Thursday , December 3 2020
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Trump calls for an investigation into the Bidens

FOX Business’ Blake Burman asks President Trump about relations between Ukrainian president Zelensky and the Bidens.

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  1. Biden is defensive and obviously lying

  2. Hasn't a book been written on Biden corruption that would provide official investigators a starting point?

  3. YES, Pres Trump, 100% investigate!


  5. Asking china to investigate a political opponent is a crime just like asking for a favor to investigate a political opponent from Ukraine. He just cant help himself.

  6. Donald Duck now openly admits the criminal intent! Amazing! So now, who was in on it, Penny?

  7. It’s about time these crooks are investigated.

  8. Once again the truth of the matter is a president the People's president of united state being attacked from those outside her America piling huge sums of money to undermine the American people and the slave them m&r open up their borders and get the American people to pay for their own genocide

  9. Back in 2016 the dems screamed about Trump International and tried to link his business with corruption. Didn't find any lol. Only fair that ANY POTUS candidate or wanna be POTUS is fully investigated for foreign business dealings with foreign govts and if they received payola or other favors from those govts like the Biden's received. (Hell that alone should have disqualified Hillary the Queen C*nt with her pay to play scam) Biden's whole career in D.C. is full of lies and hypocrisy. Funny how now the dems are desperately protecting that old pedophile creepy uncle Joe from HIS corruption being brought to light again. Even after he himself bragged about it years ago. Just shows that the Left are just morons dumber than a box of rocks.

  10. Trump is the best President to date!

  11. Schiffs hoax is falling apart,,,,,,

  12. My blood nor years overseas did as much as Trump. Thank you. A veteran texas

  13. President trump this USA disgrace you cannot come out of office for what they are trying to get the votes miss pelosi and Mr shirt is s us a devil and. Liars.

  14. The only corrupt criminals are the whole worthless democratic corrupt criminal pos party of lying cheating failure's. 🎺 Trump 2020 by a massive majority landslide. 💘 we the people are fed up with all the BS lying bullying trashcan unlawful unconstitutional scumbag democratic scandalous treasonous traitor tactics. Enough already you pathetic sore lowlife lying liberal loser's. America and the whole world hate all you immoral evil BS corrupt democratic criminal failure's. 🎺 TRump 2020 By A Massive Majority Landslide. 💘

  15. The most corrupt president ever saying someone else is corrupt, you just can't make this sh*t up. trump is so transparent in his deflection tactics.

  16. Man, I've been waiting for the expose of the government corruptions for decades. Thought it would ever happen. 👁🙏 Lo and behold, things start chipping.

  17. Has anyone ever thought the pres already has all the answers to the ??? What makes a good movie

  18. From Pgh, Go get them ALL Donald!

  19. Investigate the Bidens, Clinton's, Putin's! 🤑

  20. First testimony: The first testimony in the impeachment inquiry kicks off today when Kurt Volker, the former US special envoy to Ukraine, appears before three congressional committees behind closed doors.
    Volker QUIT after being pressured to LIE for Trump. Better find your safe places you fake patriots.

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