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Home / News / Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing at White House | 4/1/20

Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing at White House | 4/1/20

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks down efforts to stop cartels from exploiting the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. this big movement by the military is got to be about more than the drug cartel , hmm wonder what else is going on !? anyone else …..

  2. Could they stand any closer??? Trump is responsible for the worst economic disaster in US history due, in large part, to his willfully ignorant denial that the coronavirus was real, and his subsequent tardy, irresponsible, delusional, and inept handling of the crisis. He will be blamed by Americans and voted out of office, to face criminal charges. In US, and elsewhere in the world, Covid-19 will become known as the TRUMP VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm voting "AMERICAN CONSTITUTION". Party!!!!!!

  4. Good think we have feema coffins. We are prepared. GOOD JOB.

  5. So much for open borders but that single payer system isn’t looking bad

  6. Jan22: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in
    from China. It’s going to be just fine.”

    Donald J Trump


  8. It is time for America to make great babies again.

  9. Please let Andrew Cuomo take over the federal coronavirus task force! Jack

  10. Trump golfing this weekend

  11. We do not have the items in hand to save american lives but we want to bluff other countries that we can help them. Everbody around the world is seeing that we do not have our crap together so they are downgrading us.

  12. Are the sheep still listen to Fox FAKE 'News' and the Orange Buffoon?

  13. Are the sheep still listen to Fox FAKE 'News' and the Orange Buffoon?

  14. Are the sheep still listen to Fox FAKE 'News' and the Orange Buffoon?

  15. The Cartel are of the most brutal and vicious people on earth!

  16. Where is Pence? He speaks so well. Trump gives me a headache.

  17. Trump i cant believe am saying this ,, he is now there puppet ,, i wonder why,
    stay away from any vaccine these people push,,

  18. Donald Trump can't have everything BOTH WAYS ! Either he has saved the economic future of the U.S. or this was all a cosmetic political advertising they must get it implemented so far NOTHING IS HAPPENING !!

  19. Hey Donald now uk this some karma for all your bullshyt l y i n g a s s.😀

  20. The Trump Virus is taking full advantage of Trump’s very poor leadership skills.

  21. Misdirection not working .Trump's lies cost lives .200 thousand will die because of the Trumpfox lies .

  22. This Administration had plenty of time to gear up, they dragged their feet and with their partner Fox News called it a Democratic Hoax.

  23. Churches have spread more Corona virus then the cartels .

  24. Mexican cartels not spreading the Corona virus but Trumpfox lies are .

  25. Thank you Mr President for making this worse .

  26. Why are you talking about drug war folly at a Corona virus update?

  27. Trump had a press conference on 2/26/18 bragging why he fired the national security pandemic reaction task force because he was a business man .that killed any chance we had to react effectively .that's makes him responsible for any deaths above the curve set by s.korea

  28. Trump : "The state governors are complainers. The federal government is just a back up"
    Smh wow unfreakingbelievable! How do you say that? You're suppose to be a leader.

  29. Lost your job because of Covid 19? Lost your health insurance that came with that job? Thanks to Obamacare, you can apply for coverage and your pre-existing conditions won't be a factor. That is, unless you are unlucky enough to live in a GOP controlled state that restricted the ACA's benefits.

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