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Trump blasts Romney, Pelosi's use of faith during impeachment

Fox New’s contributor Jonathan Morris, former Catholic priest, discusses Trump’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. #FoxBusiness

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  1. OMG This parasite was a corporate raider, show me a corporate raider that believes in any God other than the God of Wealth. Wake up people in Utah. Use to respect you, not so much any longer.

  2. POLITICAL TRIBUNE- An open letter was signed by more than 500 Law professors calling Donald Trump’s conduct impeachable and wrote that the current occupant of the White House betrayed the oath “to help him distort an American election, for his personal and political benefit.”
    The letter that was published on Medium was signed by 520 Law professors.

  3. Why did you not report about how dt does not believe in the teachings of Christ and how everyone in the room applauded him when he said so?

  4. Mormons are usually conservative and usually dont get involved in politics but….Romney Is a bad example of my church

  5. Is Romney being blackmailed by the left? Don't get him at all.

  6. Trump has mistaken the GOP for a criminal gang Or a corrupt communist government where every member must be loyal to their leader or face fatal consequences. Voices of dissent are not allowed. In American, Republicans are responsible for prosecuting corruption no matter where they find it. they are supposed to be open minded and think for themselves. THIS IS WHAT ROMNEY DID. In a democratic society different opinions are tolerated and welcomed in order to find the best solutions.

    Trump doesn’t understand this. He is an authoritarian dictator. And if we are not careful he could lead us down a very dangerous path. Trumps behavior is so dangerous because it undermines the checks and balances in our government. He is becoming more powerful than any other president. People that disagree with him are fired or ostracized. This is not the American way.

    To conservatives I ask, is this what you want? An authoritarian communist style government?

  7. they should play the whole romney speech, it's not only about religion, it's about a commitment in impartial justice, a trial is not a trial if it is bias

  8. Romney and Peelosi's faith is against the law of God invoking the word of God in vain. And the Christian people knows that. These Democrats and their cohorts fake media can't fool the American people anymore they're already exposed and the evidence is not bogus because by 2020 election the American people will show the demise of the Democrat party

  9. Mitt Romney told the truth and nothing but the truth and that's why lowlife scumbag scam artist Donald Trump is upset upset with the truth Trump supporters upset with the truth

  10. Romney, Pelosi's ARE WRONG and a bunch of hypocrites!!! Religion has nothing to do with being a TRAITOR and Romney, Pelosi's use this over and over again! Does Romney, Pelosi's justify the many murders that religion has induced and so many innocent people have died for? Bunch of hypocrites and snakes!!!

  11. Will.the Seth lord please stand up.

  12. So much a total liar and fake acting!! No telling how much money he received for his guilty vote and committed carrerocide in
    Process!! What a jelly fish no backbone traitor!!

  13. New flash Romney God put President Trump in the WH along with 63,000,000 Americans and will keep him in the WH in November.

  14. Until Biden and Son are found guilty of a crime, I do not agree with any findings of any investigation or opinion on the matters. Romney used his religion to condemn which is the point, which is that he feels a right to judge others without proof of a crime only because he thinks someone else did something wrong. This more is a reference to what he feels about Trump rather than having a conscience in his moral code. He definitely does not have any convictions for actions against his peers.

  15. He is the WORST representative of the Christian faith. God I pray for his soul. He is going to need it.

  16. The cult doesn’t like any one disagreeing with their great all knowing leader.

  17. go Mitt Romney and go Trump 🙂

  18. Mitt Romney is in a Cult:
    Their belief teaches that God was once a Man, and that man will one day become a god.
    The word of God teaches: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent – Numbers 23:19a

  19. The good book, remove all wrong and corruption from the face of the earth. not support it.

  20. trump is dangerouse ….take care americans…

  21. your the worst…mit romney has conscience and guts to stand up against YOU………

  22. Only Utah loves Romney, they should recall him.

  23. Romney, the Hedge Fung guy loves religion and morality. 😂🤣😂🤣
    Next maybe Kim Jong-un will come out with his support for democracy and human rights. 🤣😂🤣😂😹

  24. I wonder how much they paid Romney to turn to be a traitor. He and Pelosi deserve each other.

  25. Mitt Did used faith as cover up or excuses for his stupid scts

  26. Trumps sister said he used to act like that when he was a kid. That’s why his only friends were bought by daddy.

  27. Does that mean his office is controlled by his religious beliefs? So, all of his constituents must be Mormon. I hear him saying he is representing the Mormon faith. I think the other religious people that have voted for him in the past, may want to take a look at, is he representing all or just the Mormon faith. So, Romney admittedly casts his votes, based on his religious beliefs. I would never vote for Romney to represent me. I am not Mormon.

  28. Mitt good move  you got a lot of Attention and I am  sure    that is why you did it what a snake

  29. Well your a hypocrite ! His a loser ….. his a fake !!! His only act to what he feels benefits him!!!

    Got caught betting on the wrong horse again!!

  30. Romney line up for a job interview (twice) after Trump became candidate and then President.  
    Sent back with "thanks, we will call you". His "faith" took shelter in Conscience city!

  31. Those who speak of God when they clearly embrace satan, will pay the price!

  32. Did faith prevent Mitt from asking to be Sec of State?

  33. Romney you are a loser..
    Did you listen to the FACTS

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