Saturday , January 23 2021
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Trump: Coronavirus should have been stopped in China

President Trump discusses rebuilding the U.S. economy and the coronavirus pandemic at a meeting with Republican members of Congress. #FoxBusiness

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  1. He’s a strong leader and straight that’s why they ask questions and act like this! TRUMP❤️

  2. 1. Did US stop the 2009 H1N1 pandemic from leaving US? 2. Did US closed down its int'l airport last time in 2009 during the pandemic? 3. Has US closed its int'l airports now at 1.8M cases? Wuhan has closed down its int'l airport Jan 23 the same time as city lockdown. 4. Can a country stop people from returning home without violate human rights? 5. WHO IHR has guidelines for stop cross border travel. This has to be evidence base. Do you think China has enough evidence to support this on Jan 23? 6. Any study say stop border travel can stop spreading of disease? There are many studies said the contrary, most say can only delay a few weeks.

  3. Look at all the 50 centers from China. Can you guess properly, which is who? I can.

  4. Tim- US ARMY VET – The USA is going to Hell.
    Hope you all enjoy the…show!
    Violence? You want to see violence? Hey? Most of the prisoners are getting out of prison.

  5. Yes, but that's not the reality, take responsibility and lead don't divide

  6. as a president of us, trump is a miracle.

  7. Trump are you trying to prove China is wrong or investigate if China has responsibilities?

  8. I actually agree with him here

  9. Bla bla bla …at hard times, real capable governments are the one who will win, its not China's fault, its your failure government.

  10. Trump: AIDS should have been stopped in America

  11. USA should had stopped corona virus in early 2019 year.
    Trump: Fox news was fake news!!!

  12. Why did they close all the mental asylums in the 1980's ?
    Why did they just release all those mental people out into society ?
    How many millions are descendants of those mental people ?

    Does anybody wonder how this idiot got elected ?

    This is bad,really bad.

  13. Taiwan does better then anybody look it up!

  14. Never ever trust evil china

  15. China produces for Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump.

  16. Even if you repeat it over and over again.
    You have 15% unemployment and 80,000 deaths.
    You are the strong president who has so much power. Then why does China have so much power over your country?

  17. China will win you have no artificial intelligence task force

  18. Only because of Obama first then you took the lead

  19. 1. Did US stopped the H1N1 pandemic in 2009? 2. If the coronavirus can be stopped so easily, why there are 1.3M cases in US? Given there were only 5 cases when US banned all travellers from China Jan 31? 3. US n Korea had the first case the same day, what are the differences in first 4 weeks after?

  20. Has anyone ever seen scientific studies proving viruses are contagious, or is something else going on to cause dis-ease.

  21. cant wait for trump to release the evidence it was a lableak so everyone can finally see just how evil the CCP is

  22. Why China can stop it easily but US cannot. Hello, anyone there?

  23. Did USA stopped H1N1? I don't think so

  24. Look Donny, stop going on about China. No true patriotic American cares at all how many people die or why they die or how they die so long as you get re-elected. And you care even less than that. Big, beautiful numbers. I love those big numbers.

  25. hey,it's time for some cleaner injection~

  26. I don't know how this kind of person who only shirks responsibility becomes president.

  27. A China conseguiu fazer impossível, destruir a economia e várias Famílias no Mundo!!
    Vírus é Chinês, os líderes do mundo tem a obrigação de mudar relacionamento com a CHINA, em respeito à várias famílias MORTAS no mundo!!
    E ainda vendem máscara, Respiradores ditando valores ( leilão) ao mundo, fazendo líderes do mundo de IDIOTAS!!!

  28. I'm sorry to say it, but in Italy this virus is losing strength THEREFORE IT IS TRUMP IT IS ARTIFICIAL

  29. Fall 2019 US military and security intelligence, through cable intercepts, satellites, and agents, showed this epidemic was erupting in China. Trump ignored aides and did nothing.

  30. The origin of the virus may be the United States. It may be that the United States did not detect the virus first and China has begun to infect it. Now you see that the number of cases in the United States has exceeded 1.1 million, while China is close to zero!

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