Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing

President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force share updates on coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Listen carefully to this guy at 16.36 min, the last sentence, "all going well" creepy voice, exposed.

  2. People will take to the streets here prpetty soon …the economy is going down the toilet …..it wont be long now hope people are prepared
    ……..oh yeah ..and dont panic…🤥

  3. Trump Virus of 2020 (TV-2020)

  4. Funny part is Trump doesn't really realize everybody's there to see The Specialist and hear the real news and then he comes on with his Bluster if they want him to come the markets with some truth which is hard to get but nobody's there for you Trump nobody really believes that you know what you're talkin about wasn't for Pence nothing would have even looked for a seemed real Pence for president

  5. China over a billion people and 81,00 people infected and most recovered cause they are immune to the virus that was in the creation. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.

  6. More testing is the key to contain the virus spread with free of charge! If not, it will b disastrous!

  7. Just WAKE UP. The “Elites” has a meeting in October 2019. Talking about this same thing. Just wake up.


  9. Lies, Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Endless Litigation, The Russian Hoax, The Impeachment Hoax, The Coronavirus Hoax, The Trump Malignancy.



  12. Thank you Mr President

  13. Media like mother in law.hihihi too difficult

  14. (We do have more cases because we have been testing more people???????????whatttt?))) . This another manifest of untruth. China, Japan, and South Korea have drive-thru where Random people can just drive by and get test, unlike USA you must show symptoms in order the get tested

  15. Best President with Brave, honor. He loves country and

  16. I like Trump but I don't like when he blasts Pelosi or goes down to the level of fighting and insulting others. This is becoming unpopular in our community. He needs to continue to exhibit that he cares and that starts with treating people with kindness, no matter what side they are on. If he is leading the country, he needs to set an example for the boys who watch and the American people. The criticism and racism is getting old and this is something we don't support.

  17. If you can't buy masks, do it yourself. Just make it using materials around yourself. Not that difficult.

  18. Coronavirus is nothing! Just wear mask, wash hands, ventilate your office room, keep social distance. That way, you can stay from being infected with a high probability. Just keep these principles.

  19. Most media these days (except for Fox and maybe a little bit from CBS) will take a 2 to 5 word quote and paint a totally different picture.


  21. We must do everything in our power to investigate and potential prosecute Donald Trump following the end of his term.

  22. I just heard something from another Youtuber, Officer Tatum. He mentioned a common sense idea. The Flu so far this year has killed 20,000 people. You may have noticed that the Flu stopped being reported on when Covid-19 showed up. Do some of the hospitalized sick have the Flu? Many have reported that they had the same symptoms as Covid and thought it was the Flu. They recovered.

  23. Is Fox News becoming Fox Fake News?

  24. why did you interrupt the President? We dont care to listen to anyone else right now, We wonder why you cut away from him, NOTHING is as important to us right now.

  25. Thank You, P, VP anh cổnavirus taste force team.

  26. This isociopath only cares about ratings

  27. now that is a leader whereas Cuomo is a grand-stander who loves to hear himself talk.

  28. This is a Clear example that the American People are just Sheep to this president. Any fool knows what eventually happens to sheep!

  29. Wow, Trump has high ratings. Go get another Trump TV show- long may his supporters watch and be entertained by his bullying. But he is a NASTY President and is doing a terrible job. Many more lives could have been saved if he had taken this virus seriously and listen to the Doctors like Dr Fauci.

  30. Sorry FOX I am another Patriot leaving your network for true news, unedited viewing of our Presidents words. Welcome to the FAKE NEWS propaganda, ratings driven greedy legacy network pile of sohit. You deserve whatever you end up getting. That's all folks, I'm out.

  31. Trump youre the last man on earth! Repect!

  32. President Trump formed the Corona Virus Task Force early after the outbreak. At the same time Nancy Pelosi hands out impeachment pens. The people know the truth Mr. President and can distinguish between leadership and political gamesmanship. Keep up the good work sir.

  33. Why aren’t banks dropping interest rates on credit cards?

  34. Mr Trump you forgot USPS deliveriers!!

  35. Close all essential down…that will stop the spread of this pandemic…

  36. There is no social distance when the american people that works at warehouse and manufacturers have to go to work……

  37. Blood, Plasma, Transfussions, What? What?

  38. We Thank God that you, are in charge Mr President!

  39. Fox fired Trish Regan & Kennedy??
    For telling the truth???
    Shameful…don’t trust Fox

  40. build up the supply's and equipment to meet our needs then keep producing and give to our good friends like the UK Australia! keep producing and show/remind the world what America is and does. Actions and deeds speak volumes to others words!

  41. Jesus Christ, have mercy on us✝️✝️

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