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Trump and Pelosi’s war of words, Rep. Elijah Cummings dies, royals in Pakistan l ABC News

Trump and Pelosi accuse each other of having a meltdown, Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68, U.S. ambassador to EU set to testify and more.

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  1. Anger and hatred for Trump put Cummings in his grave. Boy was he an angry man!!!

  2. Yeah the House needs to have less than 50 US Troops take on Turkey 20,000 troops; a Nato Ally. Are these people in the House stupid or evil. I say evil what say you?

  3. Meltdown, yet spineless nervous Nancy walked out of the meeting.

  4. Good riddance parasite. You're people won't miss you. Hopefully Nancy Pelosi is next. Along with all the other blood sucking leaches.

  5. PROPHECY by Almighty God fulfilled that was given by Dr. Patricia Green on YouTube 'Dr Patricia Show' Impeachment Warning' on Nov. 14, 2018—-
    This Prophecy was fulfilled on Oct 17, 2019

  6. I'm no medical professional, but I would say Pelosi might benefit from taking "estrogen" for menopausal discomfort. It would help her calm down & be nicer. She fights, insults, lies & acts like a confused, dizzy out of it older woman. When will she retire?

  7. Pelosi is a ugly old hag. Shove her up cummings ass before they bury his crooked ass.

  8. Cummings dies = My knowledge is one of a reason he dies because he dislike Mr.President Trump had been so long of time and each time he get angry = That's mean in his blood created poison blood = so many times he got angry!!! This is how he dies and Specialy Really Bad Luck !!! This is for everyone need to know ( Don't Ever Treated Bad To The President Trump !… Because He is a Good Person and He is working for all Kind of The People=America… ) I think Nancy Pelosi is going to get sick and dies soon Or somebody is Going to be next… I Stand With TRUMP ( TRUMP/2020/Supporter Four more YEAR!!!! ) T0 VOTER FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP !!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What’s disrespectful Nancy Pelosi standing up in the photo talking down to the president? She thinks she has more power than the president. Angry sore loser Pelosi has done nothing the past three years except conduct one witch-hunt after another, well President Trump has been busy fixing the mess Obama and the Democrats made. Career politician Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example why we need term limits in Washington DC. Drain the swamp!

  10. He must of had dirt on Killary

  11. I’m surprised ABC still has its licence after being caught with faking news re Syria bombing Discraceful and the reporter and the director should be imprisoned

  12. Riddle me this. Why did the Dems and Obama-Clintons never protect Christians (as well as Kurds, Shiite and Yazidi) who were genocided long ago in Syria? Now I have to believe the Kurds today are worthy of warfare. And more, Turkey is a Nato ally. Shouldn't we not establish the precedence of warring against Nato allies? What do you think the consequences would be? Isn't the Left simply drumming the beat of war to destabilize the country, eviscerate support for our president, and wreck our economy for their own purposes?

  13. I have a lot of personal sympathy for the Kurds so let's support them with arms and supplies but keep US soldiers out of their little war with Turkey. Turkey has no love for the US it just relies on the west to fill its coffers. If the Turks carry on with aggression against the kurds Donald will squeeze them financially till they stop… That's what ab great president does.. not send Americans to die for someone else's cause.

  14. Who on earth cares one iota what Pelosi says, does or thinks. She is a disgrace to the American people and simply wants more dead American soldiers to promote her trumpaphobic agenda.

  15. how can anybody trust a company that shows footage of Kentucky and calls it Syria

  16. Elijah Cummings dead,, good😅😅😅😅😅

  17. Nazi Pelosi, is the one who had a melt down…she is unhinged and a Liar and very evil & Corrupt!!! and she knows she is guilty of so much corruption and she knows Trump knows everything!!!

  18. Any one notice Megan Kelly had a nose job…. and when Tucker was interviewing her…the whole time she would never really look straight at the camera, like she was avoiding being seen from a certain angle…

  19. 20 years of wars. Look at Pelosi see people Democrats only want a wars, take away your jobs, abortions, illegal immigration. When does it end with these people. It's not their kids dying in the dessert. If Pelosi wants a war then lets send all her kids and grand kids to see if she still lile the idea of a continued war. Our president is doing the right thing period bring our boys home now enough MAGA 2020.

  20. Look at all those weak cowards…..

  21. God doing his own impeaching.

  22. Cumming waiting for Pelosi to hell

  23. Looks like Pelosi forgot her name standing their shitting and pissing herself

  24. a third rate politician lol. and congress with a 15% approval rating!! thats pretty bad!

  25. yet another fake show by pelosi and her cronies at the white house.

  26. These comments got me lol ! 😂👌

  27. Elijah is burning and Nancy needs another drink. The people in Baltimore are celebrating.

  28. As a Veteran I agree with Trump on pulling our Troops out of what has nothing to do or benefit the United States.I really do not want to see our young men and women service people killed or harmed for other countries problems

  29. Uncross your arms! Need better posture as anchors.

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