Saturday , July 31 2021
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Trump: Buying Greenland not ‘absurd’

Trump addresses his decision to delay his trip to Denmark and his desire to purchase Greenland.

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  1. Denmark should sell this island to United State their not doing any about it militarily their losing 700 million on it Denmark don't have the money to develop this island

  2. Is not disrespecting America, they are disrespecting you.

  3. Sounds like a good idea! Now I am thinking of the offer for sale!

  4. with rapidly expanding influence from counties like China through the globe the US should increase influence and control of Greenland to protect the region, Europe and maintain balance of power in the world. People need to wake up from the looser sleep that most of the media promotes and realize that either the USA will maintain and increase its power or China will take it. Without empirial war, the US people should all support US expansion in fair accordance with law and order and ethics.

  5. Give them Puerto Rico, even trade.

  6. Id be carefull or Denmark will ask Israel to buy the US from them.

  7. Greenland is NOT a nation but under the administration of Denmark or why else did the Danes spend millions of dollars on Greenland last year? Right after WWII President Truman made a similar offer but Denmark declined. Greenland is important to the defense of North America so it is natural to make such an offer.

    The waters are warming now and Russia and China are aggressively looking at Greenland for a toe hold in the Americas. That will absolutely lead to war and that is a guarantee. President Trump is thinking that this proposal would stop that possibility. It is a good move on his part but rudeness doesn’t make for friendly relations. Europeans are historically rude to the rest of the world but we are talking about the defense of North America here and this is not a time for rudeness.

  8. Uh, there is Trump. Now comes the absurdities. Like: The mexicans shall pay the wall USA want to build. We want to use much worse methods than waterboarding. And some thing about grapping women on their pussies.

  9. We bought Alaska so why is this so different?

  10. NOO ?? is he butthurt over her saying it was " absurd " ? really ?? She wasn't talking to the united states, more so than YOU .. just like the UN laughing AT YOU .. not with you .. Gezz WTF is the republican party going to do with this guy ??

  11. If the U.S. wasn't already in Greenland the Russians or China would have taken it. Stupid reporters don't have a clue.

  12. This could be the next "Pedophile Island" after the Epstein bust.

  13. As I see it, Greenland is not a strong enough country Militarily (although it has a lot of

    land-mass) to protect itself from more powerful countries like China, Russia and in time and given the nature of greed and conquesting countries it is only a matter of time (not if) before Greenland will either have to surrender to a larger power or become a part of the USA and be protected by the USA. Often idealism, individuality-identity and sovereignty have to be comprised in order to survive and prosper.  "Damned if you do and damned if you don't" However sometimes a political-marriage can be of a great benefit for both parties.

  14. I will build a wall around Greenland and Denmark will pay for it. Trust me, I am the chosen one.

  15. Why buy greenland? Just invade it and Denmark can't do a thing about it. Then we can impeach Trump at once.

  16. in world war III people will fight with money guns

  17. Now are they gonna blame the Maine attack on Denmark like they did to the Spanish to obtain Phillipines?

  18. Trump thinks we're playing Civilization on PC

  19. Why don't you sell Hawaii to Japan or Alaska to Canada. Yes it is absurd just like your stupid network.

  20. Monopoly man…😀😀😀😂😂

  21. Trump: can we buy Greenland?
    Denmark: We don't own Greenland, so we cannot sell Greenland. Cheers!
    Trump *goes batshit insane
    Guys. Thats how stupid Trump and his supporters are.

  22. Let me guess, Mexico is going to pay for it? lol

  23. Climate change is opening up oil fields and mineral deposits in Greenland and as Robert Mueller stated in his 2011 speech to the FBI: "Corning resources is the future of international crime." Groups involved are in Asia, Western Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. They may be formerly involved with nation-state governments, security services and military. This will be Trump's role in a criminal international oligarchy. Mercenary and Trump backer, Eric Prince, has close ties with United Arab Emirates, as well as many other countries.

  24. She made the diplomatic gaff of calling the president of the US, absurd. She could have simply said that it is not for sale. He has cancelled due to the statement and not because he couldn't buy. Why is the media being adamant to misinterpret what the president said?

  25. The people of Greenland don't want a DOWNGRADE in healthcare or education.

  26. Instead of picking a fight with Denmark, Trump should learn about sovereign land purchases.

  27. As a Canadian I'm thinking that the next (Democrat) US President may want to buy us. It would instantly make the US the largest country in the world, by land mass, and by a wide margin. We have about 25 million voters and I'm sure that 85% or more would vote Democrat. Dems could control not only the House but the White House and the Senate for decades to come. Of course, we'll want to keep our health care system but sensible federal  gun control laws would be a slam-dunk. Back of the envelope, I figure I'd be owed about $2 million, after tax, from the purchase price. So lets' start a negotiation.

  28. Denmark is not calling America or trump absurd. They're calling the idea of buying Greenland absurd. Man, I have no idea how he gets things twisted. Oh I know, because everything has to be about him. Wake up drumf, the universe doesn't revolve around you and your orange slug of a body.

  29. He's such an idiot and he's the laughing stock of the entire world.

  30. Democrats would prefer to buy crack.

  31. Here's an idea: How about discussing INVESTMENTS. COORPORATION. But nooo, sir! He wants to BUY it, nothing else works. Denmark would absolutely be willing to discuss an american presence on Greenland. USA is Denmarks closest ally for crying out loud. He really is an idiot. Wasted opportunity.

  32. I won't sell it but im willing to trade it for Texas

  33. Idk. I kinda want us to buy Greenland now. It's like that thing you never knew you wanted until you saw it for sale. Besides, the Leftists should like buying Greenland, because it's green, like the Green New Deal.

  34. Denmark, under the protection of the USA, is too small and weak to be in charge of such a huge strategic area so far from its shores. Get real

  35. Why does America feel so entitled to own the world? The rest of the world cares less about America than America would want to believe. News flash: America, not the greatest country in the world.

  36. If Denmark wanted to buy Florida, I'm sure we'd be open to it. Denmark is loosing money by keeping a land with trillions of $ in mineral wealth? Maybe Trump just wants to try to keep that ice from melting and drowning his properties.

  37. Trump eliminates student loan debt for disabled vets and nobody says anything but they want to blast him about buying greenland. Folks not that it's a surprise but is it more obvious they hate him and only want to make negative stories and ignore the positive things he's doing that should have been done a LONG TIME AGO! Our vets should have been taken care of a LONG TIME AGO. Thank you President Trump!


  39. denmark doesn’t own greenland

  40. Denmark may think the question was absurd, but some world leaders wouldn't have even asked. Just ask Ukraine.

  41. Truman tried to buy Denmark when it was still Denmark's 'colonial' territory in the 1940's.
    With the 1953 Danish constitution, Greenland's colonial status ended and the island was incorporated into the Danish realm as an individual identity.
    Trump trying to buy Greenland now is APPLE's to ORANGE's
    Trump asking to buy Greenland, would be the same if Putin tried to buy Ireland. 'Absurd' is an appropriate word.

  42. Dumme Dansker! ! Some politicians do not know how to talk to others! Sorry Mr. Presiden,,, 2020 and beyond, with Love from Norway !

  43. Aww the tone … He can dish it but he can not take it. On the one hand Trump lovers point fingers at Sweden laughing at how politically correct they are. But when Denmark deny them ancient Viking land with a clear NO, they run off crying about the tone. make up your mind! Do you like it rough or not Trump lovers!?!

  44. 川普總統副總統.眾參議員是英雄為國際

  45. It was Never up for sale you idiot!!! Who do think you are to just make offers on a country anyway. ..sadly I think if a country offered to take Hawaii or Alaska off his hands he would take the offer. Pay for that Wall right quick. LOL

  46. Buying Greenland would be GREAT for America considering the new trade routes in the arctic ocean.

  47. What a giant snowflake lmao
    Poor little manbaby donnie got his feelings hurt by a single word and cancelled his trip to Denmark over it.
    This incompetent piece of garbage's chance of re-election continues to shrink.

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