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Trump backs ending birthright citizenship | ABC News

President Donald Trump reignited yet another controversy by backing an end to birthright citizenship, a process enshrined in the 14th Amendment.

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  1. The 14th amendment clearly says it was for slaves that was in America’s jurisdiction and not for non citizens/illegal aliens. Reparations for #ADOS.

  2. Question: My Dad became American in the 80s, then my mom got passed through the border (Not Sneaking) but through customs and since they had poor security at the time she did. Then I was born in Texas, I was raised to love America and even joined the U.S. Army. Years after I was born my mom became American citizen, is it still wrong for me to be in the US even though I had no choice over something that happened before I was born?

  3. This is Trump who lost his mind right here.

  4. It is in 14th Amendment. Read! They are not supposed to be. From beginning they are not US citizen.

  5. Trump has done more positive for this country than other presidents have in decades!

  6. And we don't need to hold them but two days and then send them back do Never released them in America. They came here illegally with their parents and that's what the parent is expecting and hoping we released them. Stop releasing them send them back after two days we don't need to hold them our facilities are too good from where they came from anyway.

  7. It's about damn time we in Birthright citizenship. It used to be 14 to it's about damn time we in Birthright citizenship. It used to be 14 to class now. The teachers are overwhelmed. You can't come here on a Visa pregnant and have kids it's not right. And the slogan make America great again is towards other countries that lost respect for us with bush Clinton's and Obama's. If y'all are dumb enough to think it's about our history and slavery then you need to go back to school. Trump 20/20 Forever After Trump we need Trump jr. Or Melania or anybody else other than a Democrat.

  8. Omg he thinks he’s god now. He’s the chosen one lmao

  9. you wanna see a demon? he is just right there

  10. The parents are the ones that expose their children to this why enter illegal.

  11. People Trump is an idiot Please do your research 😂

  12. The 14 amendment “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” This protect all Americans born in United States of America, the amendment protects all race this includes white, black, Hispanic and others. All white came from Europe, then all the whites need to return back to Europe.

  13. So he is ratifying the 14th Amendment and the constitutional law that if both parents are US citizens, their child is automatically a citizen. Sounds like a Supreme Court case.

  14. U know why they cut him off after he started talking about the kids. Cause he was saying how birth right citizens cause human trafficking. Birthright needs to go

  15. About time. It should’ve been ended 30 years ago. The purpose of the 14th amendment was to give citizenship to former slaves. Not to give citizenship to anyone and everyone.

  16. He should just say everyone should go back to their country of origin. Bye bye

  17. So we can just pick which parts of the constitution we're ok with, now?

  18. Many are called , few are chosen

  19. End game in China-Hong Kong runs her-corn deal coveat-kamikaze Beijing

  20. Cant start a business in the US unless you served in its military. All citzens must serve in the US military, wheter you have bone spurs or not. Also, when you pass away, all your assets and property go to the government.

  21. if Russia President Vladimir Putin girlfriend comes to America and drop Vladimir anchor birth Son inside America – that child automatic become an American citizen – allowing the Russia Parent to bypassed the naturalization – and Putin son become Our furture President of the USA?

  22. What President Donald Trump need to pass is that All descendants of those settlers must migrate back to their country including him with his white supremacist administration. All you so called White Americans are immigrants!!!… Shut y'all pie hole and go study real history.. Only if your leaders would speak truth. America don't belong to The United States Government / Corporation idiots..

  23. He’s the chosen one? If he’s the messiah, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. God messed up for sure

  24. Pence has the go-ahead…keep your grubby hands off the good book…

  25. Change the 14th… change the 2nd… there's your slippery slope mate…

  26. more than 25,000 illegals are on subsidized housing, according to HUD. 63% of illegals are on some form of welfare, not including their citizen born children. A FAIR study found that illegals cost taxpayers 100 billion a year, not including the cost to enforce the border. Pregnant illegal woman are also entitled to medical care, costing us an additional 1.24 billion in infant delivery, and 2 billion a year for emergency treatment. Gov Gavin Newsom wants an additional 50 million for the illegals in California, to better support them.

    And as for arrests, crimes 1llegals have done;
    property damage 10k people
    Fraud 8.9k people
    Other 1,425
    Drug 22k
    Weapons 10,552
    Violent 3,792

  27. Birthright citizenship should end

  28. Illegals= sixty four percent of federal arrests.

  29. I agree with Trump on this Illegal children born here should not get citizenship

  30. Trump has 4 children by 2 immigrant wives and Donald Trump's mother was from Scotland. His ex-wife Ivana was from the Communist country Czechoslovakia, and she married an Austrian ski instructor so she could leave Communist Czechoslovakia without defecting. One year later she divorced her husband and in 1977 she married Donald Trump and they had 3 children. Donald Trump met Melania in 1998 while she was modeling in New York. Melanija Knavs, Germanized to Melania Knauss, born in Novo Mesto, and grew up in Sevnica, in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. Her father was in the League of Communists of Slovenia, which espoused a policy state atheism. In 1996, Melania met Paulo Zampolli, a friend of her future husband Donald Trump, She moved to Manhattan and Zampolli arranged for her to share an apartment with photographer Matthew Atananian. Knauss was featured in a sexually explicit photo shoot for the January issue of Max, a now defunct men's magazine, with another female model. She also posed nude for the January 2000 edition of GQ Magazine, appearing on the cover naked for diamond jewelry. During this time Melania resided briefly in the U.S. on a visitor's visa and then obtained H-1B work visas. In 2000 she petitioned for a right to permanent residency under the EB-1 program, a program designed for people with "extraordinary abilities" (The Einstein Visa), for immigrants with "sustained national and international acclaim." reserved for people who are highly acclaimed in their field – the government cites Pulitzer, Oscar, and Olympic winners as examples – as well as respected academic researchers and multinational executives. Melania Trump began applying for the visa in 2000, when she was Melania Knauss, a Slovenian model working in New York and dating Donald Trump. She was approved in 2001, one of just 5 people from Slovenia to win the coveted visa that year, according to the Post. She became a citizen in 2006 which gave her the right to sponsor her parents (by chain migration, as Doald Trump would say), who are now U.S. citizens. The reports of how Mrs. Trump obtained her EB-1 visa will rankle (anger) some, at a time when her husband is railing against immigrants and attempting to scrap the rights of new citizens to sponsor family members. And questions have been raised about her suitability for the extraordinary ability category. To obtain an EB-1 for extraordinary ability, an immigrant has to provide evidence of a major award or meet 3 of 10 criteria providing excellence in their field. The criteria include coverage of the applicant in major publications, original and significant contributions to a field, and work displayed at artistic exhibitions. Where does this leave Mrs. Trump? Her lawyer has declined to publish details of her application. She may have been boosted by high-profile testimonial letters, she was also dating Mr. Trump at the time she applied. Maybe she had some significant letters from Mr. Trump. President Trump now wants to end U.S. citizenship by birth and he wants immigrants denied citizenship if they cannot support themselves. Donald Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod was from Scotland. It has been disputed whether his mother was living in the U.S. or just visiting when she met Frederick Christ Trump. They were married in 1936 and settled in Jamaica Queens, a haven for Western European immigrants. Donald Trump, and his 4 children are a Product of 'Chain Migration.' President Trump's in-laws also benefited from chain migration.

  31. 99% of these comments are fucking retarded. Trumps wife is a legal citizen because she went through the process to become one. I’m also kind of confused about how everyone cares about amendments all of the sudden while at the same time wanting to abolish the 1st, 2nd, and 10th amendments. You guys are a bunch of fucking goof balls with too much soy in your fridges. Go pick up a book that is above the 4th grade level, you hypocritical morons.

  32. I agree with Trump. Birthright citizenship is RIDICULOUS.

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