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Trump campaign vows continued court fights after Biden becomes president-elect | ABC News

“The simple fact is that the race is far from over,” the Trump White House said in a statement.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. No one's been elected president yet…certification process not completed. There will be a referendum on you!!!!! Fake News!!!!

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  3. Joe Bidden is not elected till courts decide.

  4. Could George have the Short Man Complex ?

  5. Big Foot winning is more believable than Joe marble mouth Biden!

  6. Conspiracy? YOU PEOPLE Accused him of being aided by Russia to win the last election and now there’s no possibility there was foul play first time you changed the whole voting process. The media is FAKE. You guys have an agenda it is not for America’s benefit.

  7. This title is misleading. Biden hasn’t become the President-Elect. The media doesn’t decide elections.

  8. ABC always fake. China ABC fake news.
    Trump must win and evil CCP must be destroyed.
    Biden is a thief who wants to be USA president? Are you kidding?
    ABC go hell with Biden.

  9. Biden is a thief and ABC is fake

  10. Anyone aware that the media cannot, I repeat cannot call an election? Please research the voting process in this country. The electoral vote has not even taken place yet, much less the election has been contested. My understanding is that states have to certify that a candidate has won their state. A projected winner does not mean elected. At this point we do not know who won since ballots in states are being recounted and states are being audited. The media knows a lot of the public is ignorant about the voting process and they are laughing at a lot of you.

  11. Cecilia Vega is awesome!

  12. https://youtu.be/_iXIADiDb_Q
    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins.1

  13. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/audit-2020-election
    Sign share and ask others to share!
    Americans not just Republicans deserve transparency!

  14. Elected by whom ? the news readers?

  15. Communist type behavior Disturbing video Check out Blazs TV "Did Joe
    Biden Just Admit to Organizing Voter Fraud?" Oct 26, 2020 PASS IT ON

  16. I hope you people lose your jobs ones the courts have decided. I hope and pray ABC goes absolutely bankrupt.

  17. Trump is still Twitter -ing that it’s a Rigged election.

    If it was a rigged election, then How on earth did Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins get re-elected?
    Also the republicans picked up seats in the house, so it was Not a rigged election.

  18. The anti american media will not be the decider.. everything you see is a lie. The violence to come is on their deception. Russiagate was their first coup attempt its time to fight.

  19. How can you say they will fight after he becomes president. .if they allow him to become president then there is no reason for a fight.

    The votes are not clear votes are fraud ..so many cases reported of voter fraud ..so let's see what happens

  20. Heads to the gold course… yeah thanks for working for the American people

  21. Biden was always ahead in the poles. Doesn't anyone remember that? This win is a win

  22. The media doesnt decide whos president…biden didnt win anything.. And theres plenty of proof of fraud

  23. The Republicans iniquity is a serious problem.

  24. Software problem placed 6000 votes from Trump to Biden. Same software in 47 county's. Too many issues to ignore. Trump needs to see it to the end. Let the courts look at it.

  25. Biden till 2028 everyone knows he is liar one who not may ask me how he is liar

  26. Понятно. Всего 1 год и всё станет на место. На многое аткроют глаза истины.

  27. TRUMP 2020/2021!!! BULLSHIT JOE!!!!!

  28. So Trump got to 214 and stopped after election day while Biden shot up another 100 the next couple days from all those "mail-in ballots" lol. Seems legit.

  29. Biden has not become President Elect.

  30. What's wrong,if Mr Trump approach legal?
    Let him satisfy? He may not be second term president

  31. Dark to light God is exposing you. ABC your judgment is coming .

  32. Just trump living in denial. Great characterization of a president

  33. This is why mailing ballots are so unscrupulous. It's so hypocritical that the people who are counting numerous ballots think they can get away of committing fraud by taking a Republican ballot and throw it into the waste bin.

  34. Love the push the news outlets still trying to think for you.

  35. Dems are going to jail. Media will go with them. Treason.

  36. Judge : Please provide concrete factual evidence of voter fraud. Trump : “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV” they all saw it!! Jury : …???

  37. America is not with the truck performance it's the global Elite in the career politicians of the establishment that are not happy we're completely ignoring the outcome up Trump Administration everything that Democrats are blaming Trump for it's merely a projection by Democrats even though they don't admit it upfront they know they didn't win I am and slide but making illusion like they actually want when they're pretty much admitting it hoping people are not catching on it is Democrats that have lost the White House not Republicans every time Democrats talk about President Trump this way but they're really talking about its own party I think the American people are to stupid to see through lies Democrats and fake news media Outlets circus and that's going to end up burning them in the end once I get the rightful president his re-election for the Supreme Court President Donald J Trump

  38. His a sore looser,,, accept it

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