Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Trump: Boris Johnson Is 'Not Going Anywhere' Amid Calls For His Resignation | NBC News

President Trump met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the United Nations General Assembly. When asked if the prime minister should resign, the president defended him and told reporters “he’s not going anywhere.”
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Trump: Boris Johnson Is ‘Not Going Anywhere’ Amid Calls For His Resignation | NBC News


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  1. All Boris needs is a nice orange spray tan.🤣 Trump 2020!

  2. Freeze frame the screen and take a fresh look at Trump's face. Any darker and he will be accused of brown face.

  3. So many people crying like babies, and I'm sure speaking out on youtube and other social media sites are going to have you change anything…. lmao… let em do their jobs… or just shut up n move to another country…. like Ethiopia… where you won't complain about anything at all… Not that hard…

  4. If I could describe the devil… both of them would fit the description 😢

  5. The way Trump looked at Boris when he mentioned investing in the health service…

  6. They look like twins. The retardo brothers I think someone called them.

  7. Wtf dump 2 is smarter dump1!Sad!

  8. "Boris Johnson Is 'Not Going Anywhere'" that prefectly sums up Boris's premiership.

  9. Boris looks like Donald's drunk cousin

  10. OMG!! Trump is talking to a foreign leader. DEMAND THE TRANSCRIPTS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Just looking at these comments compared to the video approvals,
    something don't jive…

  12. now imagine if Jezza nd Berrnie got together

  13. The twins are back 😂

  14. Has trump been coaching Boris and Mr trump I think you'll find the British people won't put up with trump type behaviour trump should keep his nose out of British politics and try running the US properly.

  15. The two loosers both soon out off Office lol

  16. Why would he resign? He's just getting started MBGA.

  17. Two Egocentric thinking PSYCHOPATHS side by side!

  18. You could raise the gene pool with only two bullets in that room. Solve a lot of problems. Just speaking the truth but i know you're mad.

  19. If Trump is impeached, I call for a formal investigation of ALL HOUSE DEMOCRATS, AND FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW GOVERNMENT APPROVED BY THE PEOPLE!

  20. lol man if they arent two of a kind

  21. Is it me or Trump look crazy old..

  22. He was not convicted of lying he was only charged with wrongful prorogation. And now the remainers think they won and know are making new policyready for an election they snaked Boris to further themselves

  23. These two con men need to get life in prison with no chance of parole.

  24. Step Brothers 2 right there

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