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Trump appears to break with 124-year history of concession speeches, experts discuss

Concession speeches have been seen as a moment to help unify the country, and every losing presidential candidate has conceded since 1896. ABC News’ Jon Karl and Leah Wright Rigueur talk about why.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Trump said he would not hesitate concede if he lost fairly, but he won't concede when it was stolen.

  2. It's called trumpism. Dictatorship. Trump is a sore loser crybaby coward. His cult following are enabling trumpism. Trump defeated by Obama's vice president is driving em nuts!!!

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  4. Trump has broken with the entire history of America by being the worst president we’ve ever had.

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  6. The only two candidates who had Elections stolen from them is AL Gore and Hillary Clinton!
    The only president who tried to steal the Election is
    Donald J. ("Jackass") Trump!
    The true looser!

  7. Ngc, if I do lose the election in 2040 I’ll have one of the most impactful concession speeches. No petty refusal, just accepting defeat like a man.

  8. What’s making so many people divided is the news sources being so biased and imprinting propaganda and agendas on both sides. I’ve yet to see Biden or Trump address easing those tensions or even addressing that major problem…

  9. Whichever way he lives as long as he lives 🤝

  10. Ironic that the loudest and proudest are fighting for a democracy that their leader appears determined to break…..

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  12. Captain america and the avengers need to do something about it or the world will be destroyed.

  13. Why would Trump Conceived when he is about to Win the Biggest Landside Elections in the history of the country? Why would he conceded when he about to sent so many to Prison?

  14. omfg the news anchor dude is a grey alien 👽

  15. Even Al Gore conceded! Granted, it was a month afterward, but still!

  16. Good, I don't want to see a concession speech by Trump. He'd have nothing intelligent or interesting to say anyway.

  17. I concede you stole it fair and square

  18. America gone crazzzzyyyyy

  19. What a loser! Who will never know the definition of what winning really is. THATS RIGHT! Nose dive down, crashing and burning in disgrace REJECT!

  20. Sooore loser, not a real man.

  21. Most definitely fraud. Trump would have won should have won. And did win. But not only did Harris sleep her way to the top but Biden cheated his way.

  22. He’s broken lots of things. Including American politics.

  23. His progeny for generations will never live it down having Mr. Trump for a relative. Of course, other things are on the way.

  24. So what? Barack Obama broke at 220-year-old record of white presidents.

  25. Trump has been eligant and gracefull during this whole thing…we can look at him as a true leader with grace and dignity. He carrys himself with pride and can be looked up to by the nations small children……….he is a truthful great man who only wants the truth to be known…..he always tells the truth and never treats those agaist him with disrepect……….NO IM JUST KIDDING HES A TERRIBLE PERSON I HOPE THEY DRAG HIM OUT BY HIS LOVE HANDLES

  26. It's something done out of respect for the country but as usual this individual is far from that. Selfish crybaby.

  27. Well, it's the first time we had a clown for a President so…

  28. The Dow Jones closed today at an all time high, after it was announced that the Trump team said to go on with the Biden transition.🤔🤔
    Last year he said that the stock market would crash if he wasn’t elected for another term😆😆

  29. You can all shut the hell up about how Trump is this alpha figure that flexes strength. He’s a coward and a sore loser.

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