Trump can stand up to Russia, China and DeSantis isn’t there yet, Rep. Donalds says

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) exclusively joins Meet the Press to address his support of former President Trump over his state’s governor, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), in the 2024 presidential race.

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  1. It is true the world beed Trump !! We need peace in the world !!!!!!

  2. The CIA is investigating what trump sold to russia, communist china, north korea, saudi arabia amongst others.

  3. Bryon is so delusional – but aren’t all GOP politicians 😮

  4. You shouldn't have to "stand up to Russia" if you're family… It should be more like a reunion.. a reunion that's about 4,000 years overdue.

  5. The Liberal Media is sold and paid for by the CCP. I support the people of China, they deserve better.

  6. Byron is way more intelligent than he leads us to believe. He’s trying improve status and prep for being 1st real black president. Obama was half

  7. Trump has seved as Putin's hand puppet for years. Byron Donalds is lost in space.

  8. Trump is a fascist. He would make us like Russia and China.

  9. One black man in the Republican party doesn't make them less racist.

  10. “Inflation brought to us by Joe Biden”. Does he not realize inflation is high globally? This is why no one takes the Republican Party seriously anymore. It’s all about placing the blame on others rather than looking for solutions

  11. Trump wouldn’t do anything to Russia. Him and Putin are butt buddies. This whole invasion of Ukraine is just a way to try and help him get elected.

  12. Wow, Herschel Walker with proper diction!😮

  13. And Joe can hardly stand up🤣🤣🤣

  14. Republicans look more and more like domestic terrorists every day

  15. You know, CNN got chewed out by the public for letting the cult leader spew his doo doo into a microphone. Letting a cult lieutenant spew his doo doo for the leader because he puts a professional dress on it isn't far off from it NBC.

  16. For money and power he will be for Hitler and the klan.

  17. Trump is Putin's sidekick so no need for him to stand up 😂

  18. DeSantis 2024 or Bust.

  19. Lol, Trump is owned by Russia, China. Russia's hope hangs on Trump.
    DeSantis is a much unpredictable cookie bcoz nobody knows what he's thinking.

  20. What a puppet, Trump would befriend Putin. This guy needs to go.

  21. Can't stand a black man that sells out his people to white supremacist policy. Donalds is in the Ye camp.

  22. Trump is NOT going to stand up to Russia. He's going to stand behind them.

  23. Chuck needs to shutup more often

  24. Trump BENDING OVER for his boyfriend Putin, isn’t the same as STANDING up to Russia.

  25. byron is a complete loon.

  26. Mr Trump said that he can stop the Ukraine Russian war. Give him a chance . Put him back in the White House before Putin drag this whole world to ww3. Do you people want to die in vain with no belief in God and no proper way of living ? I don't to die that way .


  28. If nothing else, Byron sure knows how to tap dance around a question. 🙄

  29. What battle has DeSantis backed down from? He has done a lot for Florida. While Trump is trying to figure out who to get to replace his cabinet members that go to jail, DeSantis would be working on our country.

  30. US can't survive without Chinese help and the world knows it 😂😂

  31. Did this guy say Trump would stand up to Russia?? Really? Putin had Trump in his back pocket! Trump had business interests in Russia that he was concerned about, which definitely impacted his view of Putin and his approach to Russia!!