Saturday , January 23 2021
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Trump backs Elon Musk after CEO threatens to move Tesla out California

V.P. Pence to maintain distance from President Trump after White House officials test positive.

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  2. Of course the Deep State is going to allow Tesla to open. Tesla technology and the Deep State go hand in hand

  3. It's more of a mine than a plant

  4. California has a 2,2 trillion dollar economy.

  5. So hes taking Tesla to Mexico?

  6. Would have thought everyone with a lick of sense has moved out of California already. Far too many have brought the California mentality that's ruining that state with them to the detriment of the places they went.

  7. Elon should change his last name to MUST, he MUST leave California!!

  8. Bring back manufacturing jobs from China and California !

  9. So America really is controlled by those with Money and not by people. Lol The President of Country answers to a CEO of a car company. 😂😂

  10. Your grammar sucks your headline did not sound like the video

  11. If they were able to keep Tesla Shanghai ChinaCOVID free then they'll have no problem here.


  13. When are Democrats going to push for Corona deaths to be accurately counted so they don't continue to be severely under-reported to protect trump politically?

  14. He can bring those jobs to KY. We'll be happy to build those Teslas.

  15. Trump and Elon: Dumber and Dumbest

  16. 71 leftist idiots disliked this

  17. Looks like yt is chasing everybody of the platform with their commercial policy.

  18. I hope Musk makes good on his threat to pull out of CA. The "F*** Musk" tweet he received from a CA council person, whose name escapes me, something Gonzales, should be enough right there.

  19. Wat utter rubbish… PENCE.. was black hat.. His wife got letter at bush funeral… And President Trump Sed Few days ago wen asked by reporter asked wher pense was….. Without hesitation… Trum sed…
    I put him on a lane…. Reporter asked where to..
    Trump replied… Far away…. Hes gone far away..

  20. Too heavy tax in california, moving out is great Idea.

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