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Trump and Speaker Pelosi trade barbs on Twitter over impeachment | ABC News

The president has repeatedly railed against impeachment during his holiday vacation while presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders mix it up on the campaign trail.

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  1. if God ever screwed up Pelosi would be the reason

  2. Put that BITCH, Pelosi in a MENTAL hospital!!!🇺🇸🛡🗡🏹🔫⚔⚒⛏🪓💣💥

  3. His personal gain… It won't fly.

  4. First of all, Pelosi just pulled of the most damaging act ever by attempting a non bipartisan effort against our President. That was a NO-NO. She deserves everything she gets from here on out. I hear there are donors in San Francisco funding billboards around the City saying "No on Pelosi" for 2020. I wonder if she knows that.

  5. Total idiots running our country. God help us!

  6. I always thought the aid money the US gives to other countries was used to help out those countries humanitarian needs. now i'm finding out,,,, that aid money is being funneled to corrupt democrats (Hunter Biden, Clinton foundation). that aid money is my tax dollars. people ,,WAKE-UP we are being totally scammed. corruption has all to do with "MONEY"… where is the money going and who is pocketing it. and how much for what purpose. facts are coming in. why won't joe biden explain all of it?

  7. impeach the twitter too

  8. Pure old farts want to rule the world.. America should have age limits. All these guys won't be here in the next 15 years

  9. Let's impeach Trump for misusing Twitter.

  10. Brian Burnett…but making the wealthy much wealthier is the trump goal at the cost of everyday hard working Americans…according to trump only people of wealth are worthy..he us were born to support them. A vote for trump and s voting against one’s interests, don’t you need think?

  11. Michael Slovak…..yes I work! You are misguided Abdul you do nit seem to understand that socialism via
    Russia is what you described…..democratic “socialism” is a misnomer because it is nothing like Russian socialism….you naked assumotiins based upon ignorance…..I can see why you would be confused….but understand there is a cast difference from your concept of socialism is nothing like what American progressives like Bernie Sanders are trying to offer! Russian socialism is not something I would like to see n our country..God forbid,……open your mind….do not call it socialism……we need to find a less confusing term…..what Sanders and he progressives want to do is even the playing field…..and the money should come from the Uber wealthies who gave been getting away with too much!
    Those regulations that the republicans did away with was to protect corporations at the expense of his who can ill afford it
    But there are exceedingly wealthy folks,like the Koch brothers, the Sacklers, and a family who’s name eludes me starting with M, etc. these are people who have so much more money at the cost of people like us……just like the Russians oligarchs….these are some American oligarchs!
    They are the ones who “donate” to Republican legislators to make sure laws work best for them. Not you!
    Michael, I urge you to do research and learn before you make the assumption that you know what you obviously do not know.
    Michael, I wish you well and success. Happy New Year !

    I wi

  12. Well bye bye democrats 😁👍

  13. I do not have a Twitter account. All I need to know about feuds and more is on YouTube.

  14. Quit pushing klobachar she's not going anywhere

  15. President Trump!, ABC should be ashamed of themselves. Give our leader the respect her deserves. You give that demon Pelosi respect by calling her speaker in the title. Despicable.

  16. The longer House Speaker Pelosi holds the articles of Impeachment over Trump's* head, the more evidence of his crimes come in, and the more Trump's* blood boils..
    Anything that make Trump* mad enough to Tweet storm about is a good thing.

  17. Οḣ, аոḋ ḃу tḣе ԝау… Ԝе ḣаⅴеո't fоrģοttеո tḣаt Ꭼрѕtеіո ḋіḋո't kіⅼⅼ ḣіⅿѕеⅼf оr tḣаt ⅼеft ԝіոģ ехtrеⅿіѕt rаǵ ÁВČ Տсrеԝѕ, соⅴеrеḋ սр tḣе Ĉⅼіոtоո'ѕ ⅿοⅼеѕtаtіоո οf сḣіⅼḋrеո fοr рοⅼіtісаⅼ ǵаіո.

  18. Pelosi is a born and raised pedophile worshiping ROMAN CATHOLIC just like Trump had to bow down to the Pope himself shortly after inauguration (Zionist wearing Yamaka on head claiming "Christianity"). BOTH parties are corrupted and YOU "elect" no one, REAL politicians called state electors do that for you by casting the REAL electoral college votes (not useless popular votes).

  19. User, loser and abuser and a liar!!!! AM I LYING, TELL ME!!!-

  20. Michael Sloviak..your questions sound kind of silly…..I have worked since I earned my masters degree. Yes I have paid taxes big time !
    You are currently being taxed to cover the what the wealthies are not paying. Trump reduces the tax rate for the wealthy down by 15%….guess who is paying more…yet you and I and trump very poor person who have been able to find work. Meanwhile, the wealthies are talking three more vacations a year and have extra money for the little luxuries that you do not know even exist! So please remember why your tax rate has increased and then you can thank uncle trump for his selfishness!
    That 15% could have helped those in need whoever they are…you have less spendable cash but not because you are funding food stamps for those in need but because trump felt the wealthies needed a break, bless their greedy hearts!
    Before you condemn anything..try educating yourself…..and before you vote…try finding out the history of your preferred candidate !
    Trump says he went to Wharton, a top college…..and somehow never went to one class…..his father “donated” 2 1/2 million dollars land behold trump “ graduated “ without ever attending a class or taking an exam……I worked very hard for my degrees….no one donated on my behalf (thank the good Lord)!
    You have less spendable cash after working as hard as I presume you do because of trump’s tax policy……it is in the public record..you can check! Before you blame the wrong people try doing a little fact checking of your own! Trump is not your friend at all!

  21. Then, when he falls, watch the world shake, an earthquake shake, a real shake!!!

  22. A barb wire connection, Pelosi, TWIST and pull, pull it hard, real hard!!

  23. Пошить костюмчики в ✓виде духов флакона !и ходить возле магазина ! Марина
    Первомайская !

  24. This reminds me if the time I had to go to my nephews elementary school because he was bulling a little girl , When I asked him why ? His reply was because I could .

    The world is watching this Childish behavior, Please get off Twitter

  25. The Senate isn't even back from vacation yet.
    Even if they did turn it over, they have to wait until someone is there to receive it. Maybe they did turn it over, and it is stacked up in boxes in front of Mitch McConnell's office.

  26. Anyone out there voting for the Democratic Party is voting for Beavis and Butthead=BREAKING THE LAW, BREAKING THE LAW, BREAKING THE LAW…..

  27. George you suck ABC you suck FAKE NEWS

  28. “Tell him to come and I’ll give him desert?” What the hell is wrong with Joe Biden? Dude has dementia or alzheimers.

  29. What a weird comment by joe biden… joe belongs in a nursing home.

  30. Joe Biden exported 5 million jobs overseas in corporate trade deals. Destroyed Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

  31. Wake up Americans President Trump is the first one in a long time for the people.

  32. “Mar a lago where the president has been spending the holiday.”

    Let’s be honest it’s ”year”

  33. Hahaaaa… Good luck trying to get pass the senetate… rummy Pelosi🥃

  34. Someone please arrest Nancy Pelosi for treason!

  35. Miss Pelosi laugh at traitor trump u dont have a penis for a pissing contest just laugh his fits r very funny

  36. LOLOLOL two old over the FARTS/fossil trading barbs You cant make this SH*T up

  37. Impeachment or not? Impeachment if you can keep it 😊

  38. You’re gonna hurt his widdle feelings

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