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Trump calls Puerto Rico ‘one of the most corrupt places on Earth’

The president has railed against the island since Hurricane Maria, when he tossed paper towels to storm victims and complained about the cost to rebuild. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2Zo1Ims

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  1. Corruption in USA is one to the worst in the world. Rich managers steal your tax money every minute. USA has a lot of ghettos and poor living in the forest on mobile homes. Trailer Parks are hidden from main roads by regulators. Most dont see them. Most middle class is due they owe all they have. Even most cars are not own by them. The are leased cars. If you owe a lot, you are poor, not middle class. Its fake middle class. Health care corruption all over too.

  2. Thank you Mr President from Puerto Rican people!!!

  3. 10% of the students have left the island. Bien importante mano. 90 billion in aid from USA with ZERO gratitude from my people. The most beautiful island and all people talks about is paper toallas. Thank you Mr President.

  4. Its called… PROJECTING. Accuse others of what you do.. It confuses the retards well. Trumps tongue is devilish..

  5. Keep showing Kamala and Biden even though they are receiving money from the hedge fund owners behind the $72 billion debt in Puerto Rico. Neither of then care for the island and ABC can eat a d**k!

  6. I truly believe that most INTELLIGENT Americans REALIZED this after the last FIASCO and the way it was handled.Food and medical supplies DELIVERED, and ROTTING on the Docks,all because these LOSERS in PR couldn't organize it's delivery.They allowed their unions to DICTATE TERMS when all the while "CRYING " how their people are starving.My question to all those in charge would be ,"HOW MANY WERE ARRESTED and or FIRED".Instead of the Little Dumpy Broad crying for sympathy,she should have been Demanding those,Departments she is in charge of start distributing the supplies.I wouldn't at all be surprised, if she and several other Corrupt politicians weren't selling it, to the Highest Bidders.y

  7. As opposed to Washington DC ?

  8. Corruption = working with the U.S
    working with us let’s call them corrupt

  9. Except for the White House.

  10. Actually it's now heading straight towards Mar a Lago. I wonder if Evangelical voters are paying any attention to that Divinely ironic little coincidence

  11. To live at Manhattan & Wall street & draw that conclusion should set a new Hollywood launch at work. Wall Street has corruption as religion & Cocaine as fuel and add Zoofilism XXX Manhattan has entertainment also. Even Carl Bildt & His partners Omar al Bashir,Assad,Kaddaffi enjoyed Wall Street & Italiano economy.

  12. Projecting is trump's main talent

  13. On earth?? Lol is this dude serious 😂

  14. Since trump is the King of corruption, he can finally give an expert opinion on something. I feel bad for the people of Puerto Rico. Don't lose hope. When he loses the election in 2020 whoever takes control will hopefully have some empathy and a sense of responsibility and do the right thing by helping their fellow citizens.

  15. Pres. Trump is 100% correct .I lived thru hurricane Maria and believe me everyone on the island saw the crooked crap that happened afterwards !!!!
    The mayor in our town had cases of water and supplies on his carport and we were going to the river to get water !!!!!
    Remember, the medium income in PR is about 19k
    And the medium income in the states is 60k.
    No money to prepare before hand so we were totally screwed

  16. I went to Puerto Rico last year and I only got stabbed once.

  17. Since 1980 Puerto Rico had been bombarded with lefties ideas, corruption money laundry and billions in debt.

  18. So currupted the that people of Puerto Rico demanded governor Rosello to resign.and he did re-signed the president was right about the corruption on Puerto Rico.

  19. To be fair they have very low IQs…..like Marmots…..Bonobo…..and Stink Weasels….

  20. Trump is right, but until they do not put in jail those corrupted government officials, they will continue stealing US money..

  21. Trump was a regular visitor to the island until Carmen Yulin, the inept, cry baby, clown mayor of San Juan started attacking and blaming him for what he had nothing to do with. The Media uses her and she allows it to happen! Trump being so controversial, answers the only way he knows, like a neighborhood boy, not like a president of the USA with class and dignity. But who hasn't Trump retaliated with his comments when he has been contradicted or attacked!. That is him!,

  22. I agree with my president, YOU GUYS BETTER SAY THANK YOU!!

  23. 45 isn't any better then the governor of Puerto Rico, which the people United and got him out ..something that should be done to him as well.hes the worst that Puerto Rico has ever had,this despicable disgusting disgraceful evil man that 45 is.

  24. PR is a cesspool of corruption

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