Sunday , January 24 2021
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Trump bars Americans from investing in companies that support China's military

President Trump signs an executive order barring Americans from investing in Chinese companies that support China’s military. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Chinese Communist Party Peoples Liberation Army = First Order Party from Star Wars

  2. Every Chinese business is controlled by the CCP. Every one.

  3. Its about time to blacklisted Communist China Company from US Market. President Donald Trump is the BEST Preisdent of America. The whole world needs President Donald Trump.

  4. Joe Biden will switch that. He loves China . Come on. China is not going to……(I forget the rest Biden said awhile ago.)

  5. nice move. Let's see Biden throw away this order. I'm sure he will, media will cover for him , back to business as usual

  6. Plz provide youtube streaming

  7. Biden is already all in regarding China!!! Not funny.

  8. President Trump made the right decision as he always has. He care about the United States.
    Trump 2020

  9. Fu fox news,you Disney land PEDOPHILES, satan is your daddy ,what a shame .if you repent and as jesus in your heart you will be saved.

  10. Soon, very soon he will be unable to issue executive orders. Worst president in USA history, worse than all the other bad ones combined!

  11. Proverbs 27:5
    Open rebuke is better than secret love.

  12. Trump golfing as many more American Ppl die. Now Trump is saying let them die. They probably didn't vote for Trump anyway. Trump is really sick in the head.


  14. How does the president have that ability?.. Not that I care about it we are not allies with china and everyone but trump has spoken out about the atrocity of the chinese gov. I find it odd that the U.S.A spoke out against south africa from human wrong doing .. But then kisses the azz of china and they are doing the same thing.. And the news media is silent

  15. Good! We need to bring those jobs here!!!! Keep our money in America 🇺🇸 🙂 🙏 😉 👏

  16. They're going to retaliate further.

  17. Trump for president 2020👍👍👍👍

  18. Tell me why there is Chinese companies in our stock market America first.

  19. Hey, hey, hey, hey, 😍🤓

    How are Ya Donald Trumpy baby?, ❤
    I saw your video here, when I was going down my YouTube feed today. So this, (your video), reminded me of a song, with a matching video, that I think you should watch.
    Well, believe it or not, here is a video that You might find interesting. It's kind of pertaining to the title of your video here.

    It's by a British band called, Ultravox, that I started listening to, in the mid '80's. (And I still play their songs now, over and over). Why they made a song about China, I'll never know. But the exact information for this particilar video is below. Type it in precisely like I have it below. It's interesting to watch. The song is called, White China

    It has alot of China military scenes, and themes. (I still don't get it though, why a white British group would compose a song, and make a video, about Chinese military). But here it is below.

    Ultravox–White China
    (jonathang original video)
      JonathanG's Return

  20. It's not nice to play with Mother Nature because there's more than one way to skin a pig…Go trump…shutting down Bidens criminal exploits with China with his son Hunter…awesome…dems want to play dirty…then dirty is what they will get !!!

  21. Hunter Biden still owes his Chinese warlord dope dealer.

  22. The swam couldn't buy Trump and that is why they hate him. People should be very proud of Trump instead of bad-mouthing him. He just loves our country! wake up America. Biden won because of the massive fraud. What s disgrace. News Media…, please start reporting the news accurately. So disappointed. The truth will prevail …

  23. Smart move by Trump!!!! CCP want to take over the World!!!

  24. while i consider myself independent politically, i tend to lean left, but i support this move.

    (now ban em from investing in the rest)

  25. Well maybe america should ban golf cause trump sucks at golf

  26. Meanwhile
    May 28, 2018
    BEIJING — China this month awarded Ivanka Trump seven new trademarks


  28. This president cares about his country and people. He’s given so much negativity and yet he continues to work for us all. Thank you mr president

  29. How can you believe this, its on FOX. that goes without saying it must be BS

  30. Trump the greatest president ever.

  31. Great President Trump! 😁👍never ever allow China influence the USA soil especially for their military advantages.

  32. Trump sign an executive order that any government doing indirect or direct business that sell out our Country to any foreign country shall have all their assets removed and go straight to jail….

  33. please show the its call " envident" that those company involved in military.

  34. bye bye US investors . at the end of the day US investor will pain the most .

  35. Presidents hitting them where they live.. Because of the attack with that virus

  36. Finally a President with BALLS!

  37. I got it ."Better Call Saul" S-1, E-2 in the courthouse bathroom. "It's Showtime" watch Saul's hands. Total Trump.

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