are a lot of issues in this world, but Anyone claiming to be christian should always look to their bible to find out Gods view of any matter.

  31. If i go to Jail, I dnt get to take My daughter with me!!! If i break the law then i have to deal with my punishment, Simple as that😲😲People go to jail everyday.Why??? BCUZ they broke the LAW🤔🤔🤔

  32. Mississippi is a red state. So yes the employers are probably Republicans. SMH

  33. 1:28 buck up buckaroo now you have learned that you should not break the law. This is what happens when you come to the might USA without being invited. Now get on that bus and go back to Drugville and next time dont vote for Mexican politicians who promise you free shit.

  34. to enter a country illegally …. has consequences… yep

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