Saturday , July 24 2021
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Trump Cancels Secret Talks With Taliban, Faces Backlash For Camp David Invitation | Nightly News

President Trump called off a meeting with Taliban leaders after the group admitted to a car bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed an American service member. The president is facing backlash for inviting the Taliban to Camp David for a meeting just days before the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Trump Cancels Secret Talks With Taliban, Faces Backlash For Camp David Invitation | Nightly News


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  1. The serpent is a sniky snake double agent from the CIA the government wash there hands like pounce pilot n let the CIA wizards tamper with God scriptures Trump is a sniky snake double agent because his toung is split in two tell u something then he tell de orther something else then u end up bumpimg heads

  2. TRUMP has succeeded! He has succeeded in raising the political awareness of the average US citizen and energizing the citizenry to be come fully aware, fully participatory, and fully articulate in American politics and current issues. Unfortunately he has accomplished this by rendering his own Presidency a hollow and bellicose pit of trite slogans and impromptu policy. He will be succeeded frankly by another candidate I do not support. I fear the US will simply trade one ideolog for another and miss the opportunity to elect a substantive and cerebral candidate. I would gladly vote of Senators Warren or Klobuchar.

  3. Usa will have to stay taliban can never be trusted

  4. Trump wanted to give medal of honor to a few select Taliban for their contribution to mankind at camp david then somebody said wait a minute WTF is going on here. He then whispers to Taliban I'll be back let me handle this and went on to grab that somebody by the pu**y.

  5. He secretly invited the Taliban. Then announces to the world he’s cancelled it????
    Why would we care about him cancelling a meeting we didn’t know about.
    Whatever….. the man is a total fruit cake.
    And how would we know if he hasn’t already set up another secret meeting with the Taliban. How do we know how many secret phone calls, meetings or private emails he has with Putin or with Kim, the man he fell in love with. 🤪

  6. Trump wanted to build a golf resort in Afghanistan ,
    That was is secret but the Afghans refused the deal .
    They don't deal with con Mans..

  7. Trump to Taliban at Camp David..
    Trump: Do you play golf?
    Taliban: NO. We play AK47, RPG , IEDS…..

  8. We should have a Ticker Tape Parade on 9-11 , just for the Taliban !!!!!!! Trump , is an expert in the Art of the Deal !!!! He can make friends with the Taliban !!!!! Why not ??? You tell me !!!!

  9. Trump is the Greatest President this US of A ever had !!!!!! He is better than all of the past USA presidents combined !!! MAGA !!!!!!!

  10. Why not a round of golf? And then a handshake and a deal?

  11. Believe me, Trump will still have that Meeting. 😄🤨😑🙄😏

  12. Trump having the meeting with Taliban, is only to gain new business. Trump need to be in the NEWS SMDH.

  13. “I DON’T understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.”

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

  14. Just nuke the Taliban and it’s over, send inmates to fight them

  15. Donald J. Trump invited the Leaders Of The Taliban to America on the week of Sept. 11. Let that sink in. I was living in DC the day that plane hit the Pentagon.

  16. I heard the Taliban backed out because they were afraid of what they might learn 💝💝🔯👑♎👑🔯💝💝

  17. As Trump has shown over and over, he has the willingness but not the competence to pull off successful negotiations. He needs to go.

  18. Bring our boys home and send the Taliban a few hundred GBU-43s for Christmas.

  19. The only backlash is from the weak, ignorant who no longer have respect for themselves let alone others. Americans do not want peace, they want to sit around play with their devices and whine like sheep, waiting for someone to lead them to food. Basically losers with no loyalty, no honor, no drive to succeed at anything but hate everything because they are taught to hate by the media, politics. Judging, shaming, bullying and name calling has become fashionable.

  20. You were going to let terrorist on American soil ?? TF ?

  21. Bring them all to American

  22. Taliban are terrorists criminal trash take them down 👏

  23. Hosting the Taliban is like inviting White Walker and the Walking dead in. You just want to be dead

  24. I bet the Russians wished they had bartered some deal with the Taliban back in the day.

  25. Inez Qtaish closed my eyes I heard the trees blowing hard and I heard a big bang.

  26. Now they are threatening America. 🍊

  27. A reminder the militairy fighting in Afghanistan are real people not figures in a video game. Trump really doesn't care about human lives, it's all a game show for him. He endangers the US at the borders by thieving money from the militairy and weakening the US strenght only for his stupid wall. And by the way the US kills thousands (according to Pompeo) of the Taliban and go after them when one soldier is killed? I am not for terrorists, El Quada or the Taliban, but what would you do?

  28. Shouldn't there be scepticism about this? Why would the Taliban want to go to Camp DAVID?

  29. So he supposedly wanted to meet with a lot of Muslim extremists at a place with the name David, an ancient Jewish hero of the Bible’s Old Testament! What could go wrong?

  30. Let POTUS and our Generals do their job. They got all the info. Trust them to look out for us. You negative Nelly act is getting old.

  31. The tangerine shitgibbon is a lying piece of republican diarrhea. Obfuscation and misdirection as has become the norm with this corrupt and perverse administration. However, if the Taliban releases a statement denying any such meeting expect the "fake news" claims from the head bullshitter.

  32. What a sad Time in America History.

  33. Why would the Talaban make a deal with Trump knowing that the next president will cancel the deal

  34. Bring the Taliban members out on the open streets of America and see how fast the die.

  35. He was bringing the Taliban to camp David. Literally the only meeting with foreigners for which he didn’t insist on using one of his own properties.

  36. I don't believe one thing rump or anyone in his cabinet says. It's like hearing Chicken Little squawking, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling."

  37. The Taliban should not step foot in Camp David.

  38. Trump thought he might be "the" man,
    who brought peace to the 'stan',
    then found out….they're brown,
    so he doubled down,
    and gave them a Tali ban.

  39. The Taliban leaders were in Alabama for observation of Dorians damage.

  40. They have no reason to negotiate a meaningful agreement with the U.S, because you already told them we are leaving.

  41. 🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

  42. The guy can't to talk with people, he can only talk at people – don't hold your breath for artful deal making.

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